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            Thought-Form Broadcast by the Spiral or Living Wave (Vital Energy)
        Like a tree, the human cell is a waveform, a dipole antenna, the condensation of a spinning magnetic vortex. To exist, cells must resonate a full harmonic range of geomagnetic frequencies. Mitosis and Meosis, the dance of cellular division, is the pulse and polarization of a cell's electro-magnetic cycles. Nearly 93% of the function of the double helix of the human DNA is bioacoustic frequency signalling for " photon/phonon emissions for intra-and intercellular communications ". These photon/phonon radiations are concomitants of the cosmic electro-magnetic spectrum of energy resonating with the bioelectric and acoustic properties and functions of cells. Earthlings then are just as capable of inter-terrestrial or inter-planetary communications because of their constituents of cosmic origin. The DNA 's primary function is in electro-magnetic reception and transmission of " Biospiritual Energy " and only about 0.1 - 2% as genetic material as a template for RNA and protein synthesis. The vibrant silence of Light in thought-forms [ electro-magnetic visualizations or prayers ] transmitted mentally or through vibratory resonance [ music , sounds of Nature  -" NATURE's SILENCE "  and potentised products ] hydrates the matrix which nourishes or rejuvenates the DNA with liquified Light by the Living Wave. 

Go with the flow: How cells use biological flows to signal and organize

We are the condensation of this Vital Energy - a spinning vortex of magnetism - the Spiral or  The Living Wave

Magnetism is a circular field of flowing force which encloses space and defines form . Magnetism supplies a standing waveform vessel to entrain and to retain stable patterns of energy. Magnetism imparts shape to order the so-called empty space of particle physics, and thus provide form to particles of matter and pulses of energy.

Health is harmony, and harmony has no meaning without the fluid movement of interdependent parts. Like a stream that becomes stagnant when it ceases to flow, harmony and health turn into disease when stasis occurs. We return to the concept of the biodance, the endless streaming of the body-in-flux.  Ancients viewed Magnetism as " invisible cosmic fluid " as in the exudation of plant sap and the flow of the mother's milk, when taken. This is the phenomenon of electro-magnetic resonances of signatory vibrations  becoming secretory hormones of the ductless glands of the pituitary and pineal body , rectifying the auric cracks and holes in our auric web,thus restoring Holistic Balance.

These are the biospiritual or miraculous manifestations of healing , attributed to " structured or clustered water " by scientific researchers.These clustered or structured water molecules are powerful and highly tuned electromagnetic antennae or receptors for receiving, amplifying and transmitting of electromagnetic information in the universe notably in plants and trees - The Mitogenetic Radiation of Gurwitsch or the Living Wave.

Buccal cells removed from the body,  monitored with electronic devices at a distance from the body in recent research,have been found to react to our thought and emotions. So can our liver, heart and kidney cells. These are known as " Backster Effects ". There is strong evidence that our thoughts and emotions can be transmitted to other organisms,plants,animals and other brain cells .

This is the basis of Distant Healing.

" If only we knew, Boss,what the stones and rain and flowers say. Maybe they call us - and we don't hear them. When will people's ears open, Boss? " So asks Zorba in Nikos Kazantzakis' Zorba the Greek.

Healing is a process, not a magical event .  Healing involves a greater experience of Oneness, Wholeness and Reconnection with all aspects of your being.

A human body of average build has :

1. 5 millions of hair

2. 20 square feet of skin

3. 650 muscles

4. 206 bones

5. 100 joints

6. 60,000 mils of arteries

7. 13,000 millions nerve cells

8. 5 pints of blood

9. 95 % of water by volume

10. 60% of its weight as water

11. Fat enough for 7 cakes of soap

12. Enough Lime to white wash a small house

13. Carbon equivalent to 28 lbs.

14. Enough Phosphorus to make 2,200 match sticks

15. Iron equivalent to an inch of nail.

16. One spoonful of Sulphur

17. An ounce of other metals

18. Small Intestine..........................6.5 meters

19: Large Intestine..........................1.5 meters

What orchestrates this fractionated composition ? It is the  sympathetic co-resonance of bioelectromagnetism : Prana, Chi or Vital Energy of the PHYSICAL VACUUM - Zero Point Field. What weaves and knits these cosmic concomitant debris into an animated tapestry of vital life? 

Fritz-Albert Popp states a most important conclusion:

     "...In medicine new aspects have developed, and not only for cancer problems.  Diseases in general can possibly be understood in terms of electromagnetic interactions within the organism."

Kaznacheyev demonstrated that a photon information/ regulatory system exists in biological systems due to a continual influx of EM energy from outside the system.  That is, the cells of the biosystem are charged with an electromagnetic potential, and additions and changes to the potential are continually received.  The cell is thus in minute disequilibrium.

          Usually the myriad of continual inputs from the external environment into the cell's potential charge pattern (in its atomic nuclei) may be taken to be potential changes whose substructures are disordered.  In that case, no specific environmental effect is observed except slight fluctuations without order - a miniscule form of "heating."
          However, if a continual ordered substructure exists in the input from the external environment into the cell's
potential, the cell's potential will gradually "charge up" with that pattern.

These are the Electromagnetic Phases of Miasmatic Genesis :

1. Psoric

2. Sycotic

3. Syphilitic

4. Tubercular

Guided by A.G. Gurvitsch's work that showed that cells give off mitogenetic radiation (photons) that can affect other cells, the Kaznacheyev team sought an answer by looking for photons given off by the infected culture sample as its cells died.
     They found that the cells in the infected culture gave off photons in the near ultraviolet when they died.  Most of the time, the uninfected culture which absorbed "death photons" sickened and died with the same disease symptoms.

    The Kaznacheyev experiments proved conclusively that cellular death and disease patterns can be transmitted and induced electromagnetically.* Thus as irradiation by the "death photons" continues, the "death structure" in the irradiated cells increases.  It is spread throughout the cell culture by the master communication system, gradually charging the virtual state structure of that system with the death pattern.
The biosystem is open to environmental communication and exchange.  Popp has shown that the cell population is in a quasi-stationary state that is far away from thermodynamic equilibrium, as pointed out by Ilya Prigogine.
     Popp also concludes from his analysis that ultraweak photon emission within biological systems can influence chemical reactivity.  In fact, his analysis strongly implies that "ultraweak" photon intensity can regulate the whole cell metabolism and related phenomena.
      The "death photons" are detected with a phase conjugator, which by definition will produce a time-reversed counterpart to the input signal detected.  In other words, the death photons are allowed to strike a phase conjugate mirror (PCM). Time-reversed counterpart photons - carrying the exact time-reversed template of the death pattern - will be created and emitted by the PCM. These newly emitted photons now carry the exact "healing pattern" for that specific "death/disease pattern that was received and detected."

     Further, if we "pump" the phase conjugate mirror, we can greatly amplify the output pattern, and hence greatly increase the healing pattern! If one records the pattern of the "death photons" for a specific disease, one could of course modulate that pattern upon ordinary photons/signals   and accomplish disease induction or precursor conditioning. By phase conjugating the pattern of the "death photons," one can produce an exact antidote.  One can modulate this specific healing pattern upon ordinary photons/signals -  - and accomplish healing induction for that specific disease.
     In other words, one can create the healing pattern - the antidote, if you will, for any  Cancer, leukemia, AIDS, viral diseases, bacterial diseases, whatever.  One can create the antidote within minutes after the first symptoms of the disease or death pattern appear.
The master cellular control system's primary electrical conductivity path is not through the electron shells of the atoms, but is through the nuclei-to-nuclei scalar EM "biopotential levels" pathway. This includes "killing" a cancer or leukemia cell, destroying a virus, changing the DNA, etc. This approach can directly reach and manipulate all immune and repair system functions. The entire biochemistry and functioning of the cell - including its genetics - is totally engineerable.  Further, a specific "charge pattern" of desired specific immunity (antibodies, etc.) can be designed and used to "charge up" the nuclei of the biosystem.  This charge is then maintained by the system to provide permanent immunity.  Thus one can develop, for example, an "electromagnetic inoculation" for AIDS, one for cancers and leukemias, etc.
   The cellular control system is holographic, the "charge pattern" of immunity resides in every cell, including the blood cells - Morphic resonance ( Rupert Sheldrake ).

     Injecting a drop of blood from a scalarly immunized animal into another non-immune animal carries the scalar EM immunity pattern into the new animal.  That charge diffuses throughout the overall biopotential of the organism, and the charge pattern activates the animal's immune system, including causing it to produce antibodies - according to the EM-transferred antibody template. Like-wise,in Homeopathy ,in-depth individualizing of the holistic
 drug-picture projection of the patient 's totality of symptoms is tantamount to selecting and delivering
a scalar electromagnetic dose of the " potentised " homeopathic  as the " charge pattern of immunity ".
    Antoine Priore demonstrated this effective phenomenon numerous times.  This was one of the great mysteries that confounded the orthodox members of the French Academy of Sciences.

     The French Academy did not know of scalar electromagnetics, the cellular biopotential rooted in atomic nuclei of the cellular material, the cytopathogenic effect of mitogenetic radiation from diseased and dying cells, phase conjugation, and phase conjugated electromagnetic healing, then.

     The Quantum Mechanical View 

 All physical changes - chemical, material, mechanical, whatever -at root level are constituted and caused by virtual state interactions, in direct patterns of virtual particle exchanges.
     In the full QM view, what's really going on in primary physical reality is just a complex set of patterns and changes in potentials.

- Extraordinary Biology

(Chapter 5, The Tom Bearden Website)

The physician is merely Nature 's assistant, only Mother Nature does the healing.  Rather than conform to the predominat medical view that there is one cause and one cure to disease, holism stresses that health and disease depend on a dynamic and often subtle interplay among the physical,emotional.mental and spiritual aspects of our being, as well as our relationship to the environment in which we live. Alternative systems of healing are often effective because they work at these higher dimensional levels which control cellular physiology. It is only recently that scientists have acknowledged that the mind can influence the bio-molecular mechanisms that regulate the body. Science has documented complex neuro-humoral connections between the central nervous system [ brain ],the immune system and the endocrine system. This has resulted in the recognition of the new speciality of Psycho-Immuno- neurology: the science of mind-body medicine. This is regulated by the Schumann's Resonances.

 In physics,  the flow of fluid through a magnetic field produces an electromotive force is a ubiquitous phenomenon.. A water-fall produces electromagnetic energy and negative ionization [ Air Vitamins ] from the water flow over the falls and through the earth's magnetic field; it is one of the most refreshing spots on the planet. It can be assumed that the flow of blood through the body (in the earth's magnetic field) produces an internal source of magnetic energy. Magnetic energy is also derived through bone stress. Bones produce electromagnetic energy from flexion and stress during exercise. Electrolysis of cerebral spinal fluid during sleep  produces biological energy. It was Dr.Tomatis who posited that it is the ears that energise the brain that activates body functions. Many of  the worlds chronic ill-health can be traced to the  Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome, where there is a deficient electromagnetic resonance of vibratory signatures in the human system and the geophysical  alterations of Schumann's Resonances.

It is all in the mind and the mind's eye. How one is going to endow the thought-forms with
resonance depends on one's mindset and lifestyle. Like quartz, human bone is pizo-electric crystal oscillating at precise resonant frequencies. Thoughts are visual speech, heard in silent prayers, reading or meditation, are
osseous vibrations, amplified in mineralised microcavities.   A tuned resonant cavity is a hollow space, the dimensions of which have a naturally occuring frequency which sets up a resonance, or harmonic feedback loop, and tunes with another frequency,that other frequency is the Human Mind for the purpose of eliciting various altered states of consciouness.Therefore, thought can have direct influence on the physical texture of reality.

How signaling molecules, called morphogens, work. ?

Morphogens are secreting signaling molecules that play a key role in the formation of the shape and size of organs. For example, these molecules play a role in determining the bean-like shape of human kidneys. But when these molecules malfunction, they can lead to organ defects and cancers. This study provides insights into the mechanisms of organogenesis and could have implications for treating organ defects and cancers. Morphogens work by "diffusion."

When good wholesome cosmic seeds are sown in a well mineralized aetheric soil, you can be certain of a quality
harvest. It is this  sonoluminescent energy that generates the optimum bandwidth of resonance that draws crowds and holds sway over them.

The Human Organism , an interactive coherence of the 4 states of Nature: Solid,Liquid,Gaseous and Plasmic, is a Light Body and  Sunlight which is Photonic Nutrient, is the coherent energy for its sustenance.  As a matter of interest, the caloric need for exogenous radiation energy is essentially higher (factor 2) than the caloric need from food, While the human being radiates a total of approximately 6,000 to 9,000 calories in the form of photons, food only provides approximately 2,000 - 3,000 calories. The difference of 4,000 - 6,000 calories has to be taken in by exogenous radiation energy from the sun.

Spare Some Food For Thought

Sometimes with pot-luck, I was entertained not only with transistorized music but also mouth-watering kitchen smell of lunch and dinner that tantalizingly wafted into our house . Very generously blessed with Mother Nature's Gift of Make-Believe and a sense of puerile wonder, I drank the music through my ears and ate the appetizing aromatic lunch and dinner through my nose in every God - sent session .

Food is biophotonic fodder. It is free Energy. Light is liquified gas. Space is synaesthetic. "Childhood Memories " - Lew

The Octave Shift has already been activated. It signifies the pulsation of a newly formed Frequency Octave. This Frequency Shift has many trasformational changes at many levels from the Macro to the Nano.It does not occur at a specific time. It is simply realized. At the moment of shift, one sees sounds, hears and feels colours and experiences the lower and higher octaves of awareness. This occurs when the Chakras are aligned and the Yin/Yang circulation of Qi  in the Meridial System is balanced.


Hahnemann's Organon of the Art of Healing Restated

 142. Symptoms of sickness not observed in the pathogenesis of the drug, will at times be observed to be removed by the drug when employed as a remedy. Such symptoms can be added to the pathogenesis of that drug, if noted by a reliable observer. It has been facetiously remarked that such symptoms come into the Materia Medica by Breech.

 143.   A list of drugs  so proven constitute a true Materia Medica.   These records are a true voice of nature and ordain each particular drug a specific means of curing a distinctive natural sickness. A Materia Medica so stated dramatizes human sickness. The various drugs are the dramatis personae. Each drug when properly interpreted will be personified and stand out as the exponent of a particular and similar human malady and as its specific remedy.

144    Such a Materia Medica should be in  the pure language of nature, every assumption or supposition being eliminated.

- C.A. Baldwin MD


The human system has need of stored up food energy produced by the resonance of two different wave-lengths of light [ Red and Blue ] during photosynthesis. Hence, the energy in plant food is the photosynthetic equivalent of a musical chord. Whether in man or in a plant, physiologically and abstractedly, life is a melody. How could a part hear the Whole or a note, the Melody ? It is Mozart's " Reincarnation of Harmony "- the mutual liking of two notes : CoResonance - Mother Nature 's Universal Language. 
This cosmic sound of vibrant silence is audible only in the Universal Mind.

We are what we eat 

We are what we breathe

We are what we drink

We are what we think

We are what we do



Basic Emergency First-Aid in Cardiology

( Homeopathic gleanings )

Vibrational Medicine

LLLT with Ozone spraying of Dog-Bite of a Child
with Down Syndrome

Fast Healing of the Dog-Bite Lacerated Injury
Hydrophobinum 30c stat dose. No tetanus toxoid .


Fractures of both Radius and Ulna bones of forearm
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Ultrasonography  and Prenatal Homeopathy

   Hydrocephalus that is congenital (present
at birth) is thought to be caused by a complex
interaction of genetic and environmental
factors. Aqueductal stenosis, an obstruction
of the cerebral aqueduct, is the most frequent
cause of congenital hydrocephalus. Acquired
hydrocephalus may result from spina bifida,
intraventricular hemorrhage, meningitis, head
trauma, tumors and cysts. Hydrocephalus
affects about one in every 500 children born.

There is no known way to prevent or cure
hydrocephalus. To date, the most effective
treatment is surgical insertion of a shunt. A
shunt is a flexible tube placed into the
ventricular system of the brain which diverts
the flow of CSF into another region of the
body, most often the abdominal cavity or a
chamber of the heart, where it can be
absorbed. A valve within the shunt maintains
the CSF at normal pressure within the
ventricles. This procedure is performed by a
neurosurgeon, preferably one who specializes
in pediatrics if the patient is a child.

Since the advent of shunting over forty years
ago, the outcome for most children with
hydrocephalus is optimistic. Some children
with hydrocephalus will have less than normal
intelligence, physical disabilities and a
variety of other medical problems. Shunt
malfunctions and infections, developmental
delays, learning disabilities and visual
problems are not uncommon. Families need to be
aware of the life long complexities of
hydrocephalus to insure their children receive
comprehensive on-going care and appropriate
intervention services and therapies.

Pleasae CLICK Picture

In hydrocephalus there is pathological increase in the size of the cerebral ventricles.
Hydrocephalus is found in about 2 per 1,000 births. Ventriculomegaly (lateral ventricle diameter
of 10 mm or more) is found in 1% of pregnancies at the 20-23 week scan. Therefore the majority of
fetuses with ventriculomegaly do not develop hydrocephalus.
This may result from chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, intrauterine hemorrhage or congenital
infection, although many cases have as yet no clear‑cut etiology.
Fetal hydrocephalus is diagnosed sonographically, by the demonstration of abnormally dilated
lateral cerebral ventricles. Certainly before 24 weeks and particularly in cases of associated
spina bifida, the head circumference may be small rather than large for gestation. A transverse
scan of the fetal head at the level of the cavum septum pellucidum will demonstrate the dilated
lateral ventricles, defined by a diameter of 10 mm or more. The choroid plexuses, which normally
fill the lateral ventricles, are surrounded by fluid. A distinction is usually made between mild,
or borderline, ventriculomegaly (diameter of the posterior horn 10-15 mm) and overt
ventriculomegaly or hydrocephalus (diameter greater than 15 mm).
Patho-physiology of Hydrocephalus:
If the molecular motion of Calc.phos is disturbed within the epithelial cells of serous
membranes, a sero-albuminous exudation within the sacs takes place. Thus, effusion develops as in
hydrops genu,hygroma patellae, hydrocephaloid conditions, acute or chronic. Minute doses of
Calc.phos will absorb these exudations.
Calcarea Phos given during pregnancy will prevent mothers from giving birth to hydrocephalic
   ( Para 39, Hints from Masters, P.R. Rao )
Calc-F or Calc-P in the 6th and 7th month of gestation
according to Dr.M.Tyler


Gangrene of the toes
Wolfe Medical Atlases - M. Zatouroff

     In gangrene, once cellular death has taken place, the tissue discolours and the line of demarcation can be seen where there is a zone of erythema. This is the common picture in diabetic arteriopathy.

Diabetic gangrene,infection and neuropathy
Wolfe Medical Atlases - M.Zatouroff

Gangrene of foot with combined vascular insufficiency, infection and neuropathy ( poor sensation ).




Some of the conditions that respond to this type of session,  include the following:
   a.  Ear Infections   
   b.  Mastoiditis 
   c.   Hearing Problems caused by Candida 
   d.  Tinnitus /Vertigo
   e. Sinusitis 
   f.   Macular (eye) Degeneration 
   g.  Bronchitis 
   h.  Asthma 
    i.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrone 
   j.   Cancer of Brain
   k.   Leukemia


The lymphatic system is a subsystem of the circulatory system.
     Its three principal functions are:
           *  as a drainage system to collect and return interstitial fluid, including plasma protein to the blood, and thus help maintain fluid balance
           * to absorb fats from the intestine and transport them to the blood
           * to defend the body against disease by producing lymphocytes - immunity .

Nasal lymphatic connections have been implicated in cerebro-spinal fluid transport for many years.

Respiratory Setup for Ozone Inhalation and Insufflation 


Inhalation and Insufflation  Setup:
                 Ozone gas is bubbled through empty container or the humidification container/diffuser first and then through the Virgin Olive Oil. Reaction of Ozone with Olive Oil will produce no irritating effects to sensitive tissues and in Cellular Oxidation. A sufficiency of an active form of oxygen for the blood means better blood, better circulation, better combustion, better equilibrium of body temperature, better vaso-motor activity, better digestion, better assimilation of food products, better elimination of waste products, less chance of auto-intoxication, better chance for body builders, and less chance for body destroyers.

Cough augmentation with mechanical insufflation/exsufflation in patients with neuromuscular weakness

   The current recommendation for airway clearance during chest infections in patients with respiratory muscle weakness is intensive physiotherapy. This consists of a modified active cycle of breathing technique accompanied by physical procedures, such as percussion and shaking, and manually assisted cough. However, intensive physiotherapy is tiring for patients and vigorous physiotherapy can precipitate episodic oxygen desaturation . An alternative approach is mechanical insufflation/exsufflation via a facial mask. A mechanical insufflator/exsufflator uses positive pressure to promote maximal lung inflation followed by an abrupt switch to negative pressure to the upper airway. The rapid change from positive to negative pressure is aimed at simulating the flow changes that occur during a cough, thereby assisting sputum clearance. It was hypothesised that mechanical insufflation/exsufflation would increase  Pulmonary Cough Flow (PCF) in patients with ( Neuromuscular Disease) NMD.


Sudek's osteodystrophy
    A syndrome characterized by severe burning pain in an extremity accompanied by sudomotor, vasomotor, and trophic changes in bone without an associated specific nerve injury. This condition is most often precipitated by trauma to soft tissue or nerve complexes. The skin over the affected region is usually erythematous and demonstrates hypersensitivity to tactile stimuli and erythema.
(Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1360; Pain 1995 Oct;63(1):127-33)
The reduction in tissue hypoxia effected with ozone insufflation counteracts the effects of reflex vasomotor disturbances caused by an injury in post-traumatic Sudeck's syndrome. In reflex sympathetic dystrophy, after an initial vasospasm, a loss of vascular tone with persistent vasodilatation. Causes increased osseous vascularity and rapid bone resorption. Chronic edema results from venous overload and passive capillary repletion:; local lack of oxygen and acidosis cause demineralization and bone protein, catabolism. The hypoxic static induces undifferentiated mesenchymal cells and younger fibroblast to a rapid maturation, with abnormal production of fibrous tissue, retraction, and adhesions and joint stiffness.
The Physical Basis of Homeopathy and A NEW SYNTHESIS by Guy Beckley Stearns MD and Edgar
  " For the first time , we are able to rise above Hahnemann's purposely-vague phrase,"
spirit-like ".We are beginning to graduate from a qualitative to a quantitative study. And the
potency problem, no longer an abstraction, enters the domain of physics. It is now time to devote
our consideration to the biological aspects of potent activity.  The physical and biological
commentaries should,however, not be separated in the mind. They belong together.  "
( page 19 - 20  )
" Speaking of inflammation, Prof.R. Ludlam
says: " Belladonna is centric in its operation. It diminishes the caliber of the blood-vessels after having just impressed the cerebro-spinal centers. The capillary contraction caused by its primary
action,is followed by a relaxation in the fibrous coat of the vessels, which corresponds to bennett's
second stage of inflammation.
This change from contraction to dilatation is more or less marked in degree, and depends upon a diminution in the reflex power of the spinal cord, in the motor current at its source. The hyperaemia results from a direct derangement  in the function of the vaso-motor nerves. Belladonna reduces the hyperaesthesia of the nervous system, upon which
the congestion is consequent. It affords relief by a removal of the cause of the abnormal phenomena.
It does not promote diaphoresis,is not critical in its results, has no special  relation to the emunctories,but is appropriate to,and excercises
a calmative influence over, deranged function or reflex action. " -
                                             PAGE 211
From : Physiological Materia Medica
       by William H.Burt M.D.
Hahnemanm pointed out the importance of the Peculiar Symptoms. His instructions were
particularly  and almost exclusively  attentive to symptoms which are striking,singular,extraordinary: the symptoms peculiar to the patient and not to the disease.
Dr. Margaret Burgess-Webster, April 1937
" That Symptom which strikes the Physician as being most Peculiar and Unlikely to occur in the Disease or if None such exists, the one most complained of should be the guiding symptom in the choice of the Remedy. "
Medical Recorder ,1885
According to the wife, this patient  " who groaned most of the time in the day, sang in his sleep. "
Insufflated Ozone generated from medical grade oxygen and Belladonna 30c gave relief to this grateful patient.

Holistic Surgery
All surgical  instruments and materials are sterilized in a sterilizing machine before use or immersion in Hypericum 6x liquid dilution. Local anasthesia ( Pain Control ) is effected with subcutaneous infiltration or topical spraying with 2% xylocaine. Calendula dilution 1: 10 and Colloidal Silver 5ppm are used for cleansing of
injured or infected tissues.
Surgical Neurosis
              Surgical neurosis has its origin in measures inherited or acquired,often complicated with suppression due to impro­per surgical procedure - traumatism or destruction of the nerve tissue derangement of the sensory or motor channels and resultant shock to the cerebro-spinal struc­tural degeneration of the nerve impulse. Functional or organic alternations of the tissues may be caused by any form of injury whether the exciting cause is an accident or faulty surgical technique may be only  a matter of degree. Fear enters largely in the element of nerve shock causing tempo­rary or permanent effect. In fact the neurosis connected with the surgical trauma of any kind of degree is a complex form and difficult to classify. There is no doubt miasmatic change which corresponds to the functional in the cellular entity and which physical diagnostic science fails to recognise.
 In many cases (surgical neurosis) the prior nerve reserve has been below par. There may may have been several mental conflicts which gradually undermining the morale. Excessive eliminatory processes have drained the physical forces of metabolism. The balance of the organism through a long process of adjustment may temporarely re -­ establish itself with some foci of cellular degeneration. The vital force may have been maintained at the expense of some particular organ. Nothing but the careful study of the individual case in the light of all subjective or objective symptoms will suffice. Hysteria neurasthenia or malin­gering asumes an important role in this relation. Viewed as symptoms their value is measured by the concomitant peculiarities in each case, which lead us to correct remedy selection. With the power of potentization, we are assured of an
agency which is capable when wisely hand­led of modifying abnormal psycho-mental phenomena. 

                                           (J. Wm. Waffensmith)


                       Colloidal Silver
Silver stands close to copper chemically and
pharmacologically. The so-called oligopdynamic
actions were first observed by Naegeli with these
two metals. The contraction of the bands of
chlorophyll in the plasma membrane of the alga,
spirogyra, was the indicator of these actions. From
many investigations which have since been concerned with this problem, it proceeds with certainty that
the metallic silver in distilled water such as
conductivity water goes into solution, and indeed
in an amount which corresponds to the D5 potency.
The oligodynamic action of apparently higher
dilutions is explained in all probability that
metal particles are absorbed by the glass walls and
are slowly given off again into water so that after
repeated rinsing of the vessel there is still a
dilution of the metal in the D6 - D7 . This shows
distinctly the depressing and lethal effects on
bacteria. At the time of Hahnemann, only silver
nitrate , AgNO3, was employed and it appears quite
remarkable that at that time Hahnemann should have
seen metallic silver effects in organism. Because
the general view is expressed by Sachs when he
states: " Metallic silver is insoluble in the
animal organism and therefore cannot serve as a
medicament." A single observation such as that of
White,in which a patient who accidentally swallowed
a silver coin which was carried for 18 months was
cured of epilepsy also cannot awaken such
confidence on the effectiveness of metallic silver.
The certainty with which Hahnemann introduced
metallic silver into the drug treasury is all the
more remarkable. He has obtained splendid
confirmation in this respect by recent investigations.
Excerpt : Silver - page 800-801 from
( Reprint 1989 )
Inorganic Medicinal Substances
by Otto Leeser, PH D., MD
Translated from the german by
Linn J. Boyd, MD

                Colloidal Silver seems to only attack the unfriendly pathogens or anaerobic ones and does no harm to the
friendly or aerobic ones. How does it differentiate? For the most part, friendly bacteria are aerobic (needing oxygen) while
unfriendly bacteria are anaerobic. The silver does not attack bacteria directly, but rather decomposes certain enzymes the
anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast and molds require. The silver acts as a catalyst and is not consumed in the process. The
reason that microbes do not develop resistance to silver, as they do to antibiotics, is because silver does not attack them
directly, but rather destroys the enzymes they depend on. Many forms of bacteria, fungi, and viruses utilize a specific
enzyme for their metabolism. The presence of colloidal silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single elled
pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its Chemical Lung, so to say. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates
and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics,
which destroy beneficial enzymes, colloidal silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact, as they are radically different
from the enzymes of primitive single-celled life. Thus colloidal silver is safe for humans, reptiles, plants and all
multi-celled living matter. Silver acts as a catalyst, effectively disabling the enzyme. It is toxic to all species tested of
fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites, and many viruses. To primitive life forms, silver is toxic as the most powerful
chemical disinfectants. Based on laboratory tests, destructive bacteria, virus, and fungus organisms are killed within
minutes of contact.
              Argyria is the bluish - graying of the skin and is the result of ingesting high doses of CHEMICALLY produced
colloidal silver. There has never been a case of Argyria caused by ELECTRICALLY produced colloidal silver.
 Electrically produced silver colloid does not cause Argyria. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have
been taking electrically produced colloidal silver for decades. The concern is with silver salts, NOT colloidal silver.
Silver salts are created in the chemical process of making colloidal silver, or colloidal silver containing additives,
proteins, or other bonding materials. Brewers of Colloidal Silver are routinely advised not to add anything in the generating

          Tetanus and Hypericum
   *  No operation is possible without injury to nerve tissue. In lacerations especially, but also in operations  involving large nerve trunks or considerable networks, filamentary nerves, Hypericum makes the patient more comfortable. In neuromata, nerve stitching, inveterate neuralgias, brain tumors with pain and other surgical states of nervous system, it is the Arnica of the case... In the agonizing pain, from catching of a nerve in ligature, it often gives  relief. (C. E. Fisher)

   *  Every practitioner knows that lock-jaw  ( Tetanus ) may follow an injury to sentient nerves. So when shooting pains come on, travelling up the arm or leg.    Hypericum will stop them. Cure your case and prevent tetanus. It is used for such symptoms as are found in tetanus and ascending neuritis. A painful scar with pain shooting upward towards the centre of the body following up the nerves will be cured by Hypericum. Ledum will do the work very often in your punc­tured cases, if given at once. You will not need Hypericum unless the case has been neglected and the nerves involved . 
                                         (Charles C. Walfenbaugh)
  *  The reputation of Hypericum in effects of injuries, had increased of late. Dr. Gelchrist from an experiences of sixty four operations major or minor, asserts positively that its use "  tells me that it quite supersedes any after suffering and Dr. Helemeth tells me that it quite supersedes the use of morphia after operation in his hands. " (Hughes)
 Calendula : Sepsis

    *  It is a great anti-septic in homeopathy. Some American surgeons seem to have proved that we may obtain asepsis in the field of operation as perfect as painting with the mother tincture of Calendula 1/10 as with classical painting with tincture iodine.        (A. L.  Rousseau)

  *  I always kept a bottle of Calendula succus in the maternity wards to be used on any lacerations and injuries. I do not know how many times the nurses have told me that they have never seen anything relieve the soreness of the lacerations as Calen­dula  did. (A. D. Smith)

   *  If the perineum is torn but not badly enough to require stitching up. You will find the local application of Calendula of the utmost service to promote  healing and  union. (Hughes)

  *  Calendula, it is said, will largely pre­vent scars, also gangrene and Tetanus when used as a dressing on wound.     (I. L. Farr) 

Combo Treatment with CALENDULA and HYPERICUM




                          by Dr. Satyvrata Siddhantalankar

                                              Page 145-146


282. Injury :

Hypericum tincture to 3rd potency if nerves are injured by like nails, needles, pins etc., in injuries where skin is broken .Hypericum is better than Arnica. John H. Clarke says : Hypericum is to nerves what Arnica is to muscles and tendons. Hypericum is Arnica of the nerves. Symphytum : apply its tincture if injury is due to blunt ins­trument or blow and may be used in old chronic sores and ulcers. Regarding Symphytum, Clarke calls it, the ortho­pedic specific of the herb remedies. Ledum 3 or 30 if injury is a punctured wound, it is used to prevent tetanus also. Ruta 1 to 6 for bruises and eye-strain. Ruta works on periosteum, injuries of eyes, cartilages etc. Ruta is an excellent remedy for sprains. For external use Calendula (Marigold) mother tincture. Kent says : There is nothing that will cause external injuries to heal so beautifully as the Marigold. Remember, injury always pre­disposes the joint to various diseases. Bellis Perennis tinc­ture to 3rd potency is excellent for injuries and sprains which like those of Arnica are very tender to touch. Like Arnica, Bellis affects the blood vessels and like Hypericum, the nerves. Boger called Bellis 'a greater and deeper remedy than Arnica'. Boericke says about it: "It acts upon the muscular fibers of the blcod vessels. First remedy in injuries to the deeper tissues, after major surgical work. Excellent remedy for sprains and bruises". Burnett says : "It is a princely remedy for old labourers, especially gardners", because they have to work hard physically and use their muscles all the day.

Spinal injury : For spinal injuries, especially the coccyx, Hypericum is better than Arnica. Clarke sums up the action of Hypericum as 'Nerve-shock, Fright-shock.'

For spinal injury we have to record the experience of Dr. G. Palanivelu of Madurai. He writes in 'Torch of Homoeopathy'' (April 1971) about the curative property of Berberis 30 in spinal injury. He says that he had two cases of spinal injury whom he gave Arnica 1M followed by Hypericum 1M every two hours. No improvement followed. So he turned to Kent's Repertory and in the section 'Back' he found Agaricus and Berberis in bold types under the main rubric 'Pain, stiching in spine'. He selected Berberis and gave 30 every two hours. The patient had come on 27.1.67 and after the medicine given on 29. 1. 67 the patient was able to walk freely as though there was nothing wrong with him.


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