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Biosonic Form and Pattern
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The Spiral Pattern of the Living Wave
The Echo of a Million Seashells


        A pattern of harmonics can explain all observed phenomena. This pattern can be compared to the pattern of particle masses because masses in the subatomic realm are a substitute for frequencies.

The universe consists of a wave which develops harmonics and each of these waves does the same.   

 The vibration in control of the Physical  and Subtle Bodies, is the outcome of  DNA variations,created by the original vibrating molecule of DNA  bestowed in the new-born. In the Miracle of life, vibrational creation of Molecules equals vibrational creation of Vibrations, not only  in the intermolecular vibrational relationship but also in the Aura and Organs,from the Solar debris to theTerrestrial dust. The KeyNote Frequencies dominate in mundane life , are contained in the Human Voice and are regulated by the Circadian Rhythm. Molecular infra-red radiating vibrations have been detected by scientists years ago. They also discovered that these radiating molecules also produce lower " beat" frequencies within the human audible range [ 20-20,000 Hertz ] and each of these molecules has its resonant frequency in the same range as the human voice. It is this vibratory signature of the molecule or the molecular signal that Benveniste has detected and recorded. Hence, besides infra-red radiation, molecules also broadcast frequencies in the range of human voice and receive from another molecular species the specific broadcast by its tuned molecular structure. This matching of broadcast and reception is the " Co-Resonance " . A term coined by Benveniste. Biological molecules communicate intracellularly and extracellularly by Co-Resonance from  near and far. Any structural modification of the molecule will detune it from its receptor resulting in ineffective communication in cellular broadcast.

 When the first thunder bolts and lightnings struck the primordial land and water, the Template for specific resonating vibrations, was forged for all existing vibrant entities by the cosmic fire - The Keynotes of Life's Resonance - The Akashic Records ( The Universe's Super Computer System ).


Upon Time and Space, is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an enetity - as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed - or judgement frwn by or according to what the enetity's ideal is. Hence, as it has been oft called, therecord is God's book of remembrance; and each entity, each soul - as the activities of a single day of an enity in the material world - either makes same good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity's application of seld towards that which is the ideal manner for the use of time, opportuninity and the expression of that for which each soul enters a material manifestation. The interpretration then as drawn here is with the desire and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hopfulness. - Edgar Cayce reading 1650-1


Every atom, molecule and organ of the body has a natural and optimum frequency referred to as the "resonant" frequency.


disresonant object will become resonant when exposed to its

keynote or resonant frequency. This is Bioresonant Detoxification.

The implication of the correct frequency is health .

The Template is the Will of the Superconsciousness or God, with the provision of Intent and Desire for evolving cosmic material.The reflected sunlight into space by orbiting planets [ albedos ] is vibratory gestures of goodwill and Love. The Planet Venus is described as a planet of Love and Beauty for the simple reason that she reflects 80% of sunlight back into space and light is life-giving water.There are other cosmic contributions of light at nodal stops before Light reaches Earth.The Newtonian classic experiment on the prismatic separation of spectral light into rainbow colours is no more valid. The emergent light, refracted or reflected by the medium has been reprocessed and is manufactured light [ Goethe ]. Scientists have demonstrated that Light is liquified gas, that its speed can be exceeded, slowed or made to stop in a standstill and is equal to the speed of Gravity. It can carry information from Node to Node.The highly reactive metals become biological when combined with other elemental substances to become Minerals. The electromagnetic bioradiation of transmutating minerals [Lithium/Beryllium] sparkled off [ photonic kindling - T. Bearden ] the crossing over of the aetheric to the physical, causing the activation of " morphic resonance " in the first carbon-containing blob of basic elements. This is the " God is within every being " concept of animists ascribing the life-force (carbon) in rocks, stones and living organisms. It takes its first " morphic breath " of Chi, Prana or Vital Force which gives it form and pattern through self-organizing resonant vibrations and synchronises its "Internal or Biological Clock " with the environment in rhythm with the Schumann Resonances and the Circadian Rhythm of 24 hour alternation of Night /Day or Ying/Yang Cycle.

When the chaotic reverberations of thunder and lightning finally subsided, there descend Symmetry and Grace when Forms and Patterns unfold in the morphogenetic fields , sustained by the bioenergetic radiation from minerals.

Through self-organizing resonant vibrations, basic amino acids were formed and with mineralization, these amino acid aggregates developed catalytic properties. It is with the synthesis of enzymes that the DNA molecules are modelled and formed with a double helix . The fundamental property of the DNA molecule is its immortality

which differentiates it from other material.

From a molecular perspective, science has taught us that every cell in our physical bodies originates with the original DNA molecule. The first DNA molecule represents the fundamental note or first harmonic frequency. Every molecule in our physical body owes its' origin to the formula contained in this first DNA molecule. The first DNA molecule has a formula of frequencies and assumes that molecules made directly by the vibrational formula contained in originating molecule of DNA will have a vibrational relationship to the original or creator DNA molecule [ Metatones Theory ]. The theory is essentially a repetition of a principle physicist Dale Pond, author of " The Physics of Love ", describes as "simple, elegant and provable. It is standard physics."


The Sound of Light audible in vibrant Cosmic Silence can be only visualized in the Universal Mind.


      "   Telepathy, inspiration and intuition come to us across the invisible light-waves of the universe. They are our universal cables by means of which Mind speaks to Mind. There is but one Mind and one Thinker. Therefore that which is known or thought by anyone, anywhere, can be known by any other one who is sufficiently attuned to receive telepathic messages sent in the language of light." (The Message of the Divine Iliad) pg 227


Living chromosomes, using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.
           are able to modulate certain frequency
 patterns  to influence the DNA frequency and
 thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of
 DNA-alkaline pairs and of  language are of the
 same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary.  Words
 and sentences of the human language are good input. This, too, was experimentally
 proven! Living DNA substance  will
 always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves.

In a mechanistic world, the feelings of freedom and responsibility are Illusions and Irritants. There is no gene for self-awareness, or for consciousness, for ego, or for mind.   Perhaps the mechanistic world is the illusion; genetics are just stray thoughts!  

 DNA and RNA molecules, the chemical carriers of the genetic information, are not rigid biochemical structures that can be manipulated easily, but rather laser-active media (Hartmut Muller, Raum & Zeit, 109, 2001, page 55). They generate optical holograms which are in resonance with electromagnetic fields of the earth, moon and galaxy and control both protein synthesis and embryo genesis.

Let there be Light

The WORD is God




(Sound with Light is holographic Unity :Sonoluminescence)



Empathic Resonance 


                       Resonate communication on a spiritual level is called communion - a resonate "returning to sound" in the Universal Mind of the World's cry for Peace activates photonic kindling [ T Bearden ] by morphic resonance [ Sheldrake ] resulting in the morphogenetic manifestation of a Keeper of Peace, the leafy robed buddhist monk caught in video, Champion of the Sick, the Poor, the Down-trodden and the Oppressed. It is a rare morphogenetic visitation of the Universal Mind - the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe. I have invoked Buddha's gesture of peace for the defendless and innocent along with  the world's helpless resonators who selflessly prayed for peace. This morphogenetic materialization is a tribute to all peace resonators the world over. This occurred in 2003.


                                   Dr. FHLew

              ( Malaysia )


The morphogenetic leafy Monk in vigil
The Universal Thought-Form of resonators to spare the innocent

This humble Malaysian fruit is called
Buddha's Hand

Hong Kong :

                         One of the most important relics in Buddhism, a fragment of

bone said to be part of a finger of the Buddha, arrived here yesterday...

The finger, which arrived aboard a jet from the northern Chinese city of Xian,will be on display at Hong Kong's convention and exhibition centre from to-day, the Buddha's birthday.


                 The fragment was unearthed by chance from a buried shrin near Xian by rescuers who were cleaning up a temple in 1987. It is believed to have been carried to the city by monks from northern India about 200 years after Buddha's death in 485 BC. Worshippers here declared its arrival as the most important event in the former British colony's recent history. Thousands of Buddhist monks from all over southern China gathered at the centre for the relic's arrival.... AFP.



                                                  Star, Front Page, 26  Wednesday May 2004, Malaysia


            The Living Void [ Physical Vacuum ]

Form is emptiness, and emptiness is indeed form. Emptiness is not different from Form,Form is not different from Emptiness. What is Form that

is Emptiness, what is Emptiness that is Form ? The Physical Vacuum, as it is called in Field Theory, is not a state of mere nothingness but contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms,in turn, are not independent physical entities but merely transcient manifestations of the underlying Void. The Great Void cannot but consist of Chi, Prana or Vital Force; this  Zero Point Energy, Chi or etheric nothingness cannot but condense to form all things; and these things cannot but become dispersed so as to form , once more ,the Great Void. At the time of its condensation, can one say otherwise than that this is but temporary? But at the time of its dispersing, can one hastily say that it is then non-existent ? Thus Chi condenses and disperses rhythmically, bringing forth all forms which eventually dissolve into the Void. Solid objects with Form dissipate quanta

as Colour. Thus, no Form, No Colour.

Thoughts ,as visualised speech heard in silent reading, prayer or observation, are osseous

vibrations amplified in mineralised body cavities. Concentration of metals in all bio-objects creates their specific electromagnetic characteristics. In the human system, Calcium Phosphate is of prime importance since bone tissue acts as a ground-earth wave conductor for Extremely Low Frequency [ ELF ]

currents; Manganese reacts with terrestrial magnetic fields and Nitrogen as a mitogenetic agent.


Ormus and m-state elements such as 


Cobalt Nickel








are  normally metallic elements in a spectroscopically "invisible" non-metallic form.

These m-state elements have been observed to exhibit superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation.

These m-state elements are also present in many biological systems

The ORMUS elements might provide the missing link in our understanding of the relationship between mind and matter


The Electromagnetic Line of Force propagates