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                   Concentration of metals in all bio-objects creates their specific electromagnetic characteristics. In the human system, Calcium Phosphate is of prime importance since bone tissue acts as a ground-earth wave conductor for Extremely Low Frequency [ ELF ]

currents; Manganese reacts with terrestrial magnetic fields and Nitrogen as a mitogenetic agent.

A tuned resonant cavity is a hollow space in any building , the dimensions of which have a naturally occurring frequency which sets up a resonance, or harmonic feedback loop, and tunes with another frequency, that other frequency is the human mind for the purpose of eliciting various altered states of consciousness.


             Just what effect does a lesser magnetic field and higher vibratory rate have on us? "The opportunity to more easily change the patterns that can determine how and why we love, fear, judge, feel, need, and hurt." says Braden.

               "Dense magnetics lock in emotional and mental patterns from generation to generation in the morphogenetic field. With lesser magnetic fields, this seems to ease up, allowing easier access to higher states, as the cells of our body tune to,and try to match, Earth's rising base frequency like tuning forks, thereby raising our own."


                         There are reported cases of good-natured  people

metamorphosing  into raging maniacs when caught in traffic jams. The oversaturated enviromental Lead and Carbon Monoxide  from engine exhausts , the deprivation of ambient  Schumann's Resonances and inadequate spectral lighting installations in schools / buildings  and the phenomenon of " Sick Building Syndrome " need to be explored and rectified

for such erratic behaviour.


"And have I not told you that what you mistake for madness is but overacuteness of the senses?" Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart, 1843


 Antennae and the environment



               All physically visible things have a dividing surface between the inner parts and the air encircling them with ambient electromagnetism (EM). Even the surface of a broken stone or metal ( Gaia's granite mantle )  starts from the moment of contact with air to form a skin ( macromembrane ) made up of oxide that  will cover this newly exposed area. There is an interaction between all surfaces and the invisible, at these BAPs ( Biological Active Points ) and BAZs (Biological Active Zones ), " the Universal Acupoints " where bio-environmental interaction accurs. In animals, plants and humans there is growth of hair, scales and fur. The nature of this is that these serve as transmitter-receiver appendages. What is absorbed,  invokes in animals, plants  and Gaia 's granite mantle and human , physical , emotional or consciousness reactions.


Maniac-Depressives and Depressives


Maniac - depressive humans act out destruction of their environment even to the point of killing. Many of our present-day human reactions are maniac-depressive, of a kind which are aroused and influenced by the mass media ; this  atmospheric spill-over is  intangibly broadcast world-wide by Morphic Resonance  picked up by  antennae until the Critical Mass stage is reached when Causative Formation materialises as Form. Hair, when long in human fashions and cults, serve as powerful antenna. When short, there is blunting or shutting out of environmental electromagnetic patterns. It is some protection against environmental sensitivity  with short hair. In the middle ages, witches' hair was shorn as punishment. Or women  or men for that matter , who wish to put the past behind them intuitively, act to aid this by cutting short or shaving  their hair.



 Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome should be ruled out.               

                         How one is going to endow the thought-forms with
resonance  to change the mindset and lifestyle of our Malaysian society, the young and the old ? Like quartz, human bone is pizo-electric crystal oscillating at precise resonant frequencies.        

              Thoughts are visualised speech, heard in silent prayers, reading or meditation and observation, are osseous vibrations, amplified in mineralised microcavities in the body. When good wholesome cosmic seeds are sown in a well mineralized aetheric soil, you can be certain of a quality
harvest. It is this quality that generates the optimum bandwidth of resonance that draws crowds and holds sway over them.

We are what we eat 

We are what we breathe

We are what we drink

We are what we think

We are what we do

We are the condensation of this spinning vortex of magnetism - the spiral wave-form or The

Living Wave


Stefanatos ( 1997,228 ) tells us that the " electromagnetic fields (EMF)emanating from bacteria,viruses and toxic substances affect cells of the body and weaken its constitution." So the vital force is identified quite explicitly with electromagnetic fields and said to be the cause of disease. But somehow the life energies of the body are balanced by bioenergetic therapies. " No antibiotic or drug, no matter how powerful, will save an animal or human if the vital force of healing is suppressed or lacking ." ( Stefanatos 1997, 229 ) So health or sickness is determined by who wins the battle between good and bad electromagnetic waves in the body.

Electronic and Magnetic medicine is going to be the future medicine. The average frequency of the human body during the day is between 62 and 68 cycles each second.If it drops below this rate,the immune defence system will start to shut down.

Cold symptoms appear at 58 cycles, Flu at 57, Candida at 55, Glandular Fever at 52, Cancer at 42 cycles each second.

                  Dr. Young and Bruce Tainio [ Cheny University. WA. USA]



Morphic Resonance


Morphic resonance is a term coined by Rupert

Sheldrake for what he thinks is "the basis of

memory in nature....the idea of mysterious

telepathy-type interconnections between

organisms and of collective memories within


Sheldrake has hypothesized a field of morphic ("pattern-related") resonance in which patterns of knowledge, structure or behavior of a certain kind of thing (whether a salt crystal or a human mind) become increasingly embedded as a "habit," an ingrained pattern of information which influences and is accessible to other members of that category of thing. In commenting on the rat experiments, Sheldrake said: "If rats are taught a new trick in Manchester, then rats of the same breed all over the world should show a tendency to learn the same trick more rapidly, even in the absence of any known type of physical connection or communication. The greater the number of rats that learn it, the easier it should become for their successors."

A minority of biologists have been suggesting the possibility of morphogenetic (form-generating) fields for decades. Sheldrake's unique contribution has been to create a testable hypothesis regarding such fields. Despite the fact that it seems to violate all broadly-accepted principles of science, the experimental evidence is rapidly mounting that, indeed, something of this kind is at work.

Sheldrake has ventured some guesses as to the relationship between morphogenetic fields and our individual memory and intelligence. He suggests that our brains may not contain memories and knowledge, per se, but may be devices for tuning in to relevant sections of the morphogenetic field for human memory, much as a radio tunes into radio waves. Our own personal memories would naturally be more accessible than those of other people or cultures (since, in morphogenetic resonance, like resonates with like), but theoretically the memories of every human (and other entities?) would be available to anyone capable of tuning in.  ( Note: Prof Rupert Sheldrake has done

research in the Far East for some time. )



In the "new" quantum physics matter is perceived as resonate particles. Particles are created when electrons and protons are accelerated to near the speed of light. Collisions create a burst of energy in which a particle takes form. The energy of the collision keeps resonating or feeding back into itself, like a bell that is struck and continues to ring.

In the universe of particle physics, matter is simultaneously a particle and a wave. Because it is a wave, each particle is also a specific frequency or vibration. Therefore, in the subatomic world the way something vibrates determines what it is. Not every collision will create a particle; only the collisions that resonate create particles.

The physicist Werner Heisenberg borrowed two words from Aristotle Potential and Actuality to describe his experience of the quantum reality. The world "not looked at" was potential. For Heisenberg, the quantum wave was a picture of the unexamined potential of reality. Quantum waves are not existence or actuality, but the tendencies towards existence. The parallels between "musical experience" and the sub atomic reality are remarkably similar. Physicists seem to rely mostly on numbers and instrumentation to "see" and map resonances. An artist relies on his or her senses and intuitions.

Communication is a resonance between two or more people. Cognitive resonance occurs when someone talks about an idea or concept that we agree with. Emotionally we speak of affective resonance. It is the source of the terms sympathy, antipathy, empathy, telepathy, and apathy. When we pick up emotional states and feelings from another person, we say we are sympathetic. The person with the feelings is like a tuning fork setting off similar feelings in another person. If the other person is opposed to the feelings, then they resist and become dissonant or without resonance. This is antipathy. Empathy means "into feeling." It is a state of merging with another. We allow ourselves to resonate with the vibratory field of the other until we are the other. The ideal is to remain conscious of our self during the empathetic response. Conscious empathy is the foundation of healing arts and the key for understanding another persons experience. When we are empathic, distance as we know it ceases to exist. We are both in the same resonate field. It is therefore possible to experience the other at great distances. This is the telepathic response or feeling response at a distance. Apathy means no feeling. When one is apathetic there is no resonance.

- John Beaulieu


Living chromosomes, using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.
are able to modulate certain frequency
patterns to influence the DNA frequency and
thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of
DNA-alkaline pairs and of language are of the
same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. Words
and sentences of the human language are good input. This, too, was experimentally
proven! Living DNA substance will
always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves.

                           Thoughts,as visualised speech heard in silent reading, prayer or observation, are osseous vibrations amplified in mineralised body cavities. Concentration of metals in all bio-objects creates their specific electromagnetic characteristics. In the human system, Calcium Phosphate is of prime importance since bone tissue acts as a ground-earth wave conductor for Extremely Low Frequency [ ELF ] currents; Manganese reacts with terrestrial magnetic fields and Nitrogen as a mitogenetic agent.

Ormus and m-state elements such as

Cobalt Nickel








are normally metallic elements in a spectroscopically "invisible" non-metallic form.

These m-state elements have been observed to exhibit superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation.

These m-state elements are also present in many biological systems.The ORMUS elements might provide the missing link in our understanding of the relationship between mind and matter.

             " Telepathy, inspiration and intuition come to us across the invisible light-waves of the universe. They are our universal cables by means of which Mind speaks to Mind. There is but one Mind and one Thinker. Therefore that which is known or thought by anyone, anywhere, can be known by any other one who is sufficiently attuned to receive telepathic messages sent in the language of light." (The Message of the Divine Iliad) pg 227

The Sound of Light audible in vibrant Cosmic Silence can be only visualized in the Universal Mind.





     When good wholesome cosmic seeds are sown in a well mineralized aetheric soil, you can be certain of a quality
harvest. It is this quality that generates the optimum bandwidth of resonance that draws crowds and holds sway over them.


  The Living Void [ Physical Vacuum ]


Form is emptiness, and emptiness is indeed form. Emptiness is not different from Form,Form is not different from Emptiness. What is Form that

is Emptiness, what is Emptiness that is Form ? The Physical Vacuum, as it is called in Field Theory, is not a state of mere nothingness but contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms,in turn, are not independent physical entities but merely transcient manifestations of the underlying Void. The Great Void cannot but consist of Chi, Prana or Vital Force; this  Zero Point Energy, Chi or etheric nothingness cannot but condense to form all things; and these things cannot but become dispersed so as to form , once more ,the Great Void. At the time of its condensation, can one say otherwise than that this is but temporary? But at the time of its dispersing, can one hastily say that it is then non-existent ? Thus Chi condenses and disperses rhythmically, bringing forth all forms which eventually dissolve into the Void. Solid objects with Form dissipate quanta

as Colour. Thus, No Form, No Colour.


    Most of the time,every thing is not black, white, grey or yellow but is mostly invisible - The 2004 Nobel Prize Winning " Colour Force " of Quarks and Gluons,  

Only the Sound of Light

in the  vibrant  DNA, the Living Wave in the Universal



Matter, which is congealed energy, is crystallized light, when dematerialized into subatomic particles, manifests pulsating energy fields, vibrating frequencies of energy or waves. Quantum physics recognizes these bursts of energy as "quanta". This energy surrounds every tissue, cell and organ of the body, ultimately creating the body's bio-energetic field - L Field. This electromagnetic field surrounding the body holds all morphogenetic memories, environmental influences, and thought-Forms for the Information Interaction with the world.It interacts with the wave fronts of the Spherical Standing Wave from the Universe .All imbalances occur first in this L or Vital Force Field.



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