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" There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. "
                                               ( Shakespeare)
    This presentation is a posting on Holistic Healing. The sequential recording is to give coherence to Mother Nature 's healing processes. I express my sincere thanks to the administrator/moderators of the Homeopathyandmore Forum, for allowing  me to
upload the graphic day-to -day demonstration of holistic healing and the forum members who participated.

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                      Tetanus and Hypericum

* No operation is possible without injury to nerve tissue. In lacerations especially, but also in operations involving large nerve trunks or considerable networks, filamentary nerves, Hypericum makes the patient more comfortable. In neuromata, nerve stitching, inveterate neuralgias, brain tumors with pain and other surgical states of nervous system, it is the Arnica of the case... In the agonizing pain, from catching of a nerve in ligature, it often gives relief. (C. E. Fisher)

* Every practitioner knows that lock-jaw ( Tetanus ) may follow an injury to sentient nerves. So when shooting pains come on, travelling up the arm or leg. Hypericum will stop them. Cure your case and prevent tetanus. It is used for such symptoms as are found in tetanus and ascending neuritis. A painful scar with pain shooting upward towards the centre of the body following up the nerves will be cured by Hypericum. Ledum will do the work very often in your punctured cases, if given at once. You will not need Hypericum unless the case has been neglected and the nerves involved .
(Charles C. Walfenbaugh)

* The reputation of Hypericum in effects of injuries, had increased of late. Dr. Gelchrist from an experiences of sixty four operations major or minor, asserts positively that its use " tells me that it quite supersedes any after suffering and Dr. Helemeth tells me that it quite supersedes the use of morphia after operation in his hands. " (Hughes)

Calendula : Sepsis

* It is a great anti-septic in homeopathy. Some American surgeons seem to have proved that we may obtain asepsis in the field of operation as perfect as painting with the mother tincture of Calendula 1/10 as with classical painting with tincture iodine. (A. L. Rousseau)

* I always kept a bottle of Calendula succus in the maternity wards to be used on any lacerations and injuries. I do not know how many times the nurses have told me that they have never seen anything relieve the soreness of the lacerations as Calendula did. (A. D. Smith)

* If the perineum is torn but not badly enough to require stitching up. You will find the local application of Calendula of the utmost service to promote healing and union. (Hughes)

* Calendula, it is said, will largely prevent scars, also gangrene and Tetanus when used as a dressing on wound. (I. L. Farr)

      Doctors are Nature's Assistants; Only Mother Nature does the healing.


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