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Dedication to a Pioneer in " Molecular Memory of WATER " To Prof Jacques Benveniste, an emminent French immunologist.

Quantum Visualization of the Sumatra TSUNAMI

Cell or Tissue Salts


This website is dedicated to the presentation of complementary and alternative topics in Holistic disciplines
based on Bioresonance.

The Natural Law of Homeopathic Expression in Quantum Spherical Standing Wave.

Father Muller's Homeopathic Dispensary for the Poor

Electromagnetic Infection in Homeopathy

I see sound in my Mind's Eye.


The Healing Properties of Chi in structured water.

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The holistic constitution of mankind is Spiritual [ Gravitonic],Emotional and Physical [Biophotonic] in nature. The human body is made of the same cosmic dust that pervades the whole of the Universe and has been in primal existence since the creation of Earth, the third planet from the Sun. . This consists of chemical elements like carbon,Hydrogen,Oxygen, and Nitrogen - 95.5 %. Only about .5 % is Minerals. An element is determined by its atomic vibratory frequencies and the forces exerting on other atoms. The human system is therefore a cohesive materialization of vibrational states of Light, Sound and Matter. The solar components in the body are electromagnetic. The human body interacts with the environment through concomitants which are infoldings of electromagnetism in the body, manifested in Energy frequencies as forms of Light, Colour,Sound or Matter. When God said: Let there be Light. It includes Mankind and the Universe.Where there is water, there is Life.And water is liquified Light; The Word is God. Sound [Phonon] is enfolded Electromagnetism which also manifests as Light [Photon] [ Sonoluminescence ]. Research scientists [ Nikola Tesla,Rife, Kaznachayev and Ron Saykally et al reviewed by Dr. Horowitz ] discovered that nearly 93% of the function of the double helix of the human DNA is bioacoustic frequency signalling for " photon/phonon emissions for intra-and intercellular communications ". These photon/phonon radiations are concomitants of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy resonating with the bioelectric and acoustic properties and functions of cells. Earthlings then are just as capable of inter-terrestrial or inter-planetary communications because of their constituents of solar origin. Nobel Prizes had been awarded to scientists who based their research on the findings that the DNA 's primary function is in electromagnetic reception and transmission of " Biospiritual Energy " and only about 0.1 - 2% as gentic material as a template for RNA and protein synthesis. Through morphic manifestation we see Patterns and Forms in Nature [Rupert Sheldrake] and as vibrational signatures in the patterns and Forms inherent in Sound [ Chladni and Hans Jenny ]. Electromagnetism [EM],one of the four basic forces of the universe,is neither quite particle nor wave but displays properties of both simultaneously. The linear unwinding of circular motion is the sine wave which is the universal signature of Electromagnetism. This explains the spiral motion of Energy. But nobody has witnessed the magnetic transference of motion to electrons. Neither has anyone seen the mysterious force that causes water to flow to its lowest point. Photons can be visualised but not gravitons. Gravity is the memory of Matter that was once Light. Has anybody seen the wind? These subtle energies exist, though invisible.The human body is more than 70 % fluid and more than 90 % of cellular activities occur in the watery environment of the body. Water molecules have the uncanny property to " entrain" electromagnetic frequencies and to transmit such frequencies to other biological systems: namely, human, animal ,plant ,minerals rocks and stones. When the first thunder bolts and lightnings struck the primodial land and water, the template for specific resonating vibrations, was forged for all existing vibrant entities by the cosmic fire. The Template is the Will of the Superconsciousness or God, with the provision of Intent and Desire for evolving cosmic material.The reflected sunlight into space by orbiting planets [ albedos ] are vibratory gestures of  goodwill and Love. The Planet,Venus is described as a planet of Love and Beauty for the simple reason that she reflects 80% of  sunlight back into space and light is life-giving water.There are other cosmic contributions of light at nodal stops before Light reaches Earth.The Newtonian  classic experiment on the prismatic separation of spectral light  into rainbow colours is no more valid.  The emergent light, refracted or reflected by the medium has been reprocessed  and is manufactured light [ Goethe ]. Scientists have demonstrated that Light is liquified gas and that its speed can be exceeded,slowed or made to stop in a standstill.It can carry information from Node to Node.The highly reactive metals become biological when combined with other elemental substances to become Minerals. The electromagnetic bioradiation of transmutating minerals [Lithium/Beryllium] sparkled off [ photonic kindling - T. Bearden ] the crossing over of the aetheric to the physical, causing the activation of " morphic resonance " in the first carbon-containing blob of basic elements. This is the " God is within every being " concept  of  animists ascribing  the life-force (carbon) in rocks,stones and living organisms. It takes its first " morphic breath " of Chi, Prana or Vital Force which gives it form and pattern through self-organizing resonant vibrations and synchronises its "Internal or Biological Clock " with the environment in rhythm with the Schumann Resonances and the Circadian Rhythm of 24 hour alternation of Night /Day or Ying/Yang Cycle. When the chaotic reverberations of thunder and lightning finally subsided, there descend Symmetry and Grace when Forms and Patterns unfold in the morphogenetic fields , sustained by the bioenergetic radiation from minerals. Through self-organizing resonant vibrations, basic amino acids were formed and with mineralization, these amino acid aggregates developed catalytic properties. It is with the synthesis of enzymes that the DNA molecules are modelled and formed with a double helix . The fundamental property of the DNA molecule is its immortality, which differentiates it from the molecules of other material. Cells survive indefinitely when in holistic homeostasis, with a balance of nutrient supply and waste removal. The embryonic chicken heart survived for more than 29 years when nutritive homeostasis was maintained but perished when its nutrient supply was stopped with toxic build-up [ Dr. Alex Carell,Rockefellow Institute of Medical Research ]. Cellular regeneration is chronological standing still in holistic equilibrium and rejuvenation is chronological resetting to zero. We do not age but become senile due to holistic malnutrition. The human molecule is more than 3.5 billion years of age.For everything there is a purpose, under heaven. Earth [ Gaia ] became biology when Mother Nature assumed her maternal role when life first began in the oceanic slime. Life started as a unicellular organism. The sustenance and the survival of Planet Earth still depend on the microbial world.The remineralization of the earth's crust ,the botanical re-population and the microbial symbiosis in our guts, depend largely on the biological transmutative mechanisms of Soil-Based Organisms [ SBO ].

 The nutrient, Vitamin B12,which is found in high concentration in the Pineal Gland of the brain, is a symbiotic product of the Flora and Fauna in our gastro-intestinal tract. It is considered as a magneto-neuro-hormone and is involved in the regulation of the Biological Clock in us. The holography of our oceanic ancestry shows itself in the fluid/mineral compostion of our body in the " River of Life ", the blood stream and tissue fluids which form Claude Bernard's " Milieu Interieur" and in the tidal rising and ebbing of our urine. The entrained electromagnetic intelligence in the water molecules is the specific signature of the entity, be it a bacterium,fungus,yeast,parasite virus,chemical or heavy metal. Genetic Hydration scientists have determined that the electromagnetic properties of the DNA is dependent on the structured water that exhibits sacred geometry at the molecular level. Hexagonal molecules are predominant in " good water or clustered water " and not those with straight chains or penta - rings. The vibrant silence of Light in thoughtforms [ electromagnetic visualiztions or prayers ] transmitted mentally or through vibratory resonance [ music or sounds of Nature ] hydrates the matrix which nourishes or rejuvenates the DNA. Miracles occur at this secretory level of liquid flow, as in a vortex between crystallized and magnetised stones or minerals, the exudation of  plant sap and the flow of the mother's milk, when taken. These are the biospiritual or miraculous manifestations of healing ,attributed to " structured or clustered water " by scientific researchers.These clustered or structured water molecules are powerful and highly tuned electromagnetic antennae or receptors for receiving, amplifying and transmitting of electromagnetic information in the universe notably in plants and trees - The Mitogenetic Radiation of Gurwitsch or the Living Wave.
Buccal cells removed from the body,monitored with electronic
devices at a distance from the body in recent research,have been
found to react to our thought and emotions. So can our liver, heart and
kidney cells. These are known as " Backster Effects ". There is strong
evidence that our thoughts and emotions can be transmitted to other organisms,
plants,animals and other brain cells .. There is
also evidence that plants and animals intercommunicate.
When alone in a room,have you ever experienced the feeling of a presence
with you ? A plant is  not merely  a conglomeration of chemicals,chlorophyll,
minerals,enzymes and water but a living thing with some primary type of

" If only we knew, Boss,what the stones and rain and flowers
say. Maybe they call us - and we don't hear them. When will people's ears
open, Boss? " So asks Zorba in
Nikos Kazantzakis' Zorba the Greek.

             The internal structures of stones,rocks and crystals are petrified energy with a structure in common with all matter, which is congealed energy or crystallized light. This enables the stone to record , stores the echoes of the past and to act as a focus for human expression of sanctity. The recording and imprinting phenomena are non-electromagnetic but are activated by a sound-triggering system,supported by the normal human attributes of brain and sensory system, linked and expressed through sound and language, which is transmitted and interpreted by the " !0 % junk DNA " discarded by mainstream researchers.  The structure of the solidified energy is the key to the many  psychic phenomena associated with ancient buildings ceremonious sites,megalithic monuments and graveyards, incorporating  the concept of the Spirit of Place. This also posits the theories of why particular events and places exert a special hold upon those who follow after. The stone  memory  and the deeper links between semiconductors and stones can be explored with the  lastest knowledge of energy storing and transforming powers of inorganic materials, the pizoelectric phenomenon of energy transformation and sublimation. Our thoughts and emotions are
known by a pervading consciousness to which all cells,including plants, have
access. There is no privacy in the universe. We cannot
hide in a dark alley and think we are getting away with something. We
cannot harm the environment without dire consequences. We cannot
commit a crime and think we can get away with it. We can have no secrets
with the living and the dead. Life is transitional and multi-dimensional.
In fact the whole universe is a Giant Psychic Center
in the Universal Mind.

 The dilutional potency increment by succussional knocking in Homeopathy is due to the absorption of the oscillatory energy imparted by the mechanical knocking. This process is effected by Resonance between the Vibrational Signature of the homeopathic sample and the mechanical vibrations induced by succussion .  Absorption is only possible when there is sympathetic oscillation in the structured water molecules  The absorbed energy increases the potency level of the homeopathic sample.This retained information can not be eradicated. Diseases [Viral] can be induced electromagnetically in target cells by ultra-violet radiation and by absorbing the mitogenetic radiation of "Death Photons" emitting from diseased dying tissue cells. This is named " The Mirror Cytopathogenic Effect [CPE] by the Kaznacheyev experimental group. So also can the molecular memories of water digitally. In the aqueous world,the chemical currency is electronic,without which ,we will experience no sensations or feelings. The human brain receives,transmits, entrains and broadcasts with its structured water molecules.Water molecules are great amplifiers. Human being can communicate with Nature and all her creations with Thought-Forms. These are recorded in the memories of the structured [ clustered ] water,amplified and then broadcast digitally or along atmospheric [ Extremely Low Frequency] waves. The process is enhanced by the energy frequency of transmutative minerals like Lithium/Beryllium and cell-salts.

Visual Listening

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Are we Photonic Band-Gap Crystalline Beings ?

I listen to COLOURS with my
Mind's Ear. The sound of Light is
vibrant Silence audible only in
the Universal Mind.

The Brain tells the TRUTH,the whole TRUTH ,Nothing but the TRUTH,so help me GOD

THOUGHTS,as Visual Speech,heard in
silent reading or prayer ,are osseous vibrations
amplified in mineralised body cavities.

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