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Cosmic Visualization

The South East Asian Seaquake ( 26, December,2004 )

Professor Calestous Juma, of Harvard University, a lead author of the report: ... emphasized the importance of learning from the disaster and of sharing the knowledge to avert future catastrophes.
"The lessons should be shared globally," he said.
The report, which will be presented to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
later this month ( Thu Jan 6, 2005 08:46 AM ET UN Report: Science

Each Star " looks " at the others with a beam of
inter-communicating light.

     As we become aware of our environment, the observing man must ask many questions: how is it that we can find in all the manifested earth crystals, plants, animals and man always the blue prints which seems not only to be within but also seems to give the form principles in which it appears ?

If there is a structure within the visible structure, is there not also an outer infinitely large structure which inter-relates to all our external world?Out there in the galactic space is a structure by way of the starry heavens. Each star "looks" at all the others using a beam of light ,which inter-

communicates. Each star has a magnetic and antimagnetic energy. It can also be said that the magnetic energy is gravity whereas the anti-magnetic energy is that energy which Sir Isaac Newton took seventeen years to research but could not find. If we talk, however, about the energy which lies around all visible objects, we can more and more call this radiation, or the etheric energy.

This radiation has two main forms: One linear from the centre into affinity; the other spherical.- Theo Gimbel


Spheres within spheres from the tiny to the
gigantic spheres which hold galaxies.

All possible structures are there, those we have already recognised and such which are still to be discovered. Each energy point or star has two principle radiations, one of linear patterns centre to infinity in straight beams of light. The other in spherical patterns like spheres surrounding all other spheres from the nucleous tiny sphere (too small to see) to the vast spheres which hold all galaxies, (too vast to see) because of the spherical shape of the earth .



The Primordial Harmonic Template of the Universe ( Quantum Spherical
Standing Wave )

          " Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by
forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well
as for the stars. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to
mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper."
            - Albert Einstein




 But again, within this visible structure of the constellations is also contained the invisible structures amongst which are black holes and Dark Matter where we must suspect that, because of the void space, light travels faster than light and thereby there is total darkness which causes what is known as the geometric warp. Space becomes time, and time becomes space.

The reason why the structures are so significant is that specifically the cube, or hexahedral shape, is so very important for this earth. The three dimensional form is basically our orientation and therefore a law of this planet on which we live. Selecting from the infinite patterns those which ultimately create the five Platonic solids, we can suddenly recognise that there is also the human form standing behind, between, inside or around it : the image of God in light  and we are made in this image.

Our whole body, a coherent vibratory  materialization is composed of Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Ether, being shot through with the etheric energy of life across. Also, of course, these life forces are within and around all that is alive. Just imagine that all forces are within all forces, and all forces are around all that is, was and will be. The Universe is breathing, singing and dancing because of, and on behalf of God, who is love, and love that we now learn to give, in unlimited and undemanded quantity. Only when we dissolve the physical can we reach the one-state which contains the duality within but not in space or time in an infinity-eternity state.

All our research ought to be carried out on every level (a) form (b) colour (c) mathematical, etc. and all should be looked at through the aspects of these many ways. Colour seen through form, form through colour; nothing is disconnected, all is interwoven. The eternal, infinite state is present but cannot be weighed, measured or counted with our rough physical apparatus where it always escapes the scientific statistical work That does not mean that it is not there.

Because of the spherical shape of the earth, the opportunity  for the Platonic solids to crystalise, presented itself.. The sphere is the non- Form – A Void. The natural laws of the Cosmos which are penetrating down into this earth sphere, forged the Template for all extant vibratory signatures [ Space Resonances ] coded in the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe , to create the well-known 5 major forms, the Platonic solids - five main directives through Morphic Resonance and these laws are the will of God to bring consciousness to Earth . Minerals, Plants, Animals and  Human beings are incarnating through these 5 regular solids. The spiritual etheric energies penetrate into the  earthly life forces to create seeds which are the beginning of all visible things.These seeds are likened to the finest and most delicate filters through which are poured the forces of Form, Sound, Colour, Light and Ambient Darkness, selecting such balances which are to become us or any of the visible kingdom around us.- Theo Gimbel



The covalent bondage of Oxygen and Hydrogen
Atoms to form a water Molecule

A Cosmic presentation of biochemical bondage
of atoms and subatomic particles

This picture , from the Silbury Hill Cropcircle, has all the hallmarks of  extraplanetary  imprinting of  phytomodelling
of Biochemical Bonding . What is the implied significance of this masterly cosmic phytoimprinting of a biochemical icon ?  A symbol has only a meaning but an icon has both a meaning and contents. Is it a cosmic art of sharing of information  with Gaia or warning ?
Is it the
co-resonance of  " molecular memories " , triggered by the evolving organism, Gaia,
with the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe, a Harmonic Template for
all extant vibratory signatures of  Cosmic Dust, forged by  the cosmic
fire? This Template is the Will of the SuperConsciousness  or God with the
provision  of Intent and Desire for evolving cosmic material.
The Universal Language, Mother Nature's primordial resonance of the DNA, is
the first one known to all life on Earth. It is still understood by animals
and to some extent by plant life.
  Sixth sense may have saved wildlife

                  "  Wildlife officials in Sri Lanka said last week
that no dead animals have been found there since the disaster.
More than 27,000 people are thought to have died on the island, but
H.D.Ratnayake, the deputy director of the National Wildlife Department in
Sri Lanka, said: " The strange thing is we have not recorded any dead
animals. No elephants are dead, not even a dead hare or rabbit. I think
animals can sense disaster. They know when things are happening in nature."
A photographer who flies over Sri Lanka's Yala National Park spotted "
abundant wildlife ", but not one carcass. Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne, who
runs a hotel in the park, which has Asia's largest concentration of
leopards, said: " I am finding bodies of humans but I have yet to see a dead
animal. " Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and auther of  The Sense of
Being Stared At, a book about unexplained human and animal abilities, said:
" many animals seem to sense when a disaster or catastrophe is about to
occur. The most striking examples concern earthquakes."
In some instances, cats have been said to go into hiding up to 12 hours
before an earthquake, while dogs would bark " frantically " shortly before
it struck, he said. Roger Tabor, an animal behaviourist, said the Chinese
routinely take changes in animal behaviour seriously as signalling a
possible earthquake or vulcanic eruption. Tabor said that initial reports
from Sri Lanka about the miraculous escape of animal population are "
intriguing", but would need to be investigated further.
In these situations, he said, dead animals are often ignored or not even
noticed because of the scale of human tragedy. "

- Telegraph Group Ltd, London

What is more startling is that the visualised sounds are scalar frequencies inherent in Nature's Silence ( natural sounds of extremely low frequency [ ELF ] such as the splashing of a water-fall, the gurgling of a stream, the reverberating sound of thunder and lightning, the rhythmic thunderous roar of waves, the howling of the wind and the sferics of celestial orchestration ]

"Visual Music" speaks a language made of three-dimensional, sound-emitting images. In other words, its language, the inner harmonic tones, caused by Electron Spin Resonance of absorbed chemicals by smell or ingestion. which gains in energy the longer it is sustained, can actually become visible - as if the vibrational wave patterns were shifting into the visible spectrum or inducing a vibrational excitation of the air in such a way as to affect light diffraction .Thus, sounds can be seen and colours be heard, the phenons and photons of biological origin. Space is synesthetic in the Dimensional Shift. Curiously, mystics have always called the pervasive creative sacred Sound, Logos or Word, the Audible Life Stream (Blavatsky, 1987; Hines, 1996). They declare the Light and the Sound are one [ Sonoluminescence ], and holographic concept is another name for Unity.

The Word is God.
The whole physical universe has light for its source, it being the universal motor, the one prime source and cause of every motion of the universe. Men are prone to ride off on one wheel of the universe and forget the rest. Thales declared that Water was the principle of all things, Anaximenes traced all things to Air, Heraclitus, to fire, others to Electricity. A knowledge of atomic law and chemical action will show that all of these elements and forces are merely subagents or wheels in the great machinery of Nature., none of which have any creative action except in Oneness.

Molecular Bondage

A masterly phytomodelling of quantum bonding
of atoms and subatomic particles

Chemical bonds and attractive forces

A molecule is two or more atoms linked by a chemical bond. Molecules can contain different types of bonds. If atoms are sharing electrons, then the bond between them is covalent. If an atom gives up an electron to another atom, then they have an ionic bond.

Covalent bonds

Methane has four covalent bonds between carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). The figure below shows the methane molecule in four different views. Notice how these different views represent the atoms and their bonds differently. The key thing to remember is that atoms in covalent bonds share their electrons.

Non-covalent bonds and other weak forces
Linus Pauling, 1946

  • Chemical reactivity of molecules- tendency to break and form chemical bonds.
  • Biology of molecules- size and shape of molecules, and the nature of weak interactions with other molecules.

Non-covalent bonds and other weak forces are important in biological structures.

  • Electrostatic bonds(ionic)-result from the electrostatic attraction between two ionized groups of opposite charge, such as carboxyl (-COO-) and amino (-NH3+). In water, these bonds are very weak.
  • Hydrogen bonds-result from electrostatic attraction between an electronegative atom (O or N) and a hydrogen atom that is bonded covalently to a second electronegative atom.
  • N-H ----- O=C- -O-H----- O=C-
  • Van Der Waals bonds-are short range attractive forces between chemical groups in contact. Caused by slight charge displacements.
  • Hydrophobic attractions-cause non-polar groups such as hydrocarbon chains to associate with each other in an aqueous environment.
  • Multiple weak bonds or forces can cause strong interactions
  • Biological recognition results from a three dimensional structure that allows multiple weak forces between molecules

Covalent Bonding

The Water Splitting CLOCK

Covalent Bonding of Atoms and Molecules


The Water Splitting Clock

Three billion years ago photosynthetic cells appeared on Earth and spread into virtually every environment by tapping electrons in a ubiquitous substance: water. They evolved an ability to split water (H2O) into electrons (e-), protons (H+) and molecular oxygen (O2). Thus, photosynthetic cells could exploit water and thrive in new environments. Electrons and protons are energetically useful; 02 is but a by-product.

To use water as an electron source is no simple feat, since water gives up electrons grudgingly. The energy of a single photon isn't sufficient to split water, so this evolutionary feat demanded modifications to primitive bacteria. The problem was solved by using four photons to spiit two water molecules, thus releasing four electrons and four protons. However, this creates a new difficulty, since the photosystem can handle only one electron at a time.

To solve this, photosynthetic plant cells developed a special catalyst called a water oxidizing clock - a unique biochemical ratcheting cycle to stabilize water splitting reactions so electrons transfer one by one in intermediate steps. The photosystem stores energy by separating positive (H-)and negative (e-) charges on opposite sides of chloroplast membrane. To do this, an array of special enzymes absorb a photon and efficiently convert light into a widening separation of electric charge.

                                                                                                            In darkness, the clock settles into a stable,low energy state (SO). When chlorophyll absorbs a photon, the photosystem is boosted to a higher oxidation state (SI), and releases an electron and proton, A second photon shirts the oxidation state higher (S2) and frees a second electron. A third photon is absorbed, oxidation steps higher (S3), and a third electron and second proton are freed. The highest oxidation state (S4) occurs with absorption of a fourth photon, and a fourth electron and two protons are liberated.

The clock then removes four electrons

from two bound water molecules.

releases 02. oxidation drops from S4 back to SO. and two new water molecules are bound

to the photosystem, completing the cycle. The protons produced by splitting water reduce

carbon dioxide to carbon and water; the carbons are bonded together (polymerized) to form

rings that become sugar, and chains that become amino acids and proteins.

Thus, the water oxidizing clock is a five step cycle. It begins with binding two water molecules, and ends with a release of oxygen (02). The water splitting clock strips four protons (H+) and four electrons (e-) off two H20 molecules, leaving two oxygen atoms and a chain of carbons. The two oxygen ions quickly combine to form a molecule of oxygen (02).

Manganese (Mn) is crucial to water splitting, since 02 isnt produced unless four Mn atoms are present in a photosystem. Mn is a catalyst which can share two to five electrons with other atoms, and assume five stable oxidation states (+2 to +7). Mn has several unpaired electrons which, like tiny magnets, interact strongly with external magnetism. So Mn complexes in the photosystem are paramagnetic - they become magnetic when in a magnetic field. Mark Mead reports Mn, like nickel, forms B12 analogue, and is causing widespread soil depletion of cobalt

Thus, a photosystem is really a magnetic field. Magnetism's role in biomolecules and cells is a revolution in science, and provides insight into the geometry and action of enzymes such as in photosynthesis- Proteins bound in chloroplast membrane form a solid state subspace where electrons, protons and ions are ordered and altered in resonant cycles. The water oxidizing clock runs in five part synchrony, so its design geometry is the pentagon.

 Living Water

WATER IS THE MOST STUDIED LIQUID on Earth, yet its subtle electromagnetism isn't well-known or understood by biology and medicine. Science has known since the late 1700's that water is H20, but not until 1956 was it's physical structure understood. But water's real mystery is how it behaves inside a cell membrane. And its real power is subtle, not forceful

               Water is created by covalent bonds between an oxygen and two hydrogens. A covalent bond is when two atoms share a pair of electrons, and thus become attracted and fixed together. This union releases a great burst of energy, to the effect that hydrogen burns quickly in air, producing lots of light and heat ~ and water.


Because oxygen attracts electrons more than hydrogen, electrons spinning in

outer orbitals of water's covalent bonds associate more with oxygen than

hydrogen. This creates a slight electric polarity between opposite ends of each atomic bond, with the

oxygen slightly negative and the hydrogen slightly positive.

The electrons in the outer orbitals of oxygen - and also carbon and nitrogen - form a 4-sided tetrahedron. Thus, the orbital geometry of oxygen's outer electrons is such that the configuration of

water's three atoms isn't a straight line. Rather, the hydrogens draw together to form a "V" - like a Mickey Mouse head with two ears. This unusual angular geometry is the reason for water's subtle energy properties.

For one, this "V" shape gives a slight electric polarity between oxygen's negative charge, and -- on the opposite side - hydrogens' positive charges. A water molecule is a tiny electric dipole. While this polar shape has a slight electric charge, it is not truly or fully ionic.

Actually, water is far more complex than this simple, solitary H2O. For starters, H2O can separate into H+ and OH- molecules that are truly ionic, and act like acid and base, respectively. While water as a whole is neutral pH, it contains an equal balance of these positive and negative ions.

Hydrogen and oxygen also combine to form more complex molecules with unbalanced geometries and polarities, such as H3O, H2O2, H4O2, H5O2, and others. These single molecules can bond to form

double, triple and larger molecules. The effect is that water has a much more complex internal structure than simple H2O.

Water's polarized geometry creates a weak attraction between opposite poles of adjacent molecules. A hydrogen's positive polarity pulls it near the weak negative of a nearby oxygen. This subtle affinity among water's polar molecules is an internal force that holds water together. Biochemists call this faint force between hydrogen and oxygen of adjacent molecules a "hydrogen bond.

But it's not truly a bond, since no electrons are exchanged. This slight inter-molecule pull enables water to drip in drops, blob in bodies, and have a high boiling temperature. This subtle attraction makes water wet, and gives it cohesiveness - an ability to hold together without having definite, fixed shape. And Nature finds multitudes of uses for this subtle attraction.



The South East Asian Tsunami
The gigantic Asian seaquake on 26, December, 2004, deep in the Pacific Ocean lasted a colossal 200 seconds, had an epicentre magnitude of 9.0,struck 250 km south-east of Sumatra, causing the Earth to wobble on its axis. This earthquake has changed the World's Map, on Gaia's mantle and Biorhythmicity - The Biological Clock. The shockwave shortened the period of our planet's rotation by some three microseconds.

  The change was caused by a shift of mass towards the planet's centre, as the Indian Ocean's heavy tectonic plate lurched underneath Indonesian one. The Earth now tilts by an extra 2.5 centimetres in the wake of the jolt.

The Planetary influence of Pluto from 8th-23rd August 2001 had given many of us a trying time. Those who emerged from Pluto's ordeal will probably be vibrating to a newer octave. His or her Octave Shift is accompanied by vast transforming changes expressed Astrologically,
Psychically and Physically. In medical parlance, 1 octave shift signifies in Cochlear noise damage, for
small to moderate losses, the greatest morphological damage. This is used in the analysis of the hearing organ. The phenomenon of " half-octave shift " is measured between the frequency of the damaging sound and the frequency of the greatest sensitivity loss.

In Holistic Medicine, the Octave Shift  signifies the activation of a newly formed frequency octave. This frequency shift is a transformation on many

1. Cosmic



4. Organic

5. Inorganic

6. Metallic

7. Mineral

8. Molecular

9. Atomic

10. Ionic

11. Subatomic
12. Time

The former life-octave is replaced by the new resonance. It does not occur at a specific time. It is just realised. At the moment of the shift, you see sounds, hear and feel colours and the overtones of the higher and lower
octaves of awareness. This occurs with the balancing of the Meridial, the Chakra system and The Planetary Alignment.The familiar yet outdated masks
are discarded and recede into the background of conscious
awareness . Time stands still and space is non-local
. We are existing everywhere all at once, in a Dimensional Shift.

All electromagnetic frequencies of biological processes are bio-rhythmic.

These are designated as:

1. Infracidian [ less than a day ]

2. Circadian [ about 24 Hours ]

3. Ultracidian [ more than 1 day ]

More than a hundred Biological Clocks have been identified and have been
discovered to have weekly, Lunar , Monthly and Yearly Cycles.World wide
studies of Biorhythmicity have demonstrated the pervasive
influence of Infracidian cycles on our physical and Mental Health and may
range from 1 day to many years. In Traditional Chinese Medicine [ TCM ], the
24 hour cycle with reference to the 2 hourly interval between 2 meridial
channels of the 12 meridial system in Acupuncture, is called the Horary
Cycle. The Western equivalent is the Circadian Rhythm or the Biological
Clock.Central and peripheral oscillators in different body tissues [ protein
molecules ] are found to have fascinating timing mechanisms at the cellular
and molecular levels.These molecular biological clocks are accessory
chronological keepers with rhythmicities different from the MasterBiological
Clock in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus [ SCN ] of the brain. Scientists
monitor a calcium indicating photoprotein , in transgenic plants, to
determine the daily oscillations of free Calcium levels in higher plants.
These Calcium oscillations may possibly control the temporal regulation of
division,metabolism,gene expression including mental health,cancer and even
Jet- Lag and are involved in the transduction pathway in the synchronization
of Light to enviromental Day/Night or Yin/Yang Cycle

  The Tsunamic Octave Shift of South East Asia on 26.12.05

The Tsunami Solitons
The Vortical Waves of Destruction

Time and Tide wait for no Man

Tidal Calamity

              LONDON: A tidal.wave caused by a volcanic eruption is likely to devastate the South Coast of England and eastern US cities such as New York, a scientist warned yesterday. Although experts have no idea of the time scale, they are convinced that it is a matter of when rather than if.

Boston, New York, Washington DC and Miami could be virtually wiped off the map and tens of millions of people would be likely to be killed or made homeless. The mountainous wave would be 300ft tall and travelling at 500mph - as fast as a jetliner. In Britain, the tsunami would be smaller at 40ft. But towns all along the coastline would still face awesome dev­astation.The water would smash over coastal defences, threatening tens of thou­sands of lives and leaving damage run­ning to hundreds of millions of pounds.

The   warnings   of   Professor   Bill McGuire, director of the Benfleld Hazard Research Centre at Uni­versity College London, centre on the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma. He told a meeting in London yesterday that the western flank of the volcano could collapse when it next erupts. At least 20 years separates each eruption. But as the last one took place in 1971, the next could hap­pen at anytime. A huge slab of rock 12 miles long would shear off and plunge into the sea, unleashing massive forces which would sweep across the seas towards Europe, Africa and North and South Amer­ica. The tsunami would arrive on our shores with little warning - about four hours after the volcano erupted. The water would reach up to 500 yards inland and up to 1,000 yards up es­tuaries.

"This is a certain event," said Professor Mcquire. " It is a matter of how we cope with it, not whether or not it's going to happen ." - DM


The Malay Mail  - page 20, Wednesday , 11th August 2004, Malaysia



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1. Form,Sound, Colour and Healing

by Theo Gimbel

2. Fire in the Water

by David Yarrow