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The Healing Properties of CHI, PRANA or VITAL ENERGY

What is Morphic Resonance ?
Cellular Oxidation
Electrical oxidation of cells
Tissue Salts and Homotoxicology
What is Morphic Resonance ?



the SARS Variants [ Coronavirus ]

(Morphic Resonance and The Habits of Nature)

Rupert Sheldrake

Morphic resonance is the name given to the field pattern of organizing intention which translates the word or creative thought from the spiritual into matter. (Also known as the Hypothesis of Formative Causation) The pattern is that of the species (morphism) when the species is engaged in the procreative act. It is as though the species, in its natural urge to perpetuate itself at the time of the procreative act of its members renews itself on two levels.

1. The material aspect via substance vehicles for genetic renewal and

2. the vibrating frequency or organizing field which will be the intentional force.

The field of unique vibrating frequency for that species oversees the cell division as the initial cell divides and replicates itself for such length of time as is necessary for there to be sufficient cellular material (all cells as yet being identical) and then the field starts building the body vehicle, its future organic image or earthly home. The field directs and differentiates masses of cells , all differentiated out of the basic building material supply; ......

According to the Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance, the development of forms in living creatures is governed by a morphogenetic field a kind of biological field that can - by a process called morphic resonance - be tuned in to by other members of the same species and so influence their development. In the case of humans, the human DNA molecule becomes a receiver for the human signal, and this signal contains not only the necessary genetic information needed for the creation and maintenance of the material body but also contains a record of all accumulated human knowledge and experience.

" The human body is made of the same cosmic dust that pervades the whole of the Universe and has been in primal existence since the creation of Earth, the third planet from the Sun. . This consists of chemical elements like carbon,Hydrogen,Oxygen, and Nitrogen - 95.5 %. Only about .5 % is Minerals. An element is determined by its atomic vibratory frequencies and the forces exerting on other atoms. The human system is therefore a cohesive materialization of vibrational states of Light, Sound and Matter. The solar components in the body are electromagnetic. The human body interacts with the environment through concomitants which are infoldings of electromagnetism in the body, manifested in Energy frequencies as forms of Light, Colour,Sound or Matter. When God said: Let there be Light. It includes Mankind and the Universe.Where there is water, there is Life.And water is liquified Light; The Word is God. Sound [Phonon] is enfolded Electromagnetism which also manifests as Light [Photon] [ Sonoluminescence ]. Research scientists [ Nikola Tesla,Rife, Kaznachayev and Ron Saykally et al ] discovered that nearly 93% of the function of the double helix of the human DNA is bioacoustic frequency signalling for " photon/phonon emissions for intra-and intercellular communications ". These photon/phonon radiations are concomitants of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy resonating with the bioelectric and acoustic properties and functions of cells. Earthlings then are just as capable of inter-terrestrial or inter-planetary communications because of their constituents of solar origin. Nobel Prizes had been awarded to scientists who based their research on the findings that the DNA 's primary function is in electromagnetic reception and transmission of " Biospiritual Energy " and only about 0.1 - 2% as gentic material as a template for RNA and protein synthesis. Through morphic manifestation we see Patterns and Forms in Nature [Rupert Sheldrake] and as vibrational signatures in the patterns and Forms inherent in Sound [ Chladni and Hans Jenny ]. Electromagnetism [EM],one of the four basic forces of the universe,is neither quite particle nor wave but displays properties of both simultaneously. The linear unwinding of circular motion is the sine wave which is the universal signature of Electromagnetism. This explains the spiral motion of Energy. But nobody has witnessed the magnetic transference of motion to electrons. Neither has anyone seen the mysterious force that causes water to flow to its lowest point. Photons can be visualised but not gravitons. Gravity is the memory of Matter that was once Light. Has anybody seen the wind? These subtle energies exist, though invisible. The human body is more than 70 % fluid and more than 90 % of cellular activities occur in the watery environment of the body. Water molecules have the uncanny property to " entrain" electromagnetic frequencies and to transmit such frequencies to other biological systems: namely, human, animals, microbes, plants , minerals, rocks and stones.When the first thunder bolts and lightnings struck the primodial land and water, the template for specific resonating vibrations, was forged for all existing vibrant entities by the cosmic fire. The Template is the Will of the Superconsciousness or God, with the provision of Intent and Desire for evolving cosmic material for the development of the corresponding Electro-dynamic Force Field or Morphogenetic Field."

Life Field or Morphogenetic Field

In the 1940's the scientific world was startled to hear that a "LIFE FIELD" [ Electro-dynamic Force Field ] had been discovered to exist around all living things ..... animals, plants and humans included. These could be measured by a vacuum tube voltmeter with special electrodes and were totally distinct from brainwave voltages. These fields can now be "seen" with the aid of the more recent "Kirlian Photography".

You may remember from your high school science classes the experiment where iron filings are scattered on top of a piece of cardboard and a magnet placed underneath the card. When the cardboard is shaken the filings arrange themselves to display the "lines of force" of the magnet's field. If the filings are then thrown away and fresh ones scattered on the card, the new filings assume the same shape as the old ones. That is, the lines of magnetic force are constant. The life force around a living organism adopts the same pattern. It develops its final lifeform shape, even before the organism has started developing!

The cells in your body are constantly dying out and being replaced. It has been estimated over a 12 month period there exists not a single original cell in your body. You are a new- person but thanks to your LIFE FIELD you have retained the same physical identity. As in the magnetic field example above, your Lift-Field remains the same, even though its core constituents may change.Your Life-Field appears to be your genetic controller! This electro-dynamic body-field serves as a matrix or mould, which stabilises the shape of any substance poured into it. No matter how often this substance is changed, the final result stays the same. This also holds true for the seeds of plants.

In one extended experiment the L-Fields of two trees were measured over many years. As trees are stable and don't move about the measurements were able to be taken with a high degree of accuracy over the life of the experiment. The electronic equipment was attached to the trunks via special electrodes and it was demonstrated conclusively that the L-Fields vary with sunlight and darkness, with cycles of the moon and with magnetic storms created bv sunspots. This was astounding new knowledge.

L- Fields are examined by measuring the voltage difference between two points on, or near, the surface of a living object. Human L-Field measurements can be taken by placing one electrode on the forehead and the other on the hand or chest. But a quicker more convenient way is by measuring the potential difference between the left and right-hand index fingers.

" The reflected sunlight into space by orbiting planets [ albedos ] are vibratory gestures of goodwill and Love. The Planet,Venus is described as a planet of Love and Beauty for the simple reason that she reflects 80% of sunlight back into space and light is life-giving water.There are other cosmic contributions of light at nodal stops before Light reaches Earth.The Newtonian classic experiment on the prismatic separation of spectral light into rainbow colours is no more valid. The emergent light, refracted or reflected by the medium has been reprocessed and is manufactured light [ Goethe ]. Scientists have demonstrated that Light is liquified gas and that its speed can be exceeded,slowed or made to stop in a standstill.It can carry information from Node to Node.The highly reactive metals become biological when combined with other elemental substances to become Minerals. The electromagnetic bioradiation of transmutating minerals [Lithium/Beryllium] sparkled off [ photonic kindling - T. Bearden ] the crossing over of the aetheric to the physical, causing the activation of " morphic resonance " in the first carbon-containing blob of basic elements. This is the " God is within every being " concept of animists ascribing the life-force (carbon) in rocks,stones and living organisms. It takes its first " morphic breath " of Chi, Prana or Vital Force which gives it form and pattern through self-organizing resonant vibrations and synchronises its "Internal or Biological Clock " with the environment in rhythm with the Schumann Resonances and the Circadian Rhythm of 24 hour alternation of Night /Day or Ying/Yang Cycle. When the chaotic reverberations of thunder and lightning finally subsided, there descend Symmetry and Grace when Forms and Patterns unfold in the morphogenetic fields , sustained by the bioenergetic radiation from transmutated Cell-Salts and Schumann Resonances. Through self-organizing resonant vibrations, basic amino acids were formed and with mineralization, these amino acid aggregates developed catalytic properties. It is with the synthesis of enzymes that the DNA molecules are modelled and formed with a double helix . The fundamental distinguishing property of the DNA molecule is its immortality."

This hypothesis can also explain memory. If organisms enter into morphic resonance with previous organisms of the same species on the basis of similarity, then there is a very interesting consequence, for the thing that an organism resembles most closely in the past is itself We normally tune in to our own memories but it is conceivable that the process of morphic resonance may allow us to tune into the memories of other people. Our own thoughts and memories may be adding to the collective memory of mankind, and persist to influence future members ......

The hypothesis of formative causation

(i) In addition to the types of energetic causation known to physics,and in addition to the causation due to the structures of known physical fields, a further type of causation is responsible for the forms of all material morphic units (sub-atomic particles, atoms,molecules, crystals, quasi-crystalline aggregates, organelles, cells,

tissues, organs, organisms). Form, in the sense used here, includes not only the shape of the outer surface of the morphic unit but also its internal structure. This causation, called formative causation,imposes a spatial order on changes brought about by energetic causation. It is not itself energetic, nor is it reducible to the causation brought about by known physical fields.

(ii) Formative causation depends on morphogenetic fields, structures with morphogenetic effects on material systems. Each kind of morphic unit has its own characteristic morphogenetic field. In the morphogenesis of a particular morphic unit, one or more of its characteristic parts - referred to as the morphogenetic germ - becomes surrounded by, or embedded within, the morphogenetic field of the entire morphic unit. This field contains the morphic

unit's virtual form, which is actualized as appropriate component parts come within its range of influence and fit into their appropriate relative positions.

The fitting into position of the parts of a

morphic unit is accompanied by a release of energy, usually as heat, and is thermodynamically spontaneous; from an energetic point of view, the structures of morphic units appear as minima or 'wells' of potential energy.

" The crossing over from the 4th plasmic dimension [ invisible ] to the 3rd Dimension [ manifested ] is activated by ' Photonic Kindling '

[ T. Bearden ]. "

Constituents of Sea Water

Sea-water is 96.5 % pure water. The remaining 3.5 % consists of dissolved material of which some of the more abundant components are:

Chlorine ion (55 %)

Sodium ion (30.6 %)

Sulphate ion (7.7 %)

Magnesium ion (3.7 %)

Potassium ion (1.1 %)

A Malaysian professor from a local university has extracted what he named as Sea Ion from the Ocean. It has been tested as an anti-microbial. I have tried it as a broad-spectrum antiseptic and a vegetables /Fruits washer

Since monkeys have been observed to wash their food with sea water before eating ,with others following,both local and distant, there must be a mysterious purpose in this human-like practice acquired by Morphic Resonance. Has anybody examined or isolated Sars Variants from the oceanic brine and can the Sars Variants survive in sea water ?

"The holography of our oceanic ancestry shows itself in the fluid/mineral compostion of our body in the " River of Life ", the blood stream and tissue fluids which form Claude Bernard's " Milieu Interieur" and in the tidal rising and ebbing of our urine. The entrained electromagnetic intelligence in the water molecules is the specific signature of the entity, be it a a human cell, bacterium,fungus,yeast,parasite virus,chemical or heavy metal "

Vibrational Medicine - Lew