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The Healing Properties of CHI, PRANA or VITAL ENERGY

Cellular Oxidation
Electrical oxidation of cells
Tissue Salts and Homotoxicology
What is Morphic Resonance ?

In the Sixth edition of " Organon of Medicine " , Hahnemann interchangeably used the term Vital Force or Vital Energy for the Vital Principle,probably to keep it in line with the Oriental concepts of Qi, and Prana; with which he was totally familiar.

" lew "

Holistic Multimedia in Clinical Practice


             William Tiller at Stanford University,CA,reported in 1986 that he had constructed a device that released bursts of electrons in response to focused healing energy from a healer's hands. The device was in a Faraday cage which shields it from any form of electromagnetic energy..... 70 volt pulses of electricity were produced at will by healers' hands and recorded.

Human hands glow, but fingernails release the most light, according to a recent study that found all parts of the hand emit detectable levels of light.

Peer-reviewed Biohologram Medical Imaging is only a finger-tip away.

In 1939, the Nobel Price winner for chemistry, Professor Adolf Butenant, proved that life cannot exist without Silica. According to his research conducted at Columbia University in 1972, Silica is an essential nutrient and must be supplied continuously from food sources. IT IS MOTHER NATURE'S  INTERNAL COSMETIC.

   In Homeopathy, potentised SILICA  ( CELL SALT ) beautifully restores defective fingernails.

Kali Phos (Potassium Phosphate) emits light  ( chemoluminescence). This cell-salt produces the highest rate of vibration of any one of the twelve cell-salts.  Its production of the highest rate of vibration is evidence that the physical body cannot respond to any higher rate with safety. 

It is the Mother of Light and is linked up with the invisible fire in Nature ( Plasma : the fourth state of matter ). It is capable of attracting and harnessing this Light within the human body. It directs spiritual FIRE. The All-seeing Eye: The Optic Thalamus means "Light of the Chamber". It is located in the center of the head and connects the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Body. "If thine eye be single, thy whole body will be full of Light".

The skull is the Cup of Life which has been termed the Holy Grail. Take note that this Light from the Chamber can extend downward, or upward, outward. A deficiency in the area of the Pituitary and Pineal means a deficiency in the entire body.

They receive vibrations from the cosmos above. If this is not working properly and the chemical deficiencies are such that perfect etheric waves may not be received, then the result is inharmony and disease. .

Cell-salts and the Zodiac


In KENT 's Lectures ( Homeopathy ) he talks about Silica:

"Silica, therefore, hastens the formation of abscesses and boils. It suppurates out old wens and indurated tumors. It had cured recurrent fibroids and old indurated tumors.
If there is a deposit of tubercle (tuberculosis in tumor form in the
lungs) Silica establishes an inflammation and throws it out, and if
the whole lung be tubercular a general suppurative pneumonia will be
the result; hence, the danger of giving such remedies and the danger
of repeating them in advanced stage of phthisis (tuberculosis). Not
only Silica, but many other remedies have the power to suppurate out
deposits, the result of poor nutrition."

Prior to the positing of Nanobacterial infection , there was no valid medical or scientific explanation for pathological calcification in humans and mammals.

What mainstream medicine considered as healed on the radiological evidence of calcification of the TB tubercles in the lung fields, seen as opacities is but an evasive and protective mechanism evolved by the Tubercular Bacilli to escape chemical destruction and immune surveillence. The normally innocuous bacteria undergo a 'phase-shift' that switches on both antibiotic resistance and an enhanced ability to form biofilms .This protective phenomenon is observed in the "putative nano-bacteria" which produce a similar cellular calcium with a Biofilm coating which prevents the microbes from destruction by the immune cells or antibiotics. The particles identified as the  Nanobacterium sanguineum may be non-living but self-generating inorganic particles of hydroxyapatite which have been complexed with nucleic acids, proteins and other ionic biomolecules. The putative organism Nanobacterium sanguineum may not be a free-living biological entity at all but is, instead, a microcrystalline form of hydroxyapatite complexed with exogeneous biological macromolecules, including DNA , protein and microbial colonies .The antigenic properties of the structures previously identified as Nanobacterium sanguineum could be explained as humeral antibody response to a number of biomolecules which readily adsorb onto the surface of microcrystals of biomineralised nucleators forming the biofilm.

 However, Nanobacteria have been demonstrated by multiple scientific researchers to be the cause of pathological (disease-causing) calcification deposits in humans and mammals. These are sensitive to high doses of gamma irradiation and some antibiotics e.g. tetracycline. If you have calcification deposits in your body that you were not born with, they are probably secondary to a nanobacterial infection. Some of the diseases involved with pathological calcification deposits are: Atherosclerotic Plaque, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Plaque, Kidney Stones. Because of the unique genetic characteristics of Nanobacterium sanguineum, its pleomorphism, its incredibly small size and extremely slow growth rate, it had eluded scientific detection until discovered by Drs. Ciftcioglu and Kajander who posited the existence of the " Putative Nanobacteria " with scientific details  with EDTA (oral  and suppository )and Tetracycline as prescription. The apparent sensitivity of nanobacteria to tetracycline and, especially, to citrate may reflect the inhibitory effects of these compounds on calcification rather than on microbial growth. The use of  nanobacteria - induced biomineralization as an indicator of growth and the mineralized appearance of putative nanobacteria have led to suggestions that nanobacteria occur within protective calcified envelopes or " dwellings ". The commercial implication, nevertheless, is questionable but without the basis of a holistic rationale, quoting the moribund Louis Pasteur :

" It is the terrain, not the bacteria. "

, it is still one germ - one drug theory. Our body does not recognize dormant calcified " nanobacteria " as a foreign substance or pathogen. When in calcified form, our bodies see the " putative " nanobacteria as common calcium, a substance found throughout our bodies at all times. It is ONLY when  the nucleators ( saliva and serum ) forming the  biofilm through biomineralization become antigenic that our immune system becomes alarmed and responds with inflammation.

The criterion of recovery from TB is bacteriological and not radiological. It has been observed that Cell Salts can cause morphological alterations in microbial colonies. Potentised quartz [ silica ] causes a flaring up of old calcified TB lesions in the lungs, in the process of extrusion of the " foreign or non-self bio-product  - the Biofilm ". This phenomenon has been observed by astute holistic researchers. In Biological Transmutation, Prof Kervran showed that the assimilated calcium is not utilised by the body as such but is converted to magnesium which is stored in the body.This calcium-transmutated Magnesium is reverted back to calcium to meet the body's demands as needed. In his classical experiment, Prof Kervran [ University of Paris ] demonstrated the Biological Transmutation of Quartz [Mica containing Potassium ]] to Calcium present in the egg-shell with different chicken-feeds.The transmutated calcium from Potassium in the Silica feed , is the biological calcium which has its specific vibratory signature. The dynamised silica unmasks the non-biological calcium coating of microbes by causing vibratory chaos extracellularly and intracellularly,thus exposing the pathological microbes to the immune system. A flaring-up of the so-called healed calcified TB lesion is instituted by immune cells as a homeostatic response to rid the body of foreign matter. This is part of the rationale of flaring-up and extrusion of calcified TB lesions and other foreign bodies in the human body observed by earlier homeopaths and other holistic researchers.. As a matter of fact, potentised silica has antibiotic and extruding properties. I have resorted to homeopathized Silica which is one of the essential tissue salts of Schuessler, for management of chronically discharging infected lesions and indurated growths. Silica is termed the surgeon of the body. Reducing Silica to a powdered form, under the microscope it takes the shape of arrow heads! In cases where it is necesssary that decaying organic matter be discharged from any part of the body this substance is necessary as it cuts the passageway and in many cases performs natural surgical operations in the human body as in extrusion of  long forgotten embedded tiny pieces of glass or splinters. When supplied to the body in sufficient quantity, it becomes the apron that covers the deficiency around the loins.

Of late, I have been using Cellfood  ( NO commercial interest , please ! ) as an aerosol ( 1drop in 30 ml of distilled water) for oral and respiratory tract problems.

Speleotherapy, a process that involves using the health enhancing effect of salt mines or caves to ease chronic obstructive diseases such as asthma, is an old and yet popular alternative therapy.The positive impact of the cave environment of ionised  air in general and the salts' particular effect on man's health has been known since ancient time. Wounded animals escaped to caves, where they healed their wounds or stings. War time refugees with respiratory tract problems were relieved while hiding in caves and salt mines .This phenomenon was researched and a new branch of medicine called Speleotherapy came into existence.. ("speleo" is Greek for cave )

Fingernails are great diagnostic tools.


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture literally means 'needle piercing," the practice of inserting very fine needles into the skin to stimulate specific anatomic points in the body (called acupoints or acupuncture points) for therapeutic purposes. Along with the usual method of puncturing the skin with the fine needles, the practitioners of acupuncture also use heat, pressure, friction, suction, or impulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate the points. The acupoints (acupuncture points) are stimulated to balance the movement of energy (qi) in the body to restore health.

Acupuncture involves stimulating. In the past 40 years acupuncture has become a well-known, reasonably available treatment in developed and developing countries. Acupuncture is used to regulate or correct the flow of the invisible pathway of CHI   to restore health. Acupuncture meridians or channels conduct light

"   ....microsystems of acupuncture, are based on a common bioholographic principle. The ECIWO theory ex-plains this on a general biological basis: Each part of the organism has an embryological potential and contains informattion of the whole organism. This multilevel structuring of the organism in ECIWOs explains, according to the theory, why we can use these different microsystems both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The therapeutic effect of these microsystems, or bioholographic acupuncture systems , is now well documented through clinical research. How to explain this within a more general biomedical framework is, however, as yet an open question. The structuring of the body in ECIWOs has an obvious cybernetic function, serving to strengthen the functional integrity of the organism through its activity and contact with the external world. This explains how we selectively may stimulate healing processes and promote physiological homeostasis through bioholographic therapy. It is, therefore reasonable to regard the bioholographic structuring of the organism as part of a general healing system of the organism.

Such a pancybernetic system of the ECIWOs will function at organic levels above the cellular level. It does not explain organic repair processes at the biomolecular and intracellular level. The possibility of formulating a more general theory of the healing system, including also biomolecular and intracellular processes, is discussed on the basis of present biophysical theories. Such a general theory of the healing system would have holonomic properties in agreement with David Bohm’s theory of the implicate order. "

...ECIWO Biology and a Holonomic Theory of the Healing System  -  Uilhelm Schjelderup , M.D., Norway


    The human body has a magnetic force field around it, with a pattern of nodal points spaced in the organism. Therefore, to be in resonance with any one of these points is to be in resonance with the individual .The process involves self-referential quantum communication with the Spherical Standing Wave from the Universe.Phil Allen, the author of "Energy, Matter and Form" postulates that these nodal points are openings of the light-conducting channels consistent with the Qi-conducting meridial system of acupuncture points in Traditional Chinese Medicine.After having considering the evolutionary aspects, it was concluded that there are Biologically Active Points [BAPs] and Biologically Active Zones [BAZs] on the surface or " macromembrane " of bio-objects [ Human, Higher animals and Plants or even Gaia's granite mantle ] where there is Information-Energy interaction with ambient electromagnetism [ Schumann Resonances ]and photoreception. Noiseless communication, local or global and holistic healing can be conducted through these acupoints.

Salts are chemical fire. Its corrosive appetite is fed - not by wood or coal but by metals, whose electrons fuel chemical reactions.The cells and their trace mineral concomitants ( cell or tissue salts ) are biologically transmutated minerals by bacteria and plants ,acquire an added energy force in an ionised electrical state - Plasma, the 4th state of Matter, which ignites the vitality of the cells , esoterically called the Vital Force, Chi or Prana and is involved in the very genesis of life itself. Their concerted bioradiation generates our bioplasmic sheath( L-Field : Burr )or auric web which protects us from external negative stress which may be mental, emotional or physical by entrainment of pathological electromagnetic frequencies through resonant detoxification.Resonance involves an exchange between systems, a kind of mutual 'sensing' - the inward and outward waves of the cell and the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe.     Bioresonance uses the much more therapeuticallv effective extreme low-frequency range ( ELF ) between 10 Hz and 150 kHz. Because the photon energy in this area is extremely weak, these signals are called "ultra weak" or "ultra fine." But there is not always a correlation between strength and effectiveness of signals -- and particularly not in living organisms, because these systems are non-linear. Also in this frequency range in Bioresonance, every cell has its own particular electromagnetic field. Cells identical in structure have identical fields. Cells differing in structure have different fields. Thus cell structures, organs, and body systems can show electromagnetic resonances. In healthy people the fields specific to cells vary very little -- if at all. Resonance frequencies are those ranges (spectrums) in which energy, is best transmitted and thus in which the therapeutic effect is the greatest. The overall organism consists of a gigantic mix of frequencies from the electromagnetic point of view.

The signs and symptoms of ill health are the manifestations of the disturbed energy fields of the cell. Another way of putting it is: as the cell functions electromagnetically, any stress that causes a disruption of the body's electromagnetic field, unbalances it. This loss of electromagnetic equilibrium constitutes disease. . It has been shown that biological systems have the property to pick up and to store the wrong type of energies from electromagnetic oscillations through what we eat what we breathe,what we drink, what we touch, what we hear,what we see what we think,what we are exposed to and what we practise. These pathological oscillations are retained stubbornly within the organism to produce regulatory disorders, hinder the free flow of energy in the organ causing blockage of energy. We in turn, by conscious attunement, may select coherent rhythms which align our biosystem, radiate and couple its energy field within the Earth field, and link our holographic biofields for common benefit.

Consciousness may be seen as a framework of electrical charges or vibrational standing-waves in motion.Such a self-organized moving-system bio-hologram could achieve adequate coherence to extend existence as a field of radiant energy separate from a material substrate. Since the deficiency is molecular, the replacement must be molecular by resonance. Healing occurs in the molecular terrain at the cellular level. Resonance is said to occur when the respective periods of free oscillation of two or more different systems coincide with or near one another,producing a sympathetic vibratory unison by co-resonance

Our concept of disease should be based on the observation that in a dysfunctional cell, there is initially a disorientation with a change in the number of electrons in the molecules which brings about alteration in the structures of the cell. The most revolutionary and transcendental discovery Burr made during his research with L-fields, was that the Field is promordial. It cannot, therefore, be an emanation from the physical structure. Burr 's conclusion was, inevitably, that the L-field is the organizing principle behind the physical structure, or the program that organizes the atoms and molecules into cells and organs, and conditions them to certain forms and functions.
This means that the only level of treatment that cannot be overruled is that of the L-field itself, which is a vibrating, wave-producing, energy structure. Characteristic of such a structure is its ability to resonate, that is picking up certain vibratory characteristics from waves produced by other structures.
The world is made up of energy structures. Structures that are non-material and that resonate.

Energy Repair People that we are, in reality, are Mother Nature's universal energy transformers in tune with Schumann's Resonances in the environment, each vibrating sympathetically through his or her own genotrophic mechanism of bioradiation of cell-salts ( Life Force), to restore Homeostasis or Energy Balance. The new molecules and cells are electromagnetically rebuilt with precise geometric orientation by electronic insertion at the specific disrupted links [ Tissue memory in Morphogenetic Field ( L - Field) ] generated by the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe.

     The healing effect is emphasized by a " body consciousness" working in tandem, but independently, with the "Brain Consciousness" of the nervous system [ Mae-Wan Ho ] - that instantaneous coordination of body functions is mediated, not so much by the nervous system, but by morphic resonance [ Rupert Sheldrake] inhering in the liquid crystalline continuum of the body. Proteins ( Collagen ) in liquid crystals of connective tissues (Ho and Knight, 1997) have coherent motions , will readily transmit weak signals by proton conduction or as coherent electric waves. Collagens have distinctive mechanical and dielectric properties that render them very sensitive to mechanical pressures, changes in pH, inorganic ions and electromagnetic fields.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi , Nobel Laureate, said biological proteins are sufficiently organized to function as crystal lattice, and predicted semiconduction in living tissue, more than forty years ago.

He wrote in 1985, "Whether an electron behaves as charge, or as magnet, depends on its state of motion. When it moves, it's a charge. But if it stops, it becomes a magnet. So an electron has this queer quality that it can change from electric charge to magnetic which transfers its energy to drive cells. This quality of elementary particles is one we can't understand, yet this transformation is a transformation of life and civilization. "

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Stefanatos ( 1997,228 ) tells us that the " electromagnetic fields (EMF)emanating from bacteria,viruses and toxic substances affect cells of the body and weaken its constitution." So the vital force is identified quite explicitly with electromagnetic fields and said to be the cause of disease. But somehow the life energies of the body are balanced by bioenergetic therapies. " No antibiotic or drug, no matter how powerful, will save an animal or human if the vital force of healing is suppressed or lacking ." ( Stefanatos 1997, 229 ) So health or sickness is determined by who wins the battle between good and bad electromagnetic waves in the body.



One of the characteristics of the human body is existence of a certain correspondence system between the whole of the body and some of its parts. Through this system the whole of the body is represented in many places all over the body. Correspondence works in such way that the whole of the body and its representations are electromagnetically interactive. Thus if a part of the body is affected with a disease it is also reflected in the place which represents the affected part. And on the other hand a stimulation of a place which represents a particular part of the body brings about a reaction in the represented part. A general idea of existence of this type of body correspondence has already been proved by anatomical,physiological and pathological correlation between each pair of corresponding regions in ECIWO [ Embryo Containing Information Of The Whole Organism ]. An ECIWO is a specialised embryo at a certain stage of development,which is a component of an organism and is a small individual living in the parental body,which has become an organ or part of the parent's body. An organism is composed of multi-level ECIWOs at different stages of development and with different specializations. This concept has revolutionised the previous anatomy-based understanding of the organism with revolutionary impact
on Medicine and other Biological Sciences.

On the basis of the holographic law of the distribution of acupuncture points , a group of acupuncture points in the Second Metacarpal Bone System can be used to diagnose and treat diseases in the whole body .The distributive result of the acupuncture points which are relative to the regions of the whole body in physiology and pathology makes the second metacarpal bone system seem to be the epitome or embryo of the whole organism, which contains pathophysiological information of various PARTS of the whole body - The Second Metacarpal Bone System  ECIWO (the embryo containing the information of the whole organism ).An ECIWO is a relatively independent part in an organism, and it has relatively definite boundary to the regions around it both in structure and function ,and also has a relative integrity both in structure and function inside itself. The distributive form of these regions in an ECIWO is the same as that of the corresponding regions in the whole body or in other ECCIWOs.. In the two ECIWOs whose growth axes are successive, the two poles which are very much similar in biological properties are always located at positions diametrically opposed to each other and the opposite two pole are connected together

How can a part hear the Whole or a note the Melody ? Again, it is Mozart's Reincarnation of Harmony - the Mutual Liking of Two Notes - CoResonance.

The Primordial Harmonic Template of the Universe ( Quantum
Spherical Standing Wave )

" Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the stars. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper." - Albert Einstein





In understanaing the anatomy of the human body as a whole, the hands, fingers and feet of themselves represent a smaller, but nevertheless true, mirror image of the whole body. Within this view, the thumbs ,the distal part of fingers and toes and large toes represent the head. Also, in addition to serving their normal functions as appendeges to the four limbs (legs and arms), the hands,fingers and feet are endowed with an exquisite "remote control" function which can relieve diseases throughout the whole body. A knowledge of the principles of this electromagnetically induced "remote control" and the proper implementation of these principles through hand and foot acupuncture will provide an impressive modality for health care.

Korean Hand and Foot ( SU JOK ) and Hand-Finger ( Koryo Suji Chim ) are methods of treating diseases by stimulation of the hands , fingers and the feet with a combined use of acupuncture, medical treatment aids like moxibustion, finger pressure therapy and others. Very small needles are used.

Research on already established correspondences between the body and the hand - Foot led to a discovery of a new system of correspondence, in which the thumb represents the head. In addition to that,it was found that the foot has the same type of correspondence as the hand.



                                                                  BONGHAN'S DUCTS

A HONG KONG newspaper reported in July 1992 that a Chinese research team had for the first time verified the existence of 14 meridians in the human body. They had studied meridians, which are central to acupuncture, using mechanical stimulation, electric stimulation and stethoscopes, it. said.

The paper was wrong, however. Meridians were first verified 30 years earlier through pioneering work done by Kim Bong-han at. North Korea's National Meridian Research Institute.

Dr. Chung Hyung - hwa, a resident at Seoul National University Hospital, says that Kim's theories are a great help to hirn in treating patients who obviously have something wrong with them but show none of the classical symptoms of a disease.Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, published in t:he United States by the Bear & Co in 1988, lauds Kim as having discovered the root of life and agrees with Dr Chung that his ideas are a great help to practitioners of Western medicine in making a diagnosis.

Laudatory comments and a rash of publications aside, however, most of Kim's work remains buried is North Korea and is not a subject in courses at South Korean medical schools, though most, doctors here are familiar with his seminal work.

Kim was born in what is now South Korea and went io North Korea in 1950, after graduating froth Kyong-sung Imperial University, now Seoul National University, where he is said to have shown a gift. for atomic physics and mathematics.

Kim, manager of. the institute, began his research on meridians in 1957 and his papers were respected in world medical circles in the late 1960s. Kim's research was suspended in 1967, when his sponsor on the politburo was purged, and he and his work wire never heard of again.

French researcher Pierre de Vernejoul confirmed Kim's results in 198;. He injected radioactive technethim into the acupuncture points of patients.....and found it migral.ed along the classical Chinese acupuncture meridian pathways for a distance of 30 centimetres in four to six minutes. "It seems there are many hidden materials in North Korea. I think North Korea must make the materials public, even if it rejects the theory, so foreign researchers with highly advanced equipment can decide whether the BonghanTheory is true ", says Kong Dong chul , in amateur researchcr, who lately wrote a book on Kim and his theory. Kim called the meridians " Bonghan Ducts " and said they had many more functions than the classical meridians of acupuncture. He named a fluid flowing through them "Bonghan fluid." To prove the existence of a circulatory systern unknown to Western medicine, he injected the radio active isotope P32 into a rabbit's duct and charted its spread. The P32 outlined a system of fine ducts, measuring between 0.5 microns and 1.5 microns in diameter, invisible except with an electron. microscope, that matched the classical acu-puncture meridians. Western researchers had used stains for microscopic analysis to search for the acupuncture meridians, but the dyes destroyed the milk-white ducts and prevented the system from being detected. The fluid in the ducts has twice as much adrenaline as blood, and ten times as much at an acupuncture point. As adrenaline is one of strongest organic stimulants, Kim concluded that the ducts were high-energy passages. The flind is also rich in amino acids and oestrogen. and has nearly twice as much hyaluronic as sperm. This, Kim said, showed its close relationship to the reproductive system. Kim even set forth a theory on how acupuncture works, but Dr. Kim Jeng,-bum, a general practitioner in Seoul, says he thinks it heals the body by revitalising the meridians and correcting imbalances in the flow of energy. Acupuncture meridians or channels conduct light.




Many years ago, through an act of inspiration,a coincidental stimulation  of  what later on further experimentation, proved to be the Ear Acupoint of the Middle Finger which gave him relief of   nocturnal earache  , convinced the Originator of Korean Hand Finger  ( Koryo SUJI CHIM ) , Professor Tae - Woo Yoo, of the Bioholographic Principle  of Acupuncture.







From Michael Clancy Amazing photos


         Most of the time,every thing is not black , white or gray but it is mostly invisible. Bioelectromagnetics is an emerging science that studies how living organisms interact with electromagnetic [ EM ] fields. Electrical phenomena are found in all living organisms, and electrical currents in the body can produce magnetic fields that extend outside the body. Those that extend outside the body can be influenced by external magnetic and EM fields. Changes in the body's natural fields may produce physical and behavioural changes. Endogenous [ internal ] fields are distinguished from exogenous [ external ] fields. The latter can be natural, such as the earth's geomagnetic field , Qi emission by Qigong Masters or artificial such as power lines, transformers, appliances, radio transmitters, or medical devices - Qigong Simulators . Oscillating non-ionizing EM fields in the extremely low frequency [ ELF ] range can have vigorous biological effects that may be beneficial. Changes in the field configuration and exposure pattern of low-level EM fields can produce specific biological responses, and certain frequencies have specific effects on body tissues. The research on the mechanism on how endogenous EM fields change with consciousness is at the cutting age of Bioelectromagnetic studies. We are walking Energy Switching Devices, processing a range of electromagnetic field strengths from radio waves to gravitonic energies through the spectrum of Ultra-violet and Cosmic Radiations, including Qigong [ subaudible acoustic or scalar radiations ]. Energy Repair People that we are, in reality are Mother Nature's universal energy transformers in tune with Schumann's Resonances in the environment, each vibrating sympathetically through his or her own genotrophic mechanism, to restore Homeostasis or Energy Balance.

Adaptogens [ Phytonutrients,Vitamins, Colloidal Minerals etc. ],Sounds such as  [ Nature's Silence - the gurgling stream, the splashing water-fall, the howling wind, reverberating Thunder and Lightning and the Celestial Sferics ], Music , Chimes  and Prayers  are catalytic facilitators in transmuting, translating and transferring of energies through the Psycho-Endocrino-Immunological System . Each tissue has its specific catalytic facilitator for the tissue's specific functions. The cellular components respond only to specific resonances and are virtual realities in the multi-dimensional cell .
                 Noble Laureate Albert Szent Gyorgyi believes certain vitamins,minerals and enzymes keep cellular electrons from losing their energy. They interact and their Hydrogen and Oxygen become water, but uncoupled electrons don't react with other spinning electrons. Thus, their energy is not lost but transferred to other living materials to keep them vital. Hydrogen with a single circulating electron,is exceptionally able to jump up its energy level by filling up with photons and giving off energy as pi-electrons, which then determine protein building and  DNA integrity. Through Hydrogen, the pi-electrons control the whole energy transfer process and the body's surrounding magnetic field. Biophyscists propose that magnetic resonance of pi - electrons is the " anti - entrophy " principle of life. Without it,we would rapidly waste energy, falling apart and die. By supplying energy to cells, the resonance of pi - electrons stabilizes to hold things together. The linear unwinding of circular motion is the Sine or Spiral Wave, which is the universal signature of EM (  Paradoxically, the healing electromagnetic waves are  the saw-toothed and the square waves and not the sinusoidal waves) . This explains the spiral motion of Energy. No body has witnessed the magnetic transference
of motion to electrons. Neither has anyone the mysterious force that causes water to flow to its lowest point. Nobody has yet seen the Wind. These subtle energy fields though invisible, exist. EM, one of the Four Forces of the Universe is neither particle nor Wave but displays both properties simultaneously. Now you see them and now you don't - viruses or bacteria as virtual realities of the endobionts in internested planes intracellularly.

               Magnetism is a circular field of flowing force which encloses space and defines form . Magnetism supplies a standing waveform vessel to entrain and to retain stable patterns of energy. Magnetism imparts shape to order the so-called empty space of particle physics, and thus provide form to particles of matter and pulses of energy. Dr. Royal Rife 's microscopy demonstrated 16 internested layers intracellularly, each layer with virtual organelles brought to focus by specific spectral frequencies.

          " The human brain, a complex bio-computer still needs a " programmer "to instruct the nervous system how to perform and what to accomplish. The conscious entity which uses this bio-mechanism of the brain and body is the human soul or spirit. What we refer to as the " spiritual aspects " of humans are a series of higher dimensional energy systems which feed directly into the physical dimension consisting of brain and body.It is these higher dimensional systems,our so called subtle energetic anatomy that science has to recognise. Alternative systems of healing are often effective because they work at these higher dimensional levels which control cellular physiology. It is only recently that scientists have
acknowledged that the mind can influence the bio-molecular
mechanisms that regulate the body. Science has documented complex neuro-humoral connections between the central nervous system [ brain ],the immune system and the endocrine system. This has resulted in the recognition of the new speciality of Psycho-Immuno- neurology: the science of mind-body medicine."
                                                                        - Dr.William Loeliger

Mind-Body Healing

The holistic view of healing teaches that human beings are more than just the physical body and that emotions,thoughts,attidudes and spirituality play an essential role in healing. Rather than conform to the predominat medical view that there is one cause and one cure to disease, holism stresses that health and disease depend on a dynamic and often subtle interplay among the physical,emotional.mental and  spiritual aspects of our being, as well as our relationship to the environ­ment in which we live.

Health is harmony, and harmony has no meaning without the fluid movement of interdependent parts. Like a stream that becomes stagnant when it ceases to flow, harmony and health turn into disease when stasis oc­curs. We return to the concept of the biodance, the endless streaming of the body-in-flux.During the past few years, an important new field called psycho-neuroimmunology has developed. It is concerned with identifying the links between the mind, the brain, and the immune system and deter­mining how they communicate with each other. Researchers have scientifically confirmed that our mind and feelings influence health, while our health has a powerful effect on the mind. - Larry Dossey, M.D.             ( Space, Time & Medicine )

    Healing is a process, not a magical event .  Healing involves a greater experience of Oneness, Wholeness and Reconnection with all aspects of your being.The physician is merely Nature 's assistant, only Mother Nature does the healing.
                  We are what we eat
                  We are what we drink
                  We are what we breathe
                  We are what we think


          The Scientific Basis of Qigong

          Qi-Gong is a system of physical and mental exercises which has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Until about 15 years ago, the few remaining true Qi-Gong masters began to surface, amazed researchers with feats like killing bacteria in test tubes and causing previously paralyzed people to get up and walk.. The implication was that infrasound might be in some way involved in the mechanism of brain functioning. Many forms of energy were measured coming from the hands or bodies of Qi-Gong practitioners. Infra-red radio waves, sound, magnetic fields, electric charges were all produced by Qi-Gong masters in reproducible scientific experiments. Infrasonic and ultrasonic waves are all sound waves which cannot be detected by human ears. The frequency of infrasonic waves is below 20 Hz. Many natural phenomena and artificial actions may generate infrasonic waves. Human bodies may act as both a source and a receptor of infrasonic waves. The frequency distribution peak of the signal is located in the secondary sound region of the sound spectrum, at about 10 Hz as Nature's Silence [ subaudible acoustic waves ]. The human body's secondary acoustical biological effect of Qigong is a scientific reality as demonstrated by Qigong masters. Glen Rein, a biophysicist calls this subtle energy non-Herzian or scalar energy. The latter has beneficial therapeutic effect on the human body acting at a subatomic level and certain sweeping scalar waves [ Longitudinal Waves - T Bearden ] are lethal to bacteria and viruses [ Robert Jacobs ]. Geomagnetism resonates at  Extremely Low Frequency [ ELF ] in the hollow cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere; most pulsations occur at 7 to 10 Hz [ Schumann's resonances ]. Nature's Silence in lightning, wind, and falling and flowing water evokes relaxation wave responses of the organism, with a sweeping range of subaudible acoustic frequencies [ 7 - 10 Hz ], synchronizing the body to Schuman's Resonances, facilitating recuperative powers of the body's glands and immune system. This is something generally denied the city dweller, living in an area of acoustic chaos and suffocating electromagnetic smog. The organism's summative EMFs are demonstrated ultimately by epidermal brain waves (EEG - Electro-EncephaloGraphy) of the same frequency response as the daylight atmospherics, as well as the `pathodynes'  [Abrams] of the night time sky ( VLF- Very Low Frequency  ) .The irritant EME signals of BAZs [ Biological Active Zones ] and BAPs [ Biological Active Points ] in the " macro-membrane  " of plants or skin of humans and higher primates due to the electromagnetic smog in the environment  show  a certain spectrum of electromagnetic characteristics, principally in the infra-red range.Through the brain reticular system is transmitted an electromagnetic signal or information initiating complex of the immunogenetic process. This makes for immuno-tolerance, or adaptation by stability of the interior medium, preservation of biological individuality and immune memory, and autonomy in the central nervous system. Emitted Qi has a pronounced and repeatable effect on EEG. It enhances frontal and occipital EEG power spectra, and often enhances the frontal so much that frontal becomes the dominant EEG activity whereas occipital dominance is more common. Emitted Qi also enhances and synchronizes the Alpha. Repetition of these tests with animals confirmed that these changes are physiological and not psychological phenomena by eliminating placebo effects. Research has confirmed that humans have a very high degree of acoustic activity in the sub-sonic range below 20 Hertz (infrasonic), similar to the Alpha Rhythm of EEG. Also, people with chronic illnesses were found to have a much lower level of infrasonic activity, while Qi-Gong masters had a much higher level of infrasonic output when they were emitting Qi. Through Acoustical Brainstem Evoked Response (ABER) it was found that the brainstem structures from the medulla to the hypothalamus were significantly facilitated. The brainstem plays an important role in regulating the functions of the inner organs, motor function, and emotion. The implications of these studies were startling. Qi-Gong masters can, without touch, voice, eye contact or any other traditional communication means, induce a clear, strong, and highly measurable change in a subject's brain functioning. A synchronization of Alpha Rhythm indicates deep relaxation, and is closely associated with accelerated healing. Enhanced power spectrum in the frontal lobe is especially significant because the association cortex of the frontal lobe is concerned with higher motor action, higher sensory function, emotional and motivational aspects of behavior, and integration of autonomic function. Facilitation of the brain stem, with its regulation of internal organs, may be a mechanism by which physical healing is induced or accelerated. Despite these highly significant changes in EEG and evoked potentials, the subject had felt nothing and had no idea that any changes beyond slight relaxation had taken place.The findings of these studies are solid evidence that a Qi-Gong master can induce real physiological changes in a subject from several feet away, and further, may help to explain the high rate of recovery from chronic degenerative diseases

Young people with good health can emit the signal to a degree similar to that of a Qi-Gong master . People having Qi-Gong training have a signal that is strong all the time, but especially strong during Qi emission. However, in normal people, as age increases or health condition worsens, the signal decreases. This explains why the human body is only sometimes a source of secondary sound. The body is also a receptor of secondary acoustical signals, . The human body's secondary acoustical biological effect is a scientific reality. The human body produces, delivers, emits, receives and controls this low frequency energy. This weak secondary acoustic biological effect has beneficial biological effect on the human body. The Valsalva state in which a Qi-Gong master emits his Qi, is the breath regulating state of Qi-Gong and also the state of emitted Qi in the breath-holding exercise. Non-Qi-Gong masters who simulate the Valsalva state also send out more intense infrasonic waves. It shows that every person has infrasonic characteristics. A long period of practicing Qi-Gong helps increase the radiative intensity of infrasonic waves. .The human body can generate and emit infrasonic waves. As far as acoustics is concerned, the most suitable resonant frequency of human tissues is within the range of infrasonic waves. It shows that the human body easily receives infrasonic waves. Infrasonic waves are a strong, effective part of the emitted Qi because of their quick, long distance transmission, strong penetration, and non decreasing vibration. It is possible that infrasonic waves themselves transmit the messages between the Qi-Gong masters and the subjects, or serve as a carrier

Simulated Qi emission
using a Qigong Machine

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            The Healing Properties of Water

           Many years ago, I learnt a method of taking pure water in order to get the Qi from it. I was taught this method by one of my Chinese teachers who used to do this method every morning. This man's health was amazing and at that time I attributed it purely to his Taijiquan.

    As the years went by and my own experience advanced, I began to realise that we cannot live by Taiji alone.

        "  Human beings, and all other living creatures, have their own electro-magnetic energy balance. The human body floats in a sea of magnetic fields - those of the earth, moon, sun and other galactic fields.  The churning molten iron in the Earths outer core , is liquid iron flowing like water,conducts electricity better than copper. This geodynamo  generates a halo of electromagnetic energy, reaching far beyond our atmosphere. All life on earth has adapted to and existed in this natural electromagnetic environment for millions of year Not existing in  harmony with the earth's natural electromagnetism interferes with human neurology causing irrationality in individuals and social unrest in communities polluted by the industry's ac EM infrastructures.This  results in Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome  which gives rise to many degenerative diseases. All extant organisms emit certain electromagnetic waves. More when in good health and less when unhealthy. The electromagnetic radiation is Biophotonic.   The generation of  heart beat  operates comfortably within an ELF range of 60 to 80 beats per minute. The SA and AV nodes must function in synchrony. Cardiac arrhythmia, precursor to many heart attacks, simply means the heart forgets how to rest between beats. It is a desynchronization stress factor. Normal resting pulses can be viewed as Heart and Earth EM entrainment  of  ELF by Schuman resonance. When in  magnetic harmony of the Earth's grid, under a tree , by the ocean , or near a water-fall, we are entrained in Nature's Silence. We are in fact, reciprocally and actively  telling Mother Nature  with human love how to sustain her magnetic grid. An active intention to love the Earth, passed in the meditative moment means the healing of a magnetic field around us. For healing to be truly holistic, one  must create a morphic body of living coherence magnetically and sonically with Mother Earth by" breathing in " the  virtual photonic  substructure of the environment of Beauty and Symmetry and " breathing  out " our internal  virtual  photonic  substructure  of Love and Benevolence [ T Bearden- Cells electromagnetic breathing ]. The body responds euphorically to electrostatic forces at low frequencies of the Earth's daylight ELF background. This is the subtle language of biology's morphic resonance and structural stability .

               Atoms are constantly vibrating and emitting infrared    radiation in a highly complex manner. However, precisely because of the complexity of their infrared vibrations, molecules also produce much lower "beat" frequencies. It turns out that these beats are within the human audible range (20 to 20,000 Hertz) and are specific for every different molecule. Thus, as well as radiating in the infrared region, molecules also broadcast frequencies in the same range as the human voice. This is the molecular signal that Benveniste detects and records.
If molecules can broadcast, then they should also be able to receive. The specific broadcast of one molecular species will be picked up by another, "tuned" by its molecular structure to receive it. Benveniste calls this matching of broadcast with reception "co-resonance", and says it works like a radio set.  

 The ' window frequencies ' known as Schuman Resonances  are the vibrational frequencies of the earth's electromagnetic fields (emfs). This means that the brain waves of a person in the Alpha [ 8 - 13 Hz ] and Beta [ 14 - 30 Hz ] states will resonate in sympathy with the earth's emfs producing constructive interference which amplifies the vibration.The discovery of millions of crystals in the cells of the brain suggests that the brain might be able to tune in (similar to a radio receiver) to the surrounding earth's emfs, the crystals providing the vibratory link between the earth's natural frequencies [ from its surface to the boundry of its solid inner core ] and the Alpha - Beta  brain waves, resulting in  Schuman Resonances with a diurnal variation of Plus or Minus  0.5 Hz
The transmission of waves from the brain throughout the body - in possibly a similar way to transmission of radio waves from a radio tuned to a certain frequency - could help the body achieve its own particular resonant frequencies thought to achieve, or be conducive to, optimal health.  Under normal healthy circumstances,  the brain transmits correct frequencies to all cells of the body to keep them resonating at the optimal frequency by tuning into the electromagnetic atmospherics via  Schumann Resonances - an essential role in all resonate effects, whether these are photonic,sonic, gravitational, electromagnetic or gravitonic. 

             Extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic signals can affect EEG. There is growing concern about the low frequency radiation produced by 60 Hz electrical power lines located close to people's homes and schools because of apparent disruption of brain and cellular function. ELF signals will cause the principal EEG power spectrum to show a spike at the frequency of the ELF signal. This is because the EEG is easily entrained by ELF signals. When the signal is discontinued, the EEG abruptly returns to normal. Electrical power lines operate at 60 Hz, which corresponds to EEG in the high Beta range, associated with mental anxiety and confusion. Most concern comes from alternating currents ( AC  Electricity ) which creates both an Electrical and Magnetic Energy Field. The former is non-penetrating while the ac magnetic fields do penetrate the organism . This is unhealthy. The entrainment of EEG to 60 Hz around power transmission lines may be why researchers are finding that people who live close to these power lines show a higher incidence of brain tumours.

       How does Qi-Gong affect the function of the nervous system?  This is a very complex question because emitted Qi affects different organs quite differently. First, it clearly increases Electro-EncephaloGraph (EEG) activity throughout the brain and nervous system, principally in the frontal cortex and in the range of Alpha, 8 to 14 Hz. This greater mental activity in the Alpha range is associated with clear relaxed state of deep thought, which many agree is effective to relieve tensions and clear the mind. Emitted Qi is quite real because it is easily measurable using the human brain as a detector. Increased EEG activity in the frontal cortex would indicate expanded awareness. Secondly, emitted Qi inhibits the sensitivity of the cerebrum to outside stimulation while facilitating the sensitivity of the hypothalamus and medulla of the brain stem. The cerebrum performs high level conscious activities. When inhibited it receives less visual, auditory, and sensory input, and presumably sends fewer and clearer signals to the brain stem, which, in turn, is responsible for automatic functions such as respiration, vasodilation, and the complex functioning of internal organs. Because the brainstem is facilitated, it is more able to "tune-in" to the needs and illnesses of the body and to activate the needed repairs to restore health.This enhanced awareness of internal stimuli in the brain stem, combined with reduced sensitivity to outside stimuli, is the primary product of emitted Qi that brings about accelerated healing throughout the body.Would you say that emitted Qi directed only to the central nervous system can enhance healing in all parts of the body? How can Qi applied to the local injury accelerate healing?Neurons in all parts of the body are in constant oscillation, producing measurable output in the range of 8 to 14 Hz, the frequency of the Alpha pattern. Neurons can both emit and receive energy in this frequency band. Thus nerves throughout the body can be facilitated by the emitted Qi. The application of emitted Qi to the site of an injury facilitates the signals to the brain stem. Stronger and more accurate signals to the brain means a more effective healing response directed to the area of injury, including greater vasodilation, increased lymph flow, and an increased supply of nutrients for cell regeneration.Is there any direct effect of emitted Qi on the injured tissue.Yes, of course. Qi is the vital energy that drives the regeneration of tissue. Supplementing the available Qi can directly increase the metabolic activity of the injured tissue just as it increases the EEG activity of the brain. How can emitted Qi strengthen the immune system against bacteria and viruses. The mechanisms are the same. A facilitated brain stem and nervous system are able to identify the invader more quickly and accurately and to direct the immune system response more precisely to the area of infection. And, as before, the added supply of Qi fuels a more furious response from the immune system. 

     This, Benveniste claims, is how millions of biological molecules manage to communicate at the speed of light with their own corresponding molecule and no other. It also explains why minute changes in the structure of a molecule can profoundly alter its biological effect. It is not that these tiny structural changes make it a bad fit with its biological receptor (the classical lock-and-key approach). The structural modifications "detune" the molecule to its receptor. What is more, and just like radio sets and receivers, the molecules do not have to be close together for communication to take place. The natural rate of vibration of the electromagnetic field of the cell is kept in the DNA memory core. It represents a system with its own natural, vibrating value. For example, if we merge a cell with its own disturbed vibrating field, in a vibrating electromagnetic field having the same vibrating natural frequency of a neighboring healthy cell, resonance contact should restore its own electromagnetic field on its natural values. In other words, the organism can self-heal. It is possible only if we have the coded electromagnetic information of the natural electromagnetic field of the cell. Research has shown that water is a liquid crystal with a pliable lattice matrix that is capable of adopting many structural forms . The structure of water gives it an infinite capacity to store information within its matrix. A growing body of recent scientific evidence is now confirming traditional intuitive understanding of water's role as mediator between the energetic and material worlds and its function as an accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energy patterns and information. Much evidence points to water's ability to effectively memorize energy patterns with which it comes in contact and retain the energetic memory of vibrational frequencies for extended periods of time. Homeopathic medicine is based on water's capacity to store within its structural matrix the energetic imprint or vibrational signature of physical substances. New Technology Provides Scientific Evidence of Water's Capacity to Store and Amplify Weak Electromagnetic and Subtle Energy Fields ."

           This article is on water and how we drink it. Firstly, most people will have the wrong notion that any liquid that is water based such as fruit drinks or juice, coffee and tea etc., do just the same for us that water does. This is one of the most damaging mistakes modern man has made. The reason for this is that water does much more for us than simply being a lubricator. Water is part of our energy source or our source of qi. The body needs electricity (qi) to function. When we die, the current stops and we disintegrate. To keep the EMF (voltage) and current alive we use the components of water. However, when I say `water' I do not mean any liquid, I mean pure water. 

    " Water was used traditionally as a symbol for life in fountains,water-falls and baths. Life is about motion. Both Chi and Water must be flowing for generation of beneficial energy. Water's swirling kinetic energy is absorbed and entrained as resonant atomic energy.Both are fluid but one is invisible  [ Chi ]and the other is apparent [ Water ]. " Good water " when circulating and flowing remain fresh  and " Bad water " is stale when stagnant. Scientists  discovered that the Oxygen content in  air and oxygen in dissolved water are important for the freshness of air and water. Oxygen and Qi have been traditionally linked. Thus, another form of " fire" is stored in water - kinetic energy of whirling motion. Pure water is structured water.  Water is not one solid mass of liquid. It actually consists of layers. When these layers slide by each other, as when they are shaken or otherwise turbulent, the surfaces of the layers are susceptible to absorbing an electromotive force or energy. The energy derived from prayer has proven to be effective as does the energy from a person deliberately visualising.

 A stream, bubbling merrily over the stones, forms countless inner surfaces and tiny vortices, which are all sense organs open to the cosmos, and to perceive the course of events ,it has to create organized liquid crystals before the water can play a vital role in the living system. This structuring is accomplished by means of natural high energy colloids. High energy means that the colloids have a high electric charge. The living system manufactures these colloids from minerals, albumins, and sugar complexes, aged water and bacteria.  In solution, minerals, because of their higher mass and stronger electric charge are the centers of electromagnetic force.Other molecules gather round these focal points of energy,  forming stable configurations. Mineral ions become the nuclei of symmetry for the water molecules .These charged colloids act as tiny 'seeds' of energy that attract water molecules and form the nuclei of a liquid crystal. Colloids can only act as seed crystals if they have a high electrical potential.  Water is sensitive to magnetic, electric, gravitational and vibratory influences. It is affected by light, sound and pressure. All these sensitivities are fleeting and the only time water is really sensitive to external forces is when it is flowing. When water flows, millions of molecular surfaces open up along interior flow lines. These surfaces are stretched like rubber bands and are so sensitive that they can be impressed by the subtle energies of planetary relationships. Repeatable changes were shown in crystallization of various mineral salts which were affected by planetary movements. These energies are captured in water that is undergoing turbulent flow. The moment the flow ceases, the energy of the moment is retained in the water until it is agitated or moved again at which point a whole new set of energies are captured.   Liquid crystal waters which act as mineral carriers or transporters may be used to transport other substances in the living system. Preliminary tests with cut flowers and other plants have shown a 400% increase in water and nutrient uptake when watered with a solution of liquid crystal water. (The control plants were given just distilled water). These high energy waters may act as more efficient nutrient carriers. Preliminary experiments with vitamins and herbal extracts show a definite increase in absorption. Riboflavin, vitamin B2 is an easy vitamin to measure in urine. Testing with riboflavin has shown an increased absorption of 500% when taken with liquid crystal colloids versus distilled water.The structuring of water has an increased pH and the ultraviolet spectrophotometer shows increased ultraviolet absorption because of increased hydrogen bonding. Structured water assumes a liquid crystalline state by becoming ionized from the crystal's electromagnetic charge and forming chains of water molecules through hydrogen bonding to oxygen on adjacent water molecules. This happens in distilled water. Any ions or other molecules in the water will increase this structuring effect because the structured water will also form around the ions and molecules. Ions within structured water are characterized by high-energy bonding in which the hydrogen shells around each of the ions have been increased. In other words, the distance between ionized atoms or molecules has been expanded [ several clumps rather than tiny specks filling a water drop ].

  This planetary movement also has a direct effect upon water - of all types providing it is moving. The formative boundary surfaces of water in flowing movement prove to be areas of sensitivity. They respond to the slightest changes in their surroundings by expanding, contracting or making rhythmical waves. Water creates an infinite variety of these surfaces and is therefore not merely an inert mass, as we usually think. It is interwoven with countless sensitive membranes, which are prepared to perceive everything taking place in the surroundings. Water is not enclosed within its inner surfaces but open to its surroundings and to all the stimuli and formative impulses from without. It is the impressionable medium par excellence.  Water shaken in a vessel can be caused to move in such a way that the inner surfaces thus created all slide past each other in the moving liquid. As soon as the movement ceases, the formation of inner surfaces, and thus also the great impressionability, is arrested, and the "sense organ" closes itself. The same is true of the natural movement of water, in which also a great variety of movements combine. Not only the shaking of a container but also other kinds of movement can open up the water as a sense organ. Spitting a mouthful of water is like funnelling that produces a vortex of swirling  water as it empties.  In flowing streams, millions of vortexes form when water breaks past stones, sticks and other obstructions. These vortex patterns act as powerful resonant structures as well as energizers and electrifiers for water and colloids.

          These vortex flows are one of the secrets of the great sensitivity of water to the forces of the universe. The speed of movement of water in a vortex has a rhythm of its own, it extends and contracts in a rhythmic pulsation. The vortex is really composed of a series of flowing surfaces (like the ropes) all bound together as if by an invisible hand.These flowing surfaces move at different speeds, slow on the outside and fast on the inside.  The speed of movement of water in a vortex multiplied by the radius from the center is a constant. This means that the velocity at the center of the vortex is theoretically infinite. The amount of structured water in human cells, varies from tissue to tissue. Nuclear magnetic resonance studies show two fractions of cell water, a small fraction of 10% - 25% with a very high degree of structuring and the rest with structuring moderately greater than bulk water. Other studies show 25% - 33% of this intracellular water behaves differently than bulk water. There are three types of water in skin cells. The first two are of the hydrogen bond type. They comprise about 40% of the total cell water and will not freeze at -50C. The third type, about 60% of the total cell water, and is a bulk-type water which does freeze at -50C.   So, in simplified terms, we could say that ordinary water is composed of highly structured liquid crystals possessing a strong charge separated by unstructured molecules and hydrogen ions, (isolated protons which have lost their electron), which is called "the sea of chaos". But all water is not ordinary water. In the living system, water is highly structured, that is, its composed of a high percentage of liquid crystals with a very low percentage of chaotic disorganized molecules. Ordinary water on the other hand is composed of a large percentage of unstructured molecules which contain a small number of structured liquid crystals. A liquid crystal , is not a frozen hard solid state but is still a freely flowing fluid. Yet like the ice, it has a stable, orderly molecular structure. Living cells prefer this liquid crystal water inside a cell membrane to make protoplasm.In this form,water and minerals pass easily through cell membranes and soft tissues like mucous membranes and intestinal villi. "

                              The body is so amazing and I always feel so puny when I discover new areas of the body and how it works, the chemical and electrical workings of the body have been put together so well that it could not have just evolved! Look at how the body and brain take glucose for energy. The brain is obviously the most important area of our body so it takes energy in a totally different manner to the body. The body has to rely upon insulin to carry glucose to the cells of the body for fuel. When we run out of insulin as in the case of diabetes, we must use artificial means of doing this or go into `manual' mode. The brain on the other hand, takes its energy from the food we eat straight from the blood and does not rely upon insulin. Isn't that amazing! Whoever invented we animals thought that should the insulin some day stop, theremust be a way of getting energy to the brain without relying upon insulin. So, the brain was made differently to the rest of the body.  And it is the same with water. The brain takes in the qi from water directly from the mouth before it goes into the stomach and intestines to be used for lubrication. The rest of the body must rely upon the digestion process to get its water. However, it's not that simple, as the body treats food differently to water. And here is where most people get into trouble in thinking that things like coffee and tea or fruit juice are water, or even better! The body senses that anything that has food in it, is food and treats that liquid as food, not as water! So the brain is being depleted of necessary qi or energy that it must gain from water because the body sees water that has food in it as being wet food!

The qi stored in water is never in the mouth when we drink anything other than water. Only when we drink water, does the brain receive its electrical qi. So although our body feels satisfied and not thirsty, we really are dying of thirst! 

" Water passes on the "impressions" it has received wherever it is absorbed by the Biologically Active Zones[ BAZ ]of the earth and the Biologically Active Points [BAP] on the surface [ macromembranes ] of bio-objects in plants, animals and man. In moving water the earthly world thus allows the ever changing life in the universe of the stars to flow into its course  by absorbing  environmental electromagnetic fields through BAP and BAZ during the  Information-Energy interaction. Cosmic events and water are linked with the stream of time in the ebb and flow of the tides .Water is the primary intelligence of the body carrying within it the
frequencies of our entire bio-chemical signature as well as being a
receiver of cosmic intelligence. 
All fluid systems whether circulating
blood, the tides of cerebro-spinal fluid, the pounding of oceans, or
frozen pellets swirling in the cosmos, are fundamentally ONE resonating
organ, exempt from conventional time-space differentials. The fluid
system is a wealth of multi-planar communication, inhabiting structure
but not bound by it.

The organization of water/protein is seen in the configuration of
repeating spirals facilitating the propagation of wave patterns. Spirals
are a communicating network originating in the spiraling of galaxies and
ultimately in the spirals of our DNA. We believe the sequencing of
spiraling life is a precursor to stem cells, including the currents of
spiraled life that continue to unfold our embryonic journey. It is noted
that the concentration of chemicals in our blood and tissues are
precisely the same as those that prevailed in the ancient sea . "

                  How to Drink Water

        The way to drink water, is firstly to find a source of pure water and not the dead water that usually comes from a city tap!

      Rain water that has been sitting in a tank for some time is ideal as it has some beneficial bacteria and organic material.

    " Minerals are transformed into a special state by bacteria and acquire energy force, from a simple ionic solution to an electromagnetic charge state similar to Plasma - the fourth state of Matter by Biological Transmutation. In Nature, bacteria eat rocks and boulders. The main food of bacteria is minerals. These microscopic organisms convert inorganic ions into living protoplasm,which is then food for more complex lifeforms. Plants grow best when fed minerals predigested by bacteria and not the minerals directly.

  " Water-borne bacteria convert iron into magnetite in their cells.The mineral that gives magnetic properties is the magnetite which enables both the water and soil-based bacteria to navigate along lines of electromagnetic force in the Earth's Magnetic Field . The bacteria could also influence whether the soil becomes magnetic. " [ Nature,Vol 343,page 161 ]

       Remembering that we take the qi from water directly from the mouth, it is essential to drink water in the correct way at least three times per day. The rest of the time, you can simply drink it. The correct way to take water to gain the most qi is as follows. 

   First thing in the morning, after cleaning your teeth and doing all of those early morning things, take some pure water into your mouth and hold it there for a count of 7. Then spit it out! This is important. Do this three times in all. On the fourth time, take the water into the mouth and drink it. And that's all there is to it.

      You must of course drink water throughout the day at least a glassful one half how before every meal or snack. This is not difficult when you think of all the coffee and tea or softdrinks we consume in one day. It is also very important to drink water before taking any coffee or other `food' laden liquids as the water you take will only mixwith these and become just food rather than water. So be sure to drink your water at least half an hour before drinking any other liquid or taking-any food. It is not good to drink with meals anyway. The reason that most people must drink with meals is that the western diet has far too much salt. If we were to eat what God intended for us to eat, there would be no need to drink at all with meals as the correct food for humans is already wet.Water tends to attract to it more toxins than wet food does. So some of the effects of going onto this regime is that your urine will smell different and you will be urinating more even though you might be taking less liquid than you were before. After some time when your body is getting cleaner you will notice that you are not urinating as much and your urine will gain a clearer colour. You will also feel great! Much more energy to do things and much more energy for thinking about doing things. Your sex drive will improve as will your sex life as a direct result of this better qi (energy) and your work will also improve. And all because of something that we take for granted, the second most abundant substance on earth, water.     - Erle Montaigue


Holistic Breathing

                                       To  breathe is to live and to be alive one has to breathe. In esoteric breathing, life is not measured in terms of years but in the number  of breaths.Breathing is a mechanical act of inhalation and exhalation of atmospheric air, in and out of the body. Esoterically, breathing is effected through the " Holistic Nostrils of the Brain " ,  the filtering Photonic/Acoustic Band-gap  crystalline structures in the Cribriform Plate at the base of the anterior cranial fossa of the skull and the roof of the nasal cavities. We breathe in the environmental space by inhalation of  volatile or gaseous molecules of the ambient air. These are are firstly sampled through the pits of Jacobson's organ ( Vomeronasal Organ -VNO ), The Sixth Sense for Extra-Sensory Perception ( ESP ) and the converted electromagnetic impulses are transmitted by the liquid crystalline medium to the filtering bandgap structures in the cribriform plate.Respiration is an on-going process from womb to the tomb, a life and energy generating process - Hahneman 's Vital Principle.

     The sanskrit word "Prana" meaning "  Life" is the equivalent of"Qi" or " Vital Force".  " Ayama means " control". Pranayama means control  of Pranaor The Yoga Science of Breath Control. The prana in the atmospheric air performs a number of functions in the human body. Each has a specific name: 

 1. Prana: It circulates around the heart and controls breathing

2. Apna: It circulates in the lower region of the abdomen and controls  excretory functions [ Urine and faeces]

3. Samana : It stimulates the gastric juices and aids digestion.

4. Udana : It remains in the thoracic cage and controls the absorption of  air and food.

5. Vyana: It spreads throughout the body and distributes the energy from  food and breath.

 6. Naga: It relieves abdominal pressure by provoking excretion.

  7. Kurma: It controls the eyelids to prevent foreign bodies from entering  and dazzling light from harming the eyes.

 8. Krkara: It prevents certain substances from rising into the nasal  cavities or corpse to swell.


                     The Holistic Anatomy of the Brain's Nose

            I practise Pranayama by closing my nostrils with index finger and thumb  alternately first my right breathing out slowly through the left nostril and then the left and  breathing slowly through the right nostril, 10 times daily. One physio-biochemical rationale of this practice is to acclimatise the brain to an optimum level of Carbon dioxide  saturation to maintain patency of the respiratoy tract. The principle of making patients with wheezing cough and breathe through a punctured paper bag and coughing through the nose,is not known  till lately. This is done mainly to conserve  the carbon dixide and Nitric Oxide which ameliorate the functions of the respiratory tract in obstructive airway disorders as in Asthma , bronchitis and the like. The human brain is unique in many ways. It utilises blood glucose without the intervention of insulin.

  The Brain ventilates and breathes through the perforations in cribriform plate ( lamina cribrosa ),in the floor of the anterior cranial fossa, and partly the roof of the nasal cavities. The cribriform ( sieve-like ) plate is divided vertically by a crystalline plate, with the upright part above  as the Crista Galli and inferiorly as the verical plate ,which forms the postero-superior third of the nasal septum.

    The filamentary ramifications of the Olfactory Bulb [ 1st Cranial Nerve ],with their arachnoid coverings and also  the anterior ethmoid nerve with nasal branches of the anterior and posterior ethmoidal arteries, pass through these microscopic openings in the sieve-like cribriform plate into the nasal cavity for the processing of odours. Atmospheric air perfuses directly through the cribriform perforations into the Cerebro-spinal Fluid  [CSF ]  which is aerated through the thickness of an intracranial membraneous layer from the outer atmosphere.

The perforated cribriform  or sieve-like plate is truely the nose of the brain with diffusion of atmospheric air into the circulating  Cerebro-Spinal Fluid , bathing the brain and spinal cord serving  much the same function as the ventilation of the lungs, with inhalation and exhalation through its " nostrils ".

The Brain is separated from the external environment  only by a membraneous layer intracranially which encloses the Cerebro-spinal Fluid [ which cushions the brain ] at the perforated  sieve-like cribriform plate.


              Nasal Hydrorrhea ( Nasal Flux )

An excellent work of Molinie has clearly separated Nasal Flux or watery discharge , from catarrh of the mucous membrane of the nose. The liquid which is discharged from the nose or nasopharynx, sometimes as much as a quart daily( Poulson ),seems to be composed of blood-serum, to be not a glandular secretion, and to belong probably to a phenomenon of hypertension. This liquid is excreted by the mucous membrane of the nose; in some cases it proceeds  from a sinus ( aqueous sinusitis ), and sometimes as a pathological rarity, the discharge comes from the skull ( cranio-hydrorrhea ) through the cribriform plate in the floor of the anterior cranial fossa of the skull

An excerpt from " Therapeutics of the Respiratory organs "

by Francois Cartier MD -former President of the Homeopathic Society of France; Corresponding Member of the American Institute of Homeopathy and the British Homeopathic Society . 


Research Excerpts

Pressure accommodation is impaired by blocking pathways leading to extracranial lymphatics.

Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2001; 280(5):R1573-81 (ISSN: 0363-6119) Mollanji R ; Bozanovic-Sosic R ; Silver I ; Li B ; Kim C ; Midha R ; Johnston M
Trauma Research Program, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M4N 3M5, Canada.

Tracer studies indicate that cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) transport can occur through the cribriform plate into the nasal submucosa, where it is absorbed by cervical lymphatics. We tested the hypothesis that sealing the cribriform plate extracranially would impair the ability of the CSF pressure-regulating systems to compensate for volume infusions. Sheep were challenged with constant flow or constant pressure infusions of artificial CSF into the CSF compartment before and after the nasal mucosal side of the cribriform plate was sealed. With both infusion protocols, the intracranial pressure (ICP) vs. flow rate relationships were shifted significantly to the left when the cribriform plate was blocked. This indicated that obstruction of the cribriform plate reduced CSF clearance. Sham surgical procedures had no significant effects. Estimates of the proportional flow through cribriform and noncribriform routes suggested that cranial CSF absorption occurred primarily through the cribriform plate at low ICPs. Additional drainage sites (arachnoid villi or other lymphatic pathways) appeared to be recruited only when intracranial pressures were elevated. These data challenge the conventional view that CSF is absorbed principally via arachnoid villi and provide further support for the existence of several anatomically distinct cranial CSF transport pathways.

Does neonatal cerebrospinal fluid absorption occur via arachnoid projections or extracranial lymphatics?

C. Papaiconomou, R. Bozanovic-Sosic, A. Zakharov, and M. Johnston
Neuroscience Research, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, M4N 3M5

             Arachnoid villi and granulations are thought to represent the primary sites where cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is absorbed. However, these structures do not appear to exist in the fetus but begin to develop around the time of birth and increase in number with age. In the neonate, the recovery patterns of a radioactive protein CSF tracer in various lymph nodes and tissues indicated that CSF transport occurred through multiple lymphatic pathways. An especially important route was transport through the cribriform plate into extracranial lymphatics located in the nasal submucosa. To investigate the importance of the cribriform route in cranial CSF clearance, the cranial CSF compartment was isolated surgically from its spinal counterpart.When the cribriform plate was sealed extracranially under these conditions, CSF transport was impaired significantly. These data demonstrate an essential function for lymphatics in neonatal CSF transport and imply that arachnoid projections may play a limited role earlier in development.

THE MICROSCOPIC ARACHNOID villi and macroscopic granulations are herniations of the arachnoid membrane into the dural venous sinuses of the brain. Based primarily on anatomic studies of adult human or animal specimens, it has beengenerally assumed that these structures represent the primary locations where cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) absorption occurs. However, earlier in development, this conventional view would not seem to apply. Several studies failed to observe arachnoid villi/granulations in the human fetus. In two microscopic studies of autopsy specimens from individuals up to 56 days old and from 18 wk gestation to 80 yr ,no arachnoid villi or granulations were observed before birth. At or around the time of birth, arachnoid projections start to become visible in the dura and some of these appear to be associated with veins. As the infant ages, the villi and granulations increase in number, and in the adult, they exist in abundance The role of the arachnoid projections in the neonate is important because reduced CSF transport to these absorption sites or impaired clearance through cribriform -lymphatic structures is believed to constitute the principal defect in Hydrocephalus .

These results have led to some discussion of the immunological implications of the transport of brain antigens to extracranial lymphoid tissues with speculation that this process may have pathological significance. It has been suggested that the cervical lymph nodes may play a role in the induction of encephalomyelitis as the lymphatic drainage of brain antigens may facilitate the priming of T lymphocytes that could subsequently target the brain. In support of this concept, cervical lymphadenectomy reduced the level of cerebral pathology in an animal model of autoimmune encephalomyelitis . Additionally, there is evidence that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antigens within the CSF can be carried to the cervical lymph nodes via this pathway , suggesting a mechanism by which a brain reservoir of HIV might reinfect peripheral lymphoid tissues.


Molecular visualization of smell and sound
Is it possible ?

Ethmoid bone ( Grant;'s Method of Anatomy)
as Photonic Band-gap crystals


The Anatomy of CSF Space, Circulation and Flow
Cushioning the Brain and the Spinal Cord.


    A blocked nose caused by mucosal swelling or nasal discharge sealing the seive-like cribriform  "nostrils " at the roof of the nasal cavities,  often produces  feverishness, mental confusion and nervous irritability, headache, dizziness, blurred vision  and weakness . A disturbed rhythmicity in breathing and diaphragmatic excursions which help extra-cellular irrigation and drainage will lead to stagnation with impaired cerebro-spinal-fluid [CSF ] circulation and the flow of Qi .This may result in congestion of the nervous system due to the impaired CSF circulation , perfusion and diffusion resulting in febrile states

 [ Cells subject to stresses, such as an increase of temperature, have a decrease in normal protein synthesis and induction of a set of several specific protein chaperones called Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs). HSPs are not only induced by heat but also by stresses concomitant to the development of an immune response such as fever, infection, cytokine stimulation, metabolic starvation and cell death. The adaptive value of this "heat shock" response contributes to an increased resistance to stress at a cellular level and possibly at a systemic level through the action of the immune system. The mechanism by which HSPs are integrated in the immune response has been related to their ability to chaperone immunogenic peptides and to specifically immunize against tumor and virus-infected cells.
Our working hypothesis is that physiological induction of a specific set of HSPs, increases cell immunogenicity and in consequence enhances the ability of the immune system to discriminate between self and non-self entities and in bacterial recognition
to understand the immunological role of stress and inducible HSPs and to apply this to treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. 

That which drugs fail to cure, the scalpel can cure. That which the scalpel fails to cure, heat can cure. If the heat cannot cure, it must be determined to be incurable." - Hippocrates.

neurological manifestations such as headache,muscular ache , physical weakness, nausea and vomiting. Ocular involvement is expected as the Optic nerves [ 2nd Cranial Nerve ] are situated near the region of congestion with poor irrigation and drainage.  Russian researchers, a few years ago, reported their findings that the circulation of the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid extended  peripherally , irrigating and draining  the  filamentary ramifications of the Nervous System. Hence, Tetanus may develop following a simple  finger trauma by a hammer. The spread of a respiratory tract infection to the gastro-intestinal tract is understandable considering the innervation of the Pneumo-gastric Nerve [ Pneumo - Lung; Gastric - Stomach ]. The sinuses [ Frontal, Ethmoidal, Maxillary ] are veritable traps for microbes  in the head . These biological mineralised  living cavities are great  electromagnetic resonators of water memories and electromagnetic variants of mutating microbes. In other words, each human biped is a potential broadcaster,transmitter and translater  of Morphic Resonance

 [  Morphic resonance is a term coined by Rupert Sheldrake for what he thinks is "the basis of memory in nature....the idea of mysterious telepathy-type interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within species."  ]

 for the different variants of the coronaviruses - their morphological alterations under electronic microscopy are mere " detuning gimmicks " to change their broadcasting frequencies for imperative survival. The insidious mode of incubation and spread of the SARS  virus with  diabolical  rapidity  is yet to be identified but the applied anatomy of  the sieve-like cribriform plate at the base of the anterior cranial fossa ,which separates the brain from the microbial hordes in the nasal cavity and sinuses, indicates the probability of the SARS hordes' easy access to attack the brain first.

Stefanatos ( 1997,228 ) tells us that the " electromagnetic fields (EMF)emanating from bacteria,viruses and toxic substances affect cells of the body and weaken its constitution." So the vital force is identified quite explicitly with electromagnetic fields and said to be the cause of disease. But somehow the life energies of the body are balanced by bioenergetic therapies. " No antibiotic or drug, no matter how powerful, will save an animal or human if the vital force of healing is suppressed or lacking ." ( Stefanatos 1997, 229 ) So health or sickness is determined  by who wins the battle between good and bad electromagnetic waves in the body.

" Einstein " is a name found frequently in the literature on bioenergetic fields. Stephantos (1997,228 ) says: " Based on Einstein's theories of quantum physics, these energetic concepts are being integrated into medicine for a comprehensive approach to disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment."






Cerebral Ventricular System and Cerebrospinal Fluid

The Presence of the Past [ Nature's Habits ]

Mineralised Resonators - Ethmoid bones

      The sinuses [ nasal cavities - Maxillary, Ethmoidal, Frontal ] are veritable
microbial traps for infective propagation. These mineralised living cavities are
good electromagnetic resonators  and transmitters for memories of water molecules and microbial variants.

The Living Mineralised Nasal Cavities  
        A tuned resonant cavity is a hollow space, the dimensions of which have a naturally occuring frequency which sets up a resonance, or harmonic
feedback loop, and tunes with another frequency,that other frequency is the Human Mind for the purpose of eliciting various altered states of consciouness.
Thoughts as visualised speech heard in silent reading, prayer or observation, are osseous vibrations amplified in mineralised body cavities.
 The highly reactive metals ,rarely found as pure elements, become minerals first to be biological by reacting with Oxygen,Hydrogen,Nitrogen,Sulphur,Chlorine  etc. The metallic atoms in minerals are the centres of charge in large molecules that form cells and living tissues. The metallic elements coordinate and direct the flow of electrons, atomic reactions,strength of membranes and enzymatic actions in biological life.   Salt, a product of ionic chemicals,an acid and a base, is chemical fire. Its corrossive appetite is fed ,not by wood or coal but by metallic electrons which fuel chemical reactions. Concentration of metals in all bio-objects creates their specific electromagnetic characteristics.  
As electrically charged  ions with extra or missing, unpaired electrons,many elements become paramagnetic. In Biology, the most important is Oxygen, and its triad ion, Ozone [ O3 ]. Ionised,Oxygen's
extra electrons jump in and out of outer orbits and radiates visible
electromagnetic energy.
 In the human system, Calcium Phosphate is of prime importance since bone tissue acts as a ground-earth wave conductor for Extremely Low Frequency [ ELF ] currents. The downstream of electrolytes from urethra to ground provides an antenna wave for electric dissipative-discharge as well as contact for terrestrial magnetic fields and periodic, rhythmic synchronizations, something now denied the `civilized' creature of homo sapiens. Manganese reacts with terrestrial magnetic fields. It brings forth life,the very essence of procreation in nature. Minerals provide strong electromagnetic charge to hold organic molecules in tight, stable association.Chronic excess of acids forces the body to use stored calcium in teeth and bones to neutralise acids. The depleted soils cannot supply minerals needed for  systemic electrolytes while refining and processing further remove  more minerals .Thus, optimum electromagnetic charge cannot be generated for cellular activities.With an unbalanced electromagnetic field force of bioradiation by the cell salts,calcium cannot
adhere to bone-matrix for growth and healing.
  Nitrogen is a mitogenetic agent, a biomagnet for ionic attraction, an electrolyte that attracts [ Holds Life ] protein together. A notable feature of all biological objects, from the lowest to the highest evolutionary form, is their bio-information and energy interaction with the environment. Just what effects a lesser magnetic field and higher vibratory rate have on us ? "
The opportunity to more easily change the patterns that can determine
how and why we love,fear,judge,feel,need and hurt". - Braden

                 Geomagnetism - Following your Nose  
      All living organisms derive directional data from magnetic sensing of geomagnetism. Magnetisn is known to alter biochemical reactions by influencing electron spin states in reacting molecules, such as electrons in photosynthetic bacteria. Tiny chains of micro-crystals of magnetite convert the latter to bacterial compasses. In humans and primates, the new found magnetic organ is sited behind the ethmoid sinus in front of the pituitary gland. It can detect less than .001 gauss within a second - far more sensitive than the best compass. Hence, the directional advice of  " to follow your nose". People disconnected to geomagnetism is completely desynchronized and synchronization of biorhythms is coupled to Extremely Low Frequencies {ELF] geomagnetic pulsations[ 7 - 10 Hz ]. The Pineal Gland, at the geometric center of the brain is the biological time-piece, contains a high concentration of the neuro-magnetic hormone,  cobalt-containing B12, detects geomagnetic pulsations and translate these geomagnetic resonances to hormones to activate the biocycles such as the night-day and the sleep-wake cycles.

Structued Water is produced by Water Molecules
against or over rocks and stones producing a vortical turbulence.




                How can the information of health carved by laser waves and coupled through chakras influence body and mind? Deprak Chopra explains that now more than 50 different molecules have been identified that act as neuro-transmitters or neuropeptides. Neuro-transmitters have been called also "communicator molecules", because neurons can communicate to each other through such chemical messengers.

        The areas of the brain that mediate our emotions - the amygdala and the hypo-thalamus, which is also known as "the brain's brain" - are both particularly rich in these substances. Receptors of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides exists not only on neurons, which are fixed in place throughout the nervous system but on circulating cells in the immune system, called monocytes. Monocytes in fact can be thought of as circulating neurons - interfacing mind and body, they translate mental im-pulses into physiological reactions and back. The messages they carry are the physiological equivalents of mental experiences.

        The discovery of neuropeptides pro-vides a bridge from matter to intelli-gence. In the past, it was thought that the central nervous system alone car-ried messages to the body, rather like a complicated telephone system, con-necting the brain to all organs it wanted to "talk" to. In this scheme neurons functioned like telephone lines convey-ing the brain's signals - that was their specific function, shared by no other system in the physiology.

      Now we know that the brain does not just send impulses travelling in straight lines down to the axons, or trunks of our neurons: it freely circulates intelli-gence throughout the body's entire inner space. Medicine is therefore well on the way to concluding that intelli-gence is possessed by each cell - not just the intelligence of genes, which store the code of life - but the winged; fleeting, sentient intelligence of the brain as well.

  These "intelligent" chernicalsare made not only by neurons but by the cells of the immune system, whose primary role is to protect us from diseases such as cancer as well infections from out-side. When researchers looked fur-ther, beyond the nervous system and the immune system, they began to discover the same eneuropepticies and

          Since the cells of so many organs can produce neuroipeptides, and since these chemicals are the equivalents of our emotions and thoughts - of our intelli-gence in general - we can conclude that mind or consciousness is not confined to the brain by some neat division set up for our own convenience. Mind is projected everywhere in the body - emotions, thoughts and intelligence circulate to all these organs.

                                     Understanding how neuropeptides work is of a profound importance to medicine, because it brings us closer to seeing the body not as a packet of tissues localized in time and space, but as something much more general: a field of intelligence. A field propagates an influence over a large, or even unlimited, expanse of time and space. This is exactly what the body can be shown to be, but whereas an electric or magnetic field propagates electromag-netic forces, the body's field propa-gates intelligence - it is a web of self-interacting impulses of intelligence.

                "Self-interacting means that everything happens inside the field: a map of a field would consist of all the events that it can generate within itself. The term "impulse of intelligence" names events that can occur in the field of intelli-gence. Most people may assume that the brain is exhibiting intelligence only when it produces meaningful, articu-lated thoughts in our head, but the body in fact is richly.imbued with the brain's entire output of emotions, sen-sations, thoughts and intuitions. All are impulses of intelligence and as such they are capable of being translated into a physiological response and vice versa. That is why the Biocybernetic Harmonizer can work also in mental disorders, as Bergold showed 1985 first-time.

       The chemical equivalent of an emotion, fear for example, would be one of this quite specific neuropeptides. in the case of fearwe know it. it's cortisol.

                    the hormone of stress. But a lot of neuropeptides   are still undiscovered. since they are among the most mini-<cule of the thousands of biochemicals rroduced of our bodies and many have  zuite   a short "shelf life-, as fleeting as :tie emotions they carry. One of the    neurotransmitters called acetylcholine, for example. is destroyed   from ace-rylcholinesterase which can destroy every minute one million five hundred thousand molecules in the synapses, where "are found almost twenty of -leurotransmitters more.

           The neuropeptides take physiologists a crucial step closer toward understand-ing the body as a field. Tl:e picture has emerged of a web of information that keep every particle of living matter in touch with every other. The journey into nature's deepest level takes us closer to intelligence as the common factor throughout creation. For ex-ample, neuropeptides are direct print out of our DNA, the carrier of genetic information called genetic code. This is also true of their receptors, DNA, while remaining itself, can become the neuropeptide or its receptor. The DNA cells is the starting point of the code of life: the receptors on outside of the cell wall are the end point and the neuropeptides that travel everywhere inside us are the points between. However different they are in their structure and function. they all express the same intelligence which permeates the body as whole.

                                          - Prof Dr. Orm Bergold  MD


Vibrational Medicine

                  1. Rational View of Bioenergetic Medicine
                                Prof Dr. Charles McWilliams
                  2. Bioenergetic Fields
                                Victor J. Stenger 
                  3. Scientific Investigations into Chinese Qi-Gong
                                 Richard H. Lee
                  4. The Structured or The Miracle Water
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                  5. Koryo Hand Acupuncture Volume 1
                                  Tae-Woo Yoo ( The Originator of Hand Finger Acupuncture )
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                      STRUCTURAL UNITS OF AN ORGANIS
                                  Yingqing Zhang 
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