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Ultra Long Electromagnetic Waves
Corresponding Acupoints in SU JOK Acupuncture

Is SARS a manifestation of Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome?


        Bioenergetic Therapy - Magnetotherapy


                             Conventional medicine has long opposed "alternative" treatment techniques. With many of these, although they provide benefits to those using them, their mode of action was unexplained scientifically. Magneto therapy (treatment of illness with magnetic current) has been extensively researched and the physiology of its benefits documented. Life developed under the influence of the earth's geomagnetic field. Although this field is relatively small, it plays a major role in many bodily functions. All tissues of the body and nervous system carry electromagnetic charges. These in turn react to magnetic fields. Cell regulation is governed by electromagnetic currents of the body. The body itself creates a magnetic field (termed bio-magnetism) which can be measured by sensitive magnetometers. In disease states these body electromagnetic potentials are altered and again are measurable. The effects of magnetics on the body is called magneto-biology.Magnets have been used for healing for thousands of years. The term magnet comes from Magnesia, a province in Asia Minor, where ancient Greeks discovered the rock, Magnetite, that attracted ferrous material. These people, and early Chinese, recorded its use in their medical literature. Medical use of magnets has been reported throughout the ages, as, in recent years, been the subject of world wide interest.Dr. Nakagawa (Japanese Medical Journal #2745) in his paper, "Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome and Magnetic Treatment" outlines the problems of the lack of magnetism on the human. He believes the body is under the influence of the earth's magnetic field and is kept in balance in relationship to it.Under modem living conditions this field is decreased by shielding of steel frame buildings, automobiles, etc. Also, the earth's magnetic field has deteriorated 50% in the last 1000 years adding to the deficiency of magnetic force on the body. Lack of magnetism can cause abnormalities as stress, headaches, arthritis, muscle pain, the chronic fatigue syndrome, and even allergies. Space research by US and Russia has shown that the loss of calcium form the bone (osteoporosis) in astronauts is due to the lack of magnetic field action on the body in space.Magneto-therapy has many other forms. Application of electromagnetic current to non-unioned fractures often results in healing that has resisted all standard treatment. European studies have shown benefits of permanent magnetic and low frequency pulsed magnetic therapy for asthma, hypertension, heart attacks, varicose ulcers, arthritis, and rheumatism.

     Life and the body have been looked upon as a mechanical model functioning with a chemical internal environment. Treatment has been undertaken with this same mechanical-chemical theory. It is now starting to be appreciated that health and disease, in many cases, depend on our body's electromagnetic balance.                                                                                                                                  Magnetotherapy -  Ken Wiancko, MD



                      The Sun is one  source of transmitting magnetic waves with a length of more than 5 million meters. If we were to compare with the ordinary wave, the electromagnetic wave is found to be more than a thousand-fold in terms of length. So it  is called the Ultralong Electromagnetic  Wave . The waves of the Sun and the Earth are natural magnetic waves. Like air, sunlight and water, they are vital to all living things. The waves not only safeguard our health, but also enhance the health of living organisms.These electromagnetic radiations are biophotons. As the natural magnetic waves are extremely thin, a Japanese engineer  invented a type of therapeutic apparatus which can emit thick ultralong waves which are similar to that of the natural waves but with wave number 60 and wave length 5 million meters. The engineer discovered that when transmitting the waves, cellular groups were activated, blood cells had greater vitality and hormonal secretions and functions of the nervous system were regulated.  The most ideal method is the use of the ultralong wave therapy with wave length measuring 5 million metres

            The electromagnetic waves emitted by the ultralong     wave Magnetizer can penetrate deep inside the muscles, adipose tissues, bone marrow and relieve nervousness. This type of ultralong waves will not cause uneasiness such as pain or shock. It causes no side effect but give the users a warm soothing and vibrant feeling. Such vibrations produce heat which can allay inflammation, ease pain and strengthen cellular functions.

                 When ultralong electromagnetic waves pass through the body tissues, they will produce an electric induction which helps to promote cellular metabolism , ensuring vitality of tissues and maintaining normal internal secretions.

               The ultralong electromagnetic waves magnetise iron in the body, promote  blood circulation and  lymphatic circulation.

           The effects  of the ultralong waves and  the internal heat generated in the tissues cause the blood capillary to expand twofold, thereby bringing down the blood pressure. As a result of this, illnesses such as hypertension and stroke can be  ameliorated. What is most important is that it improves our body's natural resistance against diseases to produce strong  resistant power and to relieve fatigue quickily.


                   After carrying out many researches, scientists have found out new cells are round in shape and old ones, triangular. As for the senile ones, there are many bubbles on them. The more bubbles on a senile cell, the weaker and withered it will beCells movements depend entirely on  the electrons. Therefore, a cell's activeness relies on its electronic contents . There are more electrons in the round cells, lesser in the triangular ones and least in the triangular ones with small bubbles on them. The rest, such as blood cells in the blood, as well as cells in the muscles and bone marrow, also depend on the quantity of the electrons in them. As such, cells with more electrons in them, will have strong regenerative capacity and will not become old and feeble fast. When patients become weak due insufficient electrons, they can be magnetised in order to enable them to produce electrons themselves and maintain vitality. As such, the method of magnetising human cells in order to promote vitality is the greatest scientific move. The theory of cellular magnetization was established while carrying out study of the special characteristics and functions of the natural magnetic waves.

                 The ultralong electromagnetic  Magnetizer  can discharge ultralong electromagnetic waves of wave number 60 and wavelength 5 million meters are a thousand-fold longer than ordinary wave length used in communication. The outcome of tests conducted on plants and clinical studies shows that the effectiveness of the ultralong magnetic waves in treatment is very encouraging. The strong and powerful electromagnetic waves can penetrate ordinary electricity insulators such as wood, glass, rubber and plastic.   They, therefore can also penetrate the muscles and bones, revitalise blood, nerves and hormones. At the same time, they will bring physiological action into full play, hastily improve resistance to diseases and the natural healing power.

              The electromagnetic wave treatment is totally different from ordinary electrotherapy. Its special characteristics are as follows:-

 1. It can be used conveniently and comfortably. Its effectiveness can be seen immediately.

 2. The ultralong electromagnetic waves  with excessive irradiation will not cause irritation and side effects.


1) The Ultralong electromagnetic type of vibrating and invisible magnetic line of force  has the characteristic of penetrating bones, muscles and nerves without creating irritation.   When  the magnetic lines penetrate the body tissues, the magnetic elements in the cell when magnetised will cause the various elements to attract and repel one another thereby causing  an electronic chaos.  The magnetised red blood cells will cause blood circulation movement to increase and activate the cellular tissues thus promoting metabolism. Besides, due to induction of the  secretory organs, they will also enhance the functions of the various internal organs and the natural healing power.

2) The magnetic line of force produces internal or Joule's heat in the tissues.It has the efficacy of reducing inflammation and allaying pain. However, this magnetic irradiation of line of force is totaly different from x-ray or radium light ray. Excessive irradiation  will not destroy the whole cells. This is the most important characteristic of the Ultralong electromagnetic waves.

3)  When irradiating  electro magnetic waves, the electrodes of the magnetizer will generate about 3000 vibrations per minute. This will remove lymphatic stagnation and in relieving fatigue.

4)  Due to resistance, the electrodes of the magnetizer becomes hot , raises the external temperature of the body  to 40 -50 C, the small blood vessels will expand thus enabling the blood circulation to flow more smoothly and the therapeutic effects  enhanced.

        The abovementioned functions cannot be carried out independently. It is the magnetic waves that  directly magnetise and to revitalize the cells. The internal heat that is produced will diminish inflammation and allay pain .The  vibrations remove stagnation and relieve fatigue. The external heat causes the small blood vessels to expand thus promoting blood circulation. These four functions  produce multiple therapeutic effects . 

             EFFECTIVENENESS OF Ultralong                   Electromagnetic Waves

    Under the effects of the electromagnetic waves, the body tissues undergo a series of chemical and physical changes. The various external or internal organs of the body will also directly or indirectly be stimulated thus affecting the nervous system, circulatory system and the immunity process.

    After conducting tests, the irradiation of the electromagnetic waves will hasten the growth rate of small animals and plants by 2-fold, reduce blood pressure by expanding the blood capillary by 2-fold, ease tension and prevent the recurrence of respiratory  symptoms. Its greatest effects on human bodies are as follows:-

1) The electromagnetic waves have very strong penetrating power , can penetrate deeply and directly cause the therapeutic actions to take place.

2) Can dissipate the heat energy from the internal body which has the efficacy of reducing inflammation and pain.

3) Can strengthen red blood cells vitally and promote metabolism of the blood.

4) Can promote manufacturing of new cells, revitalize old cells, buildup one's resistance to diseases and strengthen the natural recuperative power.

5) Can strengthen the functions of the kidneys, increase hormonal secretion and improve the body's vitality.


1. The metabolism of the entire body , the pulse, breathing and body temperature will return to normal.

2. Good blood circulation, the red blood cells carry sufficient nutrients .

3. Tiredness with toxic elimination  and the increase of body resistance.

4. Physique improved , energy strengthened,  clear mind and full of vigour.


             The ultralong wave therapy emphasizes on the improvement of the constitution of the entire body and is very much different from the local therapy. For example, for toothache, we  treat the throat area, For pimples, we do not give treatment to the face. Instead, we will  treat the stomach so as to make the liver healthy and the pimples will just disappear without any medication given. For pregnant ladies, there is no need to radiate directly at the uterine area to avoid abortion. Radiate the throat area and bottom of the feet, the whole body will be  stimulated and in difficult labour (dystocia) , it sustains the distressed foetus.

  The main characteristic of the ultralong wave therapy is that it improves the constitution completely so that it will reach the state where it is capable of protecting itself from infections. It also has marvellous effects on the tormenting chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, gastric and intestine diseases, neuralgia, visceral ailments , migraine etc. Another characteristic of ultralong wave therapy is that it enables the muscular tissues to produce internal heat, thus attaining the antiphlogistic and anodyne (pain-killing) effect. Generally speaking, acute diseases can be relieved faster, whereas chronic diseases will take a longer continuous treatment. For example, a wound (a cut) will take about 20 minutes to start healing , after the bleeding has stopped; A sprain at the wrist if treated immediately will be recovered in 20 minutes. A scald on the leg will heal after 2 hoursof treatment; an acute appendicitis takes about 50 minutes to resolve without an operation. There are also people who had been suffering from asthma for twenty over years were totally relieved in half a year's time by ultralong wave therapy. Also there are people who had been suffering from gastroptosis for 18 years  improved  in 3 months. There are also patients who were cured within a month of their piles which they had been suffering from for 10 odd years; such therapy has also, within 3 months, effected a total relief of diabetes which some patients had been suffering from for 10 odd years. But owing to the differences in the constitutions and body resistance of the patients, the time spent on the treatment of the same diseases may not be the same. Of course, the optimistic mood of the patients and their confidence in ultralong wave therapy will  have a favourable effect on the result of the treatment, thus shortening the treatment time.  If one uses it ( with Foot and Hand Reflexology ) for only 10 minutes daily, it will go a long way to improve general health, particularly for  Stroke,Paralytic and Osteoporotic patients 









Rationale of Magnetic Therapy in Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome.

Each of our cells is like a tiny battery that generates an electric field with a resting cell membrane potential of about 80 millivolts. Cells that become injured or diseased will have an altered electric potential. Passing a series of magnetic pulses through the body produces an alteration in the tiny electric voltages at the cellular level. Ions (charged particles) present with and around the cells will move in the rhythm of the pulsating magnetic field passing through them. When a particular polarity or direction in the magnetic field is achieved around cells a number of key events occur [ Critical Mass

Phenomenon ]:

1. Dilatation of the blood vessels occurs improving circulation to the tissues.

2.The partial pressure of oxygen is increased at the cellular level.

3.Cell membrances become hyperpolarized resulting in an increase in energy.

Injured cells get "turned on" and cell replication occurs. Cartilage in joints will increase. Bone cells will replicate causing an increase in bone density. Muscle, tendon, and ligament repair will accelerate.

What and How does Collodal Silver Ion play in the role of cellular repair and growth in Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome ?

Many different harmonics combine to form the unique identity of the Harmonic Signature of Electromagnetism, which produces the desirable results.Each of these harmonics creates resonance in other objects and it is the way these waveforms interact which gives us the physical realities around us.

The resulting electromagnetic frequency [Vibratory Harmonic Signature] causes the cellular components to oscillate sympathetically by Harmonic Resonance in the body and establishes an Information -Energy interaction with the environment through Schumann Resonances in order
to restore Cellular Homeostasis.

Ultimately it comes down to quantum physics and the nature of individual atoms ,electrons and the " Critical Mass
Phenomenon ".

Could the Electromagnetic Smog generated in our minds and
the asphalt jungle be a contributary factor in creating a
Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome globally, by blocking the transmission of Schumann Resonances and in the world-wide cropping up of SARS variants ?

The Hand held in a way similar to the way primates stand on
both Arms and Legs.

The Hand-Foot-Body Corespondence in Primates

Su [Hand ] Jok [ Foot ] Acupuncture

A new type of therapy named Hand and Foot Acupuncture Su Jok Acupuncture [ Korean ] is a method of curing diseases by stimulation of the hands and the feet with a combined use of acupuncture, medical treatment aids like moxibustion, finger pressure therapy and others.

Research on already established correspondences between the body and the hand led to a discovery of a new system of correspondence, in which the thumb represents the head. In addition to that,it was found that the foot has the same type of correspondence as the hand.

One of the characteristics of the human body is existence of a certain correspondence system between the whole of the body and some of its parts. Through this system the whole of the body is represented in many places all over the body. Correspondence works in such way that the whole of the body and its representations are electromagnetically interactive. Thus if a part of the body is affected with a disease it is also reflected in the place which represents the affected part. And on the other hand a stimulation of a place which represents a particular part of the body brings about a reaction in the represented part. A general idea of existence of this type of body correspondence has already been proved by anatomical,physiological and pathological correlation between each pair of corresponding regions in ECIWO [ Embryo Containing Information Of The Whole Organism ]. An ECIWO is a specialised embryo at a certain stage of development,which is a component of an organism and is a small individual living in the parental body,which has become an organ or part of the parent's body. An organism is composed of multi-level ECIWOs at different stages of development and with different specializations. This concept has revolutionised the previous anatomy-based understanding of the organism with revolutionary impact
on Medicine and other Biological Sciences.



In understanaing the anatomy of the human body as a whole, the hands and feet of themselves represent a smaller, but nevertheless true, mirror image of the whole body. Within this view, the thumbs and large toes represent the head. Also, in addition to serving their normal functions as appendeges to the four limbs (legs and arms), the hands and feet are endowed with an exquisite "remote control" function which can relieve diseases throughout the whole body. A knowledge of the principles of this electromagnetically induced "remote control" and the proper implementation of these principles through hand and foot acupuncture will provide an impressive modality for health care.




1. Guide to SU JOK [ Hand and Foot ]
Acupuncture By Park, Jae Woo

2. NLP [ Nutrilite Power ]
for providing the UltraLong Magnetic Wave Machine
for Clinical Research





V. D. Grigor'ev (Central Research Institute of Health Resorts Studies and Physiotherapy, Moscow, U.S.S.R)

Report from: Materials of the Second All-Union Conference on the study of the Efferects of Magnetic Fields on Biological Organisms, 24-26 Sept. 1969

Translated by: Charles T. Turley,Ph. D. Director of Research and Studies

The University of Biomagnetics Research _     Puerto Rico

Calle 6 D-14, Bonneville Heights Caguas, Puerto Rico 00625


Magnetic fields are now attracting the attention of physicists, biologists and medical doctors. The biological activities of magnetic fields have been confirmed by a considerable amount of experimental data (V.I. Karmilov, 1948, T. I. Gorshenina, 1965, M.F. Barnothy, 1957, et al.). Experimental research and observations of people working with or near magnetic fields indicate that the nervous and vascular systems of humans are highly sensitive to this factor (P. P. Lazarev, 1926; V. I. Karmilov, 1948; I. M. Pestova, 1948; Yu. A. Kholodov, 1965; A. M. Vyalov, 1967, et al.). Results of observations are available which indicate that magnetic fields have a therapeutic effect in the treatment of different diseases (S.P. Botkin, 1978; A.V. Seleznev, 1948; E.V. Kordyukov, 1965, A.A. Tyuryaeva, 1966; Dinkulesku, 1965, et al.).

Since 1966 the Central Research Institute of Health Resort Studies and Physiotherapy has had a Japanese "Magnetizer", model M-CHR (armchair unit) type of apparatus for clinical testing. The five electro-magnets of the apparatus generate an alternating magnetic field (50 c's) of 80-120 oe. At the same time a vibration at the frequency of the supply current is generated on the magnets. Part of our work was to ascertain the effect of an alternating magnetic field combined with vibrations on the func-tional conditions of the cardiovascular systems and certain"blood characteristics. Sixteen healthy persons and 40 patients suffering from hypertension in stage I, Ila or Ilb were selected as subjects.

Pulse rates and arterial pressure were checked, oscillograms of the brachial arteries and arms were taken.

The method of treatment was as follows: total exposure, strength of magnetic field 100-120 oe,-at the rate of 8-15 treatments daily.

Immediately after treatment a reduction in pulse rate of 2-3 beats a minute was noted in all cases, and in the majority of cases a decrease of 5-20 mm mercury column systolic and 0-10 mm mercury column diastolic arterial pressure, a reduction of hypertension of the vessels, a greater supply of blood to

the arms, and dilatation of medium caliber vessels, was observed with the therapeutic application of the Magnetizer model M-CHR armchair unit.

An analysis of the effect of a single treatment and peripheral blood characteristics revealed no quantitative changes in the leucocytes and erythrocytes, but an acceleration of the erythrocyte sedi-mentation reaction was observed in eight out of ten in all cases investigated. The blood sugar charac-teristics showed a tendency to decrease in 1 1 out of 13 of the subjects.

The course of magnetotherapy had a positive effect on hypertensive patients. After 3-5 treatments there was a general improvement in their condition, and arterial pressure decreased. A positive thera-peutic effects was noted in 30 out of 32 patients suffering from stage I and Ila. In 2 of 8 patients suffering

from stage Ilb hypertension, a pronounced clinical effect was noted, 3 felt better, head pains decreased and disappeared, but there was no decrease in the arterial pressure of these 3 subjects. No therapeutic effect was observed in 3 of the total patients treated with the Magnetizer model M-CHR armchair unit.

Thus, the action of an alternating magnetic field in conjunction with vibrations has been  clinically tested and produces changes in the functional conditions of the cardiovascular system of both healthy people and people suffering from hypertension. This is manifested in a reduction of the frequency of heart contractions, a reduction in arterial pressure (greater systolic pressure), elimination of the hypertension of the vessels and an improvement in the supply of blood to the arms. After a single application with the "Magnetizer" model M-CHR (armchair unit), the subjects under investigation manifested an accelerated erythrocyte sedimentation reaction and a reduction in the blood sugar content.


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