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Nutritional Science
Cell Salts or Tissue Salts
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Applied Aspect:

Patho-physiologyIf the molecular motion of Calc.phos is disturbed within the epithelial cells of serous membranes, a sero-albuminous exudation within the sacs takes place. Thus, effusion develops as in hydrops genu,hygroma patellae, hydrocephaloid conditions, acute or chronic. Minute doses of Calc.phos will absorb these exudations.

Calcarea Phos given during pregnancy will prevent mothers from giving birth to hydrocephalic babies.
   ( Para 39, Hints from Masters, P.R. Rao )
Calc-F or Calc-P in the 6th and 7th month of gestation
according to Dr.M.Tyler.




March ,1873, Dr. Schussler of Oldenburg, Germany, enunciated
his  new system of using "  The Twelve Tissue Salts ", bringing physio-chemical and physio-pathological facts to bear on
his therapuetic procedure. According to Dr. Schussler, disease is a result of a
disturbance of the molecular motion of one of the 12 inorganic tissue salts. Rest-
oration of health by supplying a minimal dose of the same inorganic salt to rectify the molecular configuration of the affected cell or tissue salt,constitutes a cure. Virchow
defines disease as an altered state of the cell. Potassium Chloride [Kali Muriaticum],
is one of the 12 tissue salts of Schussler.The pure chloride is prepared by trituration
according to homeopathic pharmaceutical rules. A proving of the 6x dynamization
is reported in the Homeopathic Recorder,1900. The 6x trituration caused a bad sore throat,pain on swallowing even water,tonsils inflammed,throat filled with tough ,stringy mucus,ankle joints puffy. The prover was perfectly well until he commenced to take the Kali Muriaticum [ Potassium Chloride ].



The Patho-physiology of the cell-salt , Potassium Chloride ( Kali Muriaticum )


According to Dr. Schussler, the cell salt, potassium chloride has
a significant biochemical role in the formation and production of fibrin. Fibrin is produced by the interaction of the chloride of potassium,with oxygen,on certain albuminoids. Biochemically, it has been demonstrated that fibrin cannot be synthesized in the absence of potassium chloride and that the fibrin cannot be held in
proper solution in the blood without the correct balance of the cell salt.

The white or grey coating on the tongue, mucous lining or tonsils,
is the fibrin that has become non-functional because of a deficiency of potassium chloride and oxygen. Similar fibrinous exudations are also found in discharges or
expectorations of a thick,white slime or phlegm, from any of the mucous membranes,or in flour-like scaling of the skin. When the epidermal cells are irritated,
molecules of Kali mur are lost and fibrin in the form of a white or greyish exudation,
is thrown off. This, in drying, becomes a mealy eruption. If the irritation extends to the
tissues beneath the epidermis,both fibrin and serum will exude,and the involved part of the skin will be pushed up in the form of blisters. This is exactly what takes place
in small-pox,cow-pox and vaccine disease. Similar processes can take place within and among epithelial cells in mucosal lining.


When the integrity of the affected
cells are restored by administration of Kali muriaticum molecules, a reabsorption or throwing off of the exudation [mucus] occurs. This is attained by the production of hydrochloric acid formed by one part of chlorine
from K Cl with hydrogen. The hydrochloric acid formed , dissolves the fibrin
in its incipient stage of formation. This patho-physiological phenomenon
corresponds to the second stage of inflammation of serous membranes.


The " mucous barrier " is due to an exudation of a blood product called fibrin precipitated by a physio-chemical deficiency.The cause is an irritation with the loss of
the molecular configuration of Kali mur in the cell or the cell salt. Its resolution can be activated by supplying the body a minimal dose of the appropriate cell salt of Schussler- Kali mur [potassium chloride].

The gastric juice in man is a strong acid with a pH [hydrogen ion concentration] of 1.6 - 2.0. The gastric walls are postulated to be covered and protected by the gastric mucosa which is derived from protein. Normally, proteins
are dissolved in such strong acid. The moot point is: Why the gastric wall is not corroded?

It is generally accepted that where microbes thrive and breed, decay sets in. This is not totally correct. The microbes have been found to reside only in the body system but not colonizing pathologically   when there is symbiosis of the Fauna and Flora in the gut.   The following principles are kept in mind when reviewing

our mindset and lifestyle.


We are what we eat
We are what we breathe
We are what we drink

We are what we think and practise


The immune surveillance system of the body merely tolerates their existence which
can be beneficial to the body's economy. This is the rationale of symbiosis.

The protective mechanism of the living body particularly for its protein component ( Collagen ) is the maintenance of the stereo orientation of the tissue, its 3 dimensional structure. Collagens have distinctive mechanical and dielectric properties that render them very sensitive to mechanical pressures, changes in pH, inorganic ions and electromagnetic fields.


Biophysicists propose that the magnetic resonance of pi-electrons is the "anti-entrophy" principle of life. Without it, we would rapidly waste energy and die. By supplying energy to cells, the resonance of pi-electrons  from Hydrogen stabilizes or hold things together. Within human biology there's good evidence of these effects.

When this 3 dimensional property is sustained in the tissue structure by " the anthropic principle ", the microbes will not attack and the gastric secretion [ HCL ] will not corrode. But, the moment, the tissue dies, that is when it loses its bioenergy or aura ( Prana, Chi, or Vital Force ) its 3 dimensional
structure collapses. As a result, the microbes  will invade,causing putrefaction and the
the hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice will corrode, giving rise to ulceration and ultimately perforation. Health is maintained by an optimum supply of oxygen with nutrients and removal of wastes.This is made possible by the " River of Life": the blood stream and tissue fluids ( lymph ) which form Claude Bernard's " milieu interieur " The human body
through homeostatric mechanisms,is self-cleansing,self-protecting and self-healing.


Peptic and Duodenal Ulcers :


Peptic ulcers are open sores that develop on the inside lining of

the stomach or upper small intestine ( duodenal ulcer ). The common belief was that peptic or duodenal ulcers  was a result of lifestyle. The medical profession now realizes that  Helicobacter is the result of an ulcer.Latent acidosis is the cause of an ulcer.


What is Helicobacter pylori ?


H.pylori is a spirally shaped bacterium first found in the human stomach in 1982. It is associated with a variety of gastro-intestinal diseases,particularly in peptic and duodenal ulceration and the increased risk of stomach cancer.Nearly all duodenal ulcers  and about 80 % of gastric ulcers are associated withy H.pylori. H.pylori infects more than half the world's population and is transmitted from person to person.Poor food handling and sanitation practices are common routes of transmission.

In Holistic Detoxification, initial Deworming is imperative for the removal of  Microbes ( Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi  and parasites which are dependant on Heavy Toxic Metals  ( Mercury, Chromium, Nickel , Lead etc ,) for enzymatic synthesis necessary for microbial replication and  multiplication.), resident in the Gastrointestinal Tract. These microbes seek  helminthic shelter to escape anti-microbial  action.The rationale of Deworming is the removal of the worms which play hosts to these microbes containing the pathological loads of Heavy Toxic Metals causing Heavy Metal Toxic Syndrome which is underdiagnosed in many chronic diseases.


Stefanatos ( 1997,228 ) tells us that the " electromagnetic fields (EMF)emanating from bacteria,viruses and toxic substances affect cells of the body and weaken its constitution." So the vital force is identified quite explicitly with electromagnetic fields and said to be the cause of disease. But somehow the life energies of the body are balanced by bioenergetic therapies. " No antibiotic or drug, no matter how powerful, will save an animal or human if the vital force of healing is suppressed or lacking ." ( Stefanatos 1997, 229 ) So health or sickness is determined by who wins the battle between good and bad electromagnetic waves in the body.


Electromagnetic control of the organism


In general, chemical properties, compounds and processes are controlled by electromagnetic forces. Of course, this also is true for biological systems. Bioresonance Therapy assumes as a basic concept of thought that a superordinated (dominant) energy field with electromagnetic properties exists.

This superordinated energy field is situated in and around the organism and decreases with the square of distance -- the same as all electromagnetic fields. Thus, biochemical processes are subordinated to this control and regulation level. So before changes through strains or illnesses can take place on the level of the body, there necessarily have to be changes in the electromagnetic situation.


In summary, we have the following control mechanisms in the organism:


I. the cell's own control

2. control of the tissue

3. nervous system

4. hormonal system

5. electromagnetic control and regulation level


There are different levels of regenerating approaches in the body:


1. electromagnetic level

2. electrical level

3. humoral level (basic system according to Pischinger)

4. biochemical level

5. mechanical level


Not only organisms have controlling electromagnetic energy fields, but all substances define their chemical and physical properties through electro-magnetic prerequisites.


Every substance has a frequency spectrum of electromagnetic waves specific to it -- comparable to an electromagnetic fingerprint ( Cell Salts ). This frequency spectrum characteristic of a substance is used to identify substances in several areas (i.e., infrared spectroscopy).


With the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) mentioned above, matter can be determined by their magnetic resonance frequencies.


Converted back to the force of the earth's magnetic field, the following examples are:


Gold       35 Hz             Oxygen    270 Hz                     Carbon    500 Hz


For most organic molecules or organic systems the highest intensity of these electromagnetic rays is in the infrared frequency area. Thus, a human being in this frequency range radiates with approximately the intensity of a 100-watt light bulb -- that is, many trillions of photons per second.


Popp says, Biophotons are photons emitted spontaneously by all living systems.   In particular, this phenomenon is not confined to "thermal" radiation in the infrared range. It is well known at present that biophotons are emitted also in the range from visible up to UV. Actually, the intensity of "biophotons" can be registered from a few photons per second and square centimeter surface area on up to some hundred photons from every living system under investigation. The spectral distribution never does display small peaks around definite frequencies.



Converted, this means: an atom on the surface of a human being , radiates at approximately 2,000 photons per second, just in the infrared frequency alone.


Bioresonance  uses the much more therapeuticallv effective extreme low-frequency range between 10 Hz and 150 kHz. Because the photon energy in this area is extremely weak, these signals are called "ultra weak" or "ultra fine." But there is not always a correlation between strength and effectiveness of signals -- and particularly not in living organisms, because these systems are non-linear. Also in this frequency range in Bioresonance, every cell has its own particular electromagnetic field. Cells identical in structure have identical fields. Cells differing in structure have different fields. Thus cell structures, organs, and body systems can show electromagnetic resonances. In healthy people the fields specific to cells vary very little -- if at all.


Resonance frequencies are those ranges (spectrums) in which energy, is best transmitted and thus in which the therapeutic effect is the greatest. The overall organism consists of a gigantic mix of frequencies from the electromagnetic point of view.


Control and interference oscillations



Control oscillations are the parts necessary for the control of physiological processes. Exogenous signals are needed to stimulate control oscillations because an organism is an open system. Apart from mechanical impulses (such as movement) and chemical impulses (such as food, water and oxygen), the body needs environmental stimuli in the form of light, sound, Schumann waves, gravitation, and so on. If these exogenous impulses are missing, this will lead to degenerative processes caused by the decreased intensity of the control oscillations.


Apart from the physiological electromagnetic oscillations in every human being, there are pathological oscillations -- the so-called "interference oscillations." Depending on their intensity. and the sensitivity on the part of the organism, they interfere with physiological processes. Essentially, interference oscillations are caused by radiation strains, toxins, micro-organisms pathogenic to humans, psychological effects, physical damage, focal strains and allergies/intolerances. These manifest as holes and  cracks

in the human auric web.


The control and interference oscillations together are called the Patient's Own Oscillation (POO).



" Antibiotics can be harmful to humans "

 * By Jaspal Singh


Ipoh, Fri. - Malaysians should educate themselves on antibiotics and

their harnful side-effects in the treatment of ailments such as the common sore throat.


Ipoh Hospital's orthopaedic unit head Datuk R. Ramanathan said today

the public, and even some medical practitioners, were not aware that 85 per

cent of common sore throat ailments were caused by viruses and that antibiotics were helpless again st them.


Only 15 per cent of the common sore throat was bacterial-related.

These antibiotics, he said, could be more harmful to humans as they kill

some of the normal throat bacteria, allowing other bacteria to dominate

and cause a severe infection by disturbing the delicate balance.


" Indeed, so widely is the prescription practised around the world

that the Atlanta-based Centre for Disease Control in the United States

declared that one of the most pressing public health problem in the 21st

century is ' the abuse of the antibiotics ' ," he said after the opening of the 4th National Conference on Infection and Infection Control by Raja Muda

Perak Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah here.


The three-day conference is organised by the postgraduate Medical

Education Society of Ipoh Hospital and attended bny about 500 participants

nationwide. Dr. Ramanathan, who is organing chairman, said the Malaysian

public was quite ill-informed on the side-effects of consuming an antibiotics

in the long run especially on internal organs such as the lung, liver and kidneys.


He said other complications may arise when septicaemia, a condition

where infection has spread into the blood stream, occurred in the body.


Page 14, Saturday, February 28, 2004 NEW STRAITS TIMES ( Malaysia)




" Synthetic anti-microbials usually drive the " taint" or symptoms deeper in the body parts and may disappear for sometime but there is always recurrence.The symptoms are merely suppressed without removing the cause of the of the disease.

" The 'disappearance' of a particular germ from the culture does not mean that the germ is dead; it only became invisible due to its transformation into an invisible form. That means the host organism is now in a cancerous state.... Today's mainstream medicine is governed by consent of opinions rather than hard scientific evidence. This is the reason why false and fraudulent teachings can survive even though the truth has been known for a long time."

- Dr. Karl Horst Poehlman,Australia


To plagiarize Louis Pasteur:

" The bacteria are nothing, the terrain is everything. "




The linear  unwinding of circular motion is the sine or spiral wave

which is the universal signature of EM. This explains

the spiral motion of Energy. No body has witnessed the

magnetic transference

of motion to electrons. Neither has anyone the

mysterious force that causes water to flow to its lowest

point. Nobody has yet seen the Wind. These subtle energy

fields though invisible, exist. EM, one of the Four

Forces of the Universe is neither particle nor Wave but

displays both properties simultaneously. Now you see

them and now you don't - viruses or bacteria as virtual

realities of the endobionts in internested planes



Magnetism is a circular field of flowing force which

encloses space and defines form . Magnetism supplies a

standing waveform vessel to entrain and to retain stable

patterns of energy. Magnetism imparts shape to order the

so-called empty space of particle physics, and thus

provide form to particles of matter and pulses of

energy. Dr. Royal Rife 's microscopy demonstrated 16

internested layers intracellularly, each layer with

virtual organelles brought to focus by specific spectral


Restoring the cell to health requires a minimal dose of the same cell salt[s]. In health, the cell salts are in solution and may be in the third, fourth and fifth decimal dilution. The biochemic remedy must be sufficiently diluted,that is at a higher trituration or potentisation for absorption to avoid damaging the cellular functions. When the non-functioning cell or altered cell regains its intergrity by recovering the molecular loss of the cell salt, it will resume its normal functions such as absorption and excretion of waste products with renewed vtality. The remedy does not replace the lack or deficiency of the cell salt because the quantity given is infinitesimal. . The healing effect is emphasized on the quality and not the quantity of the tissue salts effected by a " body consciousness" working in tandem, but independently, with the "Brain Consciousness" of the nervous system  [ Mae-Wan Ho ] -  that instantaneous coordination of body functions is mediated, not so much by the nervous system, but by morphic resonance [ Rupert Sheldrake] inhering in the liquid crystalline continuum of the body. Proteins ( Collagen )  in liquid crystals of connective tissues (Ho and Knight, 1997) have coherent motions , will readily transmit weak signals by proton conduction or as coherent electric waves. Collagens have distinctive mechanical and dielectric properties that render them very sensitive to mechanical pressures, changes in pH, inorganic ions and electromagnetic fields.


Albert Szent-Gyorgyi , Nobel Laureate, said biological proteins are sufficiently organized to function as crystal lattice, and predicted semiconduction in living tissue, more than forty years ago..


Water contains liquid crystals that retain a fixed molecular structure - tiny icebergs of

crystal water. As water cools, more crystals form until the whole mass is ice. Charging

water in a vortex may increase the amount of crystalline water.  Cells form protoplasm from water largely in this liquid crytalline state. As crystal, cell water has an atomic lattice similar to semiconductors, and poses the ideal cells function by electronic principles of solid state physics. Extremely Diluted Solutions Create Non-Melting Ice  Crystals in Room Temperature Water

A cell is a waveform,  a dipole antenna - the condensation of a spinning magnetic vortex. To exist, cells must resonate a full harmonic range of geomagnetic

frequencies. Mitosis and meosis - the dance of cell division - is the pulse and depolarization

of a cell's Electro-Magnetic cycles. Malignant cells or tissues lose their magnetic character. Cell membrane is a longwave envelope of low frequencies in this cellular symphony. Braided through the vortex axis, DNA is a supercoiled antenna tuned to high frequency oscillations of short wave wisdom. Like DNA, hair and muscle are spiral fibers, braided and supercoiled. Iron red in hemoglobin and cobalt blue in vitamin Bl2 are a magnetic

waveform chalice to transport electrons in blood and nerve. Like quartz in Gaia's granite

mantle, human bone is pizoelectric crystal oscillating at precise resonant frequencies.

All tissues generate weak magnetism with intensity proportional to extracellular potassium, Ten

years ago David Cohen of MIT's National Magnet Lab reported the underlying cause of the body 's

magnetic fields is the "steady current generated by a polarized layer due to a gradient of extracellular

potassium along cell membranes.The essential factor for magnetism is "free" electrons - those

hypermobile matter pakages with negative electric charge. An electron is spinning charge -- a

mini-dynamo. And spinning makes it act as a magnet.


Thus, extremely weak electromagnetic signals or mechanical disturbances will be sufficient to set off a flow of protons that will propagate throughout the body, making it ideal for inter/intra/extra-cellular and inter-planetary communication. Becker (1990)  demonstrated that the DC field has a mode of semi-conduction that is much faster than nervous conduction. Local changes in the DC field can be measured half a second before sensory signals arrive in the brain, suggesting that the activities in the brain may be pre-conditioned by an ambient  field ( L-Field - Burr of Yale University  ).

Furthermore, this liquid crystalline lattice possess all the properties essential for distribution , a body consciousness that can register and trigger  " tissue memories " of previous experience, entrained in the coherent water molecules


[ Molecular memories of water- Benveniste] .


It is generally known that  magnetic fields, and their harmonic

vibrations, interact with each other in varying degrees of attraction and

repulsion, varying degrees of 'in-phaseness' or 'out-of-phaseness' with

one another. The harmonic of a physical body is seen to be intermeshed

not only with the body itself, but also extending beyond it...

with each living organism, as a radiating, receiving and transmitting unit into or from outer space,with

a frequency resonating with other aspects of its physiological and

psychological existence  .  Given these conditions,

it seems reasonable to expect that a human body, as an independently

vibrating source, is capable of attaining a degree of resonance with other

independently vibrating sources. Not only establishing resonance with

other human bodies, but also with frequencies of sounds [ Schumann Resonances, colours, fragrances,

etc.  The human body has a magnetic force field around it, with a pattern

of nodal points spaced in  the organism. Therefore, to be in

resonance with any one of these points is to be in resonance with the


The process involves self-referential quantum communication with the Spherical Standing Wave from the Universe.

 Phil Allen, the author of "Energy, Matter and

Form" postulates that these nodal points are openings of the

light-conducting  channels consistent with the Qi-conducting

meridial system of acupuncture points in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After having considering the evolutionary aspects, it was concluded that there are

Biologically Active Points [BAPs] and Biologically  Active Zones [BAZs] on the surface  or " macromembrane " of bio-objects [ Human, Higher animals and Plants or even Gaia's granite mantle  ] where there is Information-

Energy interaction with ambient electromagnetism [ Schumann Resonances ]and photoreception.

Noiseless communication,local or global and holistic healing can be conducted through these



The Micromagnetic mode of Transmission by Homeopathic Dynamization


" In all matters, two neigbouring atoms form a magnetic dipole. If all dipoles in a material are aligned in the same direction, we have a perfect magnet. " Every magnet sends out  a magnetic field and if we bring a non-magnetic iron bar in this field, it will be magnetised "...

" These same energies are used in homeopathic therapeutics with the only difference that

instead of rubbing two objects, we rub and triturate  ( or  succuss liquids ) powdered drug materials. We, therefore, produce electric fields around every particle of the powdered drug and the more we triturate, the stronger the electric fields we produce, and the more potentised becomes the triturated material.....the particles of Sac.Lac. are brought into the sphere of the numberless electric fields of the drug particles, they become magnetised, the carriers of medicinal energy - the micromagnetic mode of transmission of power from one potency to another.


....  potentised  remedy  radiates  energy  in  the  form  of  hertzian waves. Trituration and Succussion  create  emission of alphs, beta  and  gamma rays. Alpha rays correspond to very low,and the gamma rays to very high potencies. It is a fact that the gamma rays are much more penetrating and this explains why high potencies  are  effective  in  the  treatment of chronic, inverterate and deep-seated diseases. "


- Dr. T.K. Bellokossy M.D.


" One of the latest achievements in applied nuclear physics, the Synchrotron Radiation Generator, confirms this theory that electrons emit electro-magnetic radiation with a frequency corresponding to its orbit and that its energy depends on its distance from the nucleus , the more distant  it is, the higher is its energy level. Electrons forced to move in orbit of a certain diameter produced ultra-violet rays, whereas electrons forced to move in a larger orbit produced X-rays. "


- Dr. Jens Jerndal


Homeopathic Dilutions


According to the Arndt Schultz Law, substances vary in action depending on whether the concentration is high, medium, or low.

High concentrations inhibit; medium concentrations suppress; and low, or minute concentrations stimulate.

Homeopathy encourages the body to clear itself. In contrast allopathic, or modern medicine, artificially and forcefully suppress symptoms of disease and is sometimes toxic to the body.

Homeopathic potency and preparation:

There are two common types of potency: decimal potency, denoted by an "X" (10), and centesimal potency denoted by a "C" (100). A decimal potency is prepared as follows:

ABC  - 1 part
Base - 9 parts

A base in typically made of purified water, alcohol, glycerin, lactose, or sucrose. Two or more of these ingredients are combined with the growth hormone and succussed, or shaken, up to 100 times. This makes 1X potency or the "New Potency."

Another 1 part of this "New Potency" is then combined with 9 parts of the base mixture and then again succussed up to 100 times. This is a 2X potency. This process of dilution and succussion continues until the desired potency is reached.

A centesimal potency is prepared the same way, except that it is diluted 1 part to 99 parts.

Research shows that homeopathic remedies work similarly to their non-homeopathic counterpart but without the side effects.

As a point of reference, the body itself breaks food down to microscopic amounts in order to transport nourishment to the cells. For example, a thyroid hormone can be as small as 50 to 100 millionths of a gram in size. Despite the small size, bodily metabolism is maintained.

Effectiveness of small amounts:

Scientists have finally discovered the homeopathic concept of minute dilutions. "Hormesis" is the term they use to describe small doses of substances that create a beneficial response.

Dr. Joan Smith Soneborn, a cell biologist, states that "Hormesis appears to be a very real phenomenon."


Research and homeopathic literature indicate that the most favorable results with homeopathics have been with a fairly low potency, like 3X, 2C or 3C.

Interesting facts about homeopathics:

        Trevor Cook, Ph.D. states that a magnetic resonance device detected subatomic activity in homeopathic remedies

        Dr. Emilio de Guidici says, "water molecules form structures capable of storing minute charges of electromagnetic signals."

        Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, a German biophysicist, demonstrated that homeopathic substances give off measurable electromagnetic signals

This research appears to indicate:

Homeopathics demonstrate "energies" and that water molecules have a stable, hexagonal, lattice system, like an invisable honeycomb.

This "honeycomb" can hold homeopathic "energies" and can change the structural shape of the water molecule lattice pattern.

Succussing, or shaking, the homeopathic product seems to "transfer" the properties of the raw material to the water structure. Motion is Matter in movement but there is no object in the movement.




Salts are chemical fire. Its corrosive appetite is

fed - not by wood or coal but by metals, whose

electrons fuel chemical reactions.


The cells and  their trace mineral concomitants ( cell or tissue salts ) are biologically transmutated  minerals by bacteria and plants ,acquire an added energy force in an ionised electrical state - Plasma, the 4th state of Matter, which ignites the vitality of the cells , esoterically called the Vital Force, Chi or Prana and  is involved in the very genesis of life itself. Their concerted bioradiation generates our bioplasmic sheath( L-Field : Burr )or auric web which protects us from external negative stress which may be mental, emotional or physical by entrainment of pathological electromagnetic frequencies through resonant detoxification. This auric sheath is intangible but has been proven scientifically and clairvoyantly. The biological system has the property to store electromagnetic energies. The storing of the wrong type of oscillatory energies produces cracks [mild ] and holes [severe] in our plasmic web because these pathological oscillations do not resonate with the vital force in the body , making us negative mentally,emotionally or physically by generating morbid thought forms. In health, the  bioplasmic web resonates and throbs in all its auric splendour in rhythm with our breathing. Though the cell salts can enter into thousands of biochemical combinations and functions, electrochemically or electromagnetically,

the following are the most salient:


1 . Structural role: As constituents of bones, teeth, connective tissue and cell membrane; as stabilizer of cell colloidal emulsions.


2. Electrochemical role: As regulators in osmotic and acid balance; as a stabiliser of cell-membrane electrical gradients


3. Metabolic and catalytic role: As enzyme activator and stabilizer affecting most metabolic pathways and cellular functions.






































































DYSPEPTIC ( fats characterized by a
thin moist coating on the tongue )















RED BLOOD CORPUSCLES , the biochemical remedy for the first stage of all INFLAMMATIONS, WOUNDS DUE to INJURIES, HEMORRHAGES caused by hyperanaemia.













essential to the body involving, BONES, JOINTS GLANDS, SKIN + MUCOUS SURFACE






The  cell membrane is a double layer of lipids, reinforced by cholesterol, collagen and proteins, which also blocks electronic and ionic movements in and out of the cell .The absorption of nutrients across the cell wall matrix is called Biovection.The protein-calcium strands in the cell membrane wave at Nature's Silence of ELFs, whispering the gossip of intercellular memories. The cell not only stores but also generates electromagnetic energy,in living water, in complex stable and yet changing states of charge. This energy force is the bioradiation of the transformed minerals by bacterial transmutation, called biochemic or tissue salts. The latter maintain the intra/extra-cellular equilibrium and cellular integrity. The tissue salts radiate the spark of life in cellular activities which determines the personality of the individual.

In the resting stage, every cell has an electrical gradient between the inside and outside of the cell. Intracellularly, it is relatively negative with Potassium [K] electrons and extracellularly, it is positive with Sodium [Na] electrons lining the cell membrane. Biology in order to explain the trans-membrane potential of the cell -(TMP) adopts an unproven hypothesis of a procedure in which sodium Na is exchanged with potassium  inside and out of the cell The Sodium Potassium Pump ( SPP)  .The SPP process in Biology is actually a cold nuclear fusion and transmutation of sodium to potassium in the presence of oxygen ( Pappas The Equation of Life). There is constant polar fluctuation which generates a magnetic field. Hence, every cell in the body is a small magnet and exhibits electro-magnetic properties. In health, a group of cells vibrate to a certain frequency and in ill health another. Everything emits a characteristic range of frequencies [bandwidth]. The human range is from 1520KHz to 9460 KHz.



 Zeta Potentials


" Body and plant cells which have higher, Negative Zeta Potentials  are more robust and healthier then cells with lower, negative zeta potentials. The shear plane (slipping plane) is an imaginary surface separating the thin layer of liquid bound to the solid surface and showing elastic behavior from the rest of liquid showing normal viscous behavior. The electric potential at the shear plane is called zeta potential. The stability of hydrophobic colloids depends on the zeta potential: when the absolute value of zeta potential is above 50 mV the dispersions are very stable due to mutual electrostatic repulsion and when the zeta potential is close to zero the coagulation (formation of larger assemblies of particles) is very fast and this causes a fast sedimentation. Even when the surface charge density is very high but the zeta potential is low, the colloids are unstable. Also the velocity of heterocoagulation (coagulation of different particles) depends on the zeta potentals of both kinds of particles. Therefore, the zeta potential is an important parameter characterizing colloidal dispersion.


Zeta potential is a term used in colloidal chemistry. When tiny mineral or organic particles are suspended in a fluid, zeta potential maintains the dispersion or discreteness of the particles in suspension. In science, we learn that like charges repel and opposite charges attract. In an ideal system like blood . If the particles have no electrical charge, the various particles will clump together to form sludge. Therefore, the higher the zeta potential the better the dispersion of particles in suspension.   Zeta Potential, in colloidal chemistry, is a basic law of nature [Thomas Riddick]. Without zeta potential life could not exist. The high zeta potential  helps to increase the dispersion or discreteness of blood cells by enhancing the repulsive electrical charge on blood colloids which include blood cells.  The  free flowing blood cells are able to hold and transport more oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body.



" ... Living  Organisms are Polyphasic Liquid Crystals and that liquid crystalline structure is fundamentally involved in biological organization and function . Liquid crystals are phases of matter exhibited by certain anisotropic organic materials as they undergo a cascade of transitions between the solid and the liquid states .These mesophases possess symmetry and mechanical properties intermediate between those of liquids and of solid crystals : long range orientational order, and often also varying degrees of translational order. In contrast to solid crystals, liquid crystals are mobile and flexible, and highly responsive. They undergo rapid changes in orientation or phase transitions when exposed to electric (and magnetic) fields or to changes in temperature, pressure, pH, hydration, and concentrations of inorganic ions. These properties are ideal for organisms : the importance of liquid crystals for living organization.

Any mechanical deformation of the protein-bound water network [ cytoskeletal surfaces coupled to layers of ordered water molecules] will automatically result in electrical disturbances and conversely, electrical disturbances will result in mechanical effects which  may enable quantum coherence in cellular cytoplasm - a phenomenon closely related to life, and consciousness.


Proton jump-conduction is a form of semi-conduction in condensed matter and much faster than conduction of electrical signals by the nerves. Thus the ground substance of the entire body may provide a much better intercommunication system than the nervous system. Indeed, it is possible that one of the functions of the nervous system is to slow down intercommunication through the ground substance."


1. Coherent Energy, Liquid Crystallinity and Acupuncture, 2 October, 1999 , Dr Mae-Wan Ho

2. Organisms as Polyphasic Liquid Crystals, Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics 41, 81-91, 1996.

Dr Mae-Wan Ho et al


The Human Organism , an interactive coherence of the 4 states of Nature: Solid,Liquid,Gaseous and Plasmic,is a Light Body and it has been proven that Sunlight

which is Photonic Nutrient, is the coherent energy for its sustenance.


As a matter of interest, the caloric need for exogenous radiation energy is essentially higher (factor 2) than the caloric need from food, While the human being radiates a total of approximately 6,000 to 9,000 calories in the form of photons, food only provides approximately 2,000 - 3,000 calories. The difference of 4,000 - 6,000 calories has to be taken in by exogenous radiation energy.


Vision is the Food of the Soul. Light is liquified gas, a

photonic nutrient to our vibrant being. Where there is water,

there is Life . Water is liquified Light.



The molecules and cells in the human system are always degenerating,

being torn apart and and regenerating, rebuilt with fresh material. Holistic scientists have proven that Water  is

Liquified Light and in fact, some scientists argue that the Universe appears tuned to permit our existence to such a remarkable degree that some special explanation is required - the 'anthropic principle'.



Hydrogen, with a single circulating electron,  

is exceptionally able to pump up its energy level by filling

up with photons, and grving off energy as pi-electrons, which then determine protein building and DNA integrity Through hydrogen, then, pi-electrons control the whole energy transfer process, and the body's surrounding magnetic field. Biophysicists propose that the magnetic resonance of pi-electrons is the "anti-entrophy" principle of life. Without it, we would rapidly waste energy and die. By supplying energy to cells, the resonance of pi-electrons stabilizes or hold things together.

Our concept of disease should be based on the observation that in a dysfunctional cell, there is initially a disorientation with a change in the number of electrons in the molecules which brings about alteration in the structures of the cell. This activates " Tissue Memory " ( Mae -Wan Ho )



" You are a vibrant, living, dancing hologram of Light. Not the light which your eyes detect,--that is also a part of you--but the Light vibration of all the presently measurable electromagnetic spectrum. You radiate the ultra-violet and higher energies; streams of infrared waves flow between your bodies. The complexities of microwave information resonate and chat within the molecular and cellular structures which you call a body. The cellular chemical messengers circulate and form; dissipate to reform anew the delicate holographic instructions.

The radio waves of ancient galaxies, neighboring stars and solar family planets rain and dance upon the Earth's umbrella-like energy belts, altering the intensity, selectively protecting the delicate organic forms. Slower and ever more powerful rhythms of planetary turnings, solar sprinklings, starry pulses, galactic tides and universal songs sweep through and around you every instant. The holographic body reverberates with the wind of Light; every cell listens to the drumbeat, attunes its spiral DNA structure to the composition, and sings its unique chord; inducing resonant vibrations throughout the cellular molecules.

The functioning of cell membranes involves very great sensitivities both to vibrating electric fields and to molecular stimulation at extremely low energy levels. The cellular processes cooperate to bring about high amplification of these initial weak trigger frequencies.

Recent research has shown that electromagnetic fields in the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum can change the characteristics of hormone, antibody, neurotransmitter and cancer-promoting molecules at the cell sites. These modulating actions of electromagnetic fields show highly cooperative processes within the biologic systems. Studies of cell membrane structure reveal electrical field-sensitive receptor sites which form signal pathways by which external stimuli are sensed and transmitted to the cell interior.

The cells move visibly in response to electrical pulses which set the cellular surfaces moving like the wind across a mature wheat field. These effects have been observed from combined low frequency electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

Pineal gland cells respond to changes in both polarity and intensity of the Earth's magnetic flows, where they powerfully influence bodily circadian rhythms. This magnetic sensitivity has been traced to nerve fiber pathways which show a mechanism for the detection and use of the information from these very weak environmental magnetic fields existing in the visual system.

The heart muscles have been shown to resonate at a fundamental node frequency within the spectrum associated with the planetary circumference. A high percentage of Earth-related naturally occurring vibrations offer harmonics within that same spectrum. Bone and muscle display piezoelectric properties which are also sensitive within these same Earth-related frequencies.

Interactions between the Earth's magnetic field and a weak, manmade, low frequency electromagnetic field produces measurable changes such as a major amplification at the cell receptor sites. This makes intercellular communication at the gap junctions very sensitive to weak, oscillating electromagnetic fields.

The human organism maintains its functioning balance by a dynamic information exchange between its various systems and the environment. Information exchange occurs at all levels within the organism, where there are sensitivities to very weak signal processes. Certain discrete bodily power windows allow specific wave-forms and frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum to initiate informational transfer. The body water or blood acts as an important carrier of bio-information allowing paramagnetic substances in the blood to act like a magnetic tape carrying and delivering information throughout the body.

Electromagnetic radiation may be seen as electrical and magnetic waves of information moving through space and our atmospheric environment. These appear to create a resonant coupling between atoms in biological molecules that allows them to move together in response to very low amplitude music. The cells whisper and dance together as they listen to these faint vibrations within and outside the body.

Some of these resonant body structures exhibit a resonance matching the Earth's natural magnetic field, allowing certain rhythmic behavior as seen in human and other life forms. All life on Earth has developed under the influence of this geomagnetic field which varies in structure and dynamic properties via geomagnetic pulsations. These pulsations are due to the interaction of the plasma waves coming from throughout the Solar System and Cosmos and interacting with the Earth' magnetosphere.

When our brain and body rhythms are measured electromagnetically, they are found to occur prominently within what is termed the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum and lower. This brain-wave spectrum is also divided into band segments, called the alpha (greatest amplitude), beta, theta, delta, and zeta; ranging from 30 cycles per second and down below 1 cps.

The measurable presence of these different frequencies seems to indicate changes in individual consciousness. An example might be that a relaxed, attentive state develops strong alpha wave rhythms; these are also the prominent Earth resonant frequency ranges. The theta rhythms are found to occur during the dream period, and also while experiencing a spontaneous creative, intuitive state. The theta frequencies are seen to have strong lunar rhythm harmonics. The Moon has long been associated with our intuitive, creative capacity.

When calculations are performed related to the solar system and the planets, it is found that all of the planets and most of their moons have frequency aspects which fall within our brain-wave spectrum. All of the planetary systems have electromagnetic field structures and prominent magnetospheric frequencies. Our home solar system forms a complex, harmonically interrelating, multi-octave musical instrument composed of over forty octaves of vibrational interplay. Your brain/body structure resonates to those continually fluctuating field patterns as they beat against the Earth's, Moon's, and Sun's natural rhythms.

This vast array of solar system matrices is in constant flux as the various motion aspects phase in and out of resonance within the interplanetary magnetic field. Well known cyclical motions present harmonic relationships: the solar day cycle resonates with the alpha spectrum Earth frequency, the 11 year Sunspot cycle results from a Jupiter-Saturn frequency beating; Planetary-coupled Moon motions are harmonically resonating with the Earth's motions. The basic planetary time cycles form a mathematical pattern like the growth pattern of the sunflower blossom. All of these modulate the Earth's rhythms and by so doing send to us their music.

We in turn, by conscious attunement, may select coherent rhythms which align our biosystem, radiate and couple its energy field within the Earth field, and link our holographic biofields for common benefit.

Consciousness may be seen as a framework of electrical charges or vibrational standing-waves in motion.

Our personality becomes a reverberating input-output pattern of self-creation, seeking information from the total environment as well as from the past and future. Transformation becomes a self-directed energy pattern modification.

When we consciously experience a sunrise or sunset, a new moon or a full moon, the equinoxes and solstices, or visit special and unique spots on the planet, a calibrating effect results which involves the whole biological rhythmic systems. We thus become resynchronized and recalibrated by our own conscious effort.

Such a self-organized moving-system bio-hologram could achieve adequate coherence to extend existence as a field of radiant energy separate from a material substrate. - Listen to the Drumbeat



The Quantum Coherent Photon Field [ Fritz Popp ]  - L - Field  ( Burr ) of  the organism is ultrasensitive

to such subtle electronic aberrations. When not rectified,

later, the subatomic changes reflected in cellular morphology can be observed microscopically.  The human organism, a liquid crystalline continuum possesses all the qualities of a body consciousness that may indeed be sensitive to all forms of subtle energy medicine [ the Qi, Prana or Vital Force ] including acupuncture, [ Homeopathy , Flower Essences or Aromatherapeutics ].What the cell salt in the minimal dose does is to cause an orientation of the cell salt molecules so as to fill the gaps in the chains of molecules of the affected cell or tissue. Since the deficiency is molecular, the replacement must be molecular by resonance. Resonance is said to occur when the respective periods of free oscillation

of two or more different systems coincide with or near one another,producing a sympathetic

vibratory unison by co-resonance.


Resonance involves an exchange between systems, a kind of

mutual 'sensing' - the inward and outward waves of the cell and the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe.




The body 's L-Field serves as a matrix or mould which preserves the

'shape' or arrangement of any material poured into it.


[ Body Consciousness (Mae-Wan Ho) in Morphic Resonance  [Rupert Sheldrake ]



Morphic resonance is a term coined by Rupert

Sheldrake for what he thinks is "the basis of

memory in nature....the idea of mysterious

telepathy-type interconnections between

organisms and of collective memories within


Sheldrake has hypothesized a field of morphic ("pattern-related") resonance in which patterns of knowledge, structure or behavior of a certain kind of thing (whether a salt crystal or a human mind) become increasingly embedded as a "habit," an ingrained pattern of information which influences and is accessible to other members of that category of thing. In commenting on the rat experiments, Sheldrake said: "If rats are taught a new trick in Manchester, then rats of the same breed all over the world should show a tendency to learn the same trick more rapidly, even in the absence of any known type of physical connection or communication. The greater the number of rats that learn it, the easier it should become for their successors."

A minority of biologists have been suggesting the possibility of morphogenetic (form-generating) fields for decades. Sheldrake's unique contribution has been to create a testable hypothesis regarding such fields. Despite the fact that it seems to violate all broadly-accepted principles of science, the experimental evidence is rapidly mounting that, indeed, something of this kind is at work.

Sheldrake has ventured some guesses as to the relationship between morphogenetic fields and our individual memory and intelligence. He suggests that our brains may not contain memories and knowledge, per se, but may be devices for tuning in to relevant sections of the morphogenetic field for human memory, much as a radio tunes into radio waves. Our own personal memories would naturally be more accessible than those of other people or cultures (since, in morphogenetic resonance, like resonates with like), but theoretically the memories of every human (and other entities?) would be available to anyone capable of tuning in.


The signs and symptoms of ill health are the manifestations of the disturbed energy fields of the cell. Relieving these signs and symptoms does not give a radical cure,it merely palliates and may even suppress the disease making it chronic Magneto-therapy may restore the disturbed oscillations to the normal pattern but of no lasting therapeutic value without the signature of bioradiation from a cell salt or cell salts.  Another way of putting it is: as the cell functions electromagnetically, any stress that causes a disruption of the body's electromagnetic field, unbalances it. This loss of electromagnetic equilibrium constitutes disease. . It has been shown that biological systems have the property to pick up and to store the wrong type of energies from electromagnetic oscillations through what we eat what we breathe,what we drink, what we touch, what we hear,what we see what we think,what we are exposed to and what we practise. These pathological oscillations are retained stubbornly within the organism to produce regulatory disorders, hinder the free flow of energy in the organ causing blockage of energy, which can be homeopathically acute or chronic. Chromosomal mutations cannot be ruled out with the loss of the ability to adequately adjust to these morbid fluctuations.

The causes may be due to:

Adverse genetic mutations  ( chemical mutations of microbes- Viruses,Bacteria,Fungi and Parasites ).

Heavy Toxic Metal Poisoning

Unbalancing and disruptive external energies and fields

Inadequate diet

Attack by pathogens

Physical trauma

Emotional trauma

Rigid , morbid thought patterns


A miasma ( Psora, Syphilis or Sycosis) can be a genetic expression , the result of evolution of the community of which the individual is a part. The evolution of that genetic heritage has evolved within the backdrop of the evolution of our solar system. Any illness which our genetic expression cannot resolve adequately results in a chronically impaired organism or probably death. It is the aetheric soil that we should tend to and the HIV virus with the secondary invaders will be nothing but negative elementals like aetheric cockroaches and parasites. Just like electricity, electromagnetic oscillations can be conducted through a cable.

Extraneous oscillations stored in the body can be removed by inverting and filtering the pathological ones converting these to physiological oscillations. These are then fed to the body using a hand held cable. The hypothesis that life is governed by electromagnetic oscillations, the initiation of cancerous growth and its self programmed death featuring the p53 gene factor and intercellular communication, revolve very much round the tissue salts. Tissue cells rapidly disintegrate when the proportions of Sodium, Potassium and Lime salts in the ordered water are not proportional.

Cytoplasmic water has unique characteristics related to being a major component of a living organism - the water is somehow alive.Water in cell cytoplasm fluctuates between phases of disordered liquid (solution: "sol") and ordered solid (gelatinous: "gel") determined by polymerization of the actin cytoskeleton. Cycles of sol-gel transformations are important in fundamental cellular processes (movement, growth, mitosis, synapse formation, etc.) and are regulated by calcium, which in turn may be regulated by other cytoskeletal structures such as microtubules. Sol-gel transformations mirror the mechanisms of life in nature.


The normal ratio:

100 molecules of sodium

2.2 molecules of Potassium

1.5 molecules of Lime


Any variation from this proportion will bring about rapid disintegration of the protoplasm. This is to ensure a stable metabolism in the cell and is a protective mechanism. Thus of the Sodiums, Sodium Phosphate creates, Sodium Chloride distributes and Sodium Sulphate eliminates. How does the therapeutic action of a homeopathic remedy differ from the tissue salt ? A typical example Phytolacca decandra, after evaporation and incineration retains 8.4% of the inorganic 6.8 % soluble consisting of mostly Potassium salts 1.6% insoluble consisting of Calcium and Silica. Symptomatically, more will correspond to the Potash salts and fewer to the calcium, iron and silica. This explains why there are different sets of symptoms under one homeopathic drug , apparently mutually antagonistic, because each cell salt contained in the plant extract interacts differently. However, cell salts derived from plants may differ from cell salts from the mineral kingdom. Schussler admitted that " disturbed molecular motion of inorganic cell salts showing itself as disease is rectified by Biochemistry DIRECTLY by adminstration of HOMOGENEOUS substances ( cell salts ) ,whereas it is rectified by homeopathy INDIRECTLY by the adminstration of HETEROGENEOUS substances" [ e.g.  phytoproducts in  plants ] .


The basic characteristics of any living organism is that it  respires, grows, repairs itself, reproduces and eventually disintegrates.


The vibrating energy emanating from an organism is observed on a macroscopic level when we notice them move, grow, repair and reproduce Living organisms do all their work in a molecular terrain, at the cellular level .

Energy Repair People that we are,

in reality, are Mother Nature's universal energy

transformers in tune with Schumann's Resonances in the

environment, each vibrating sympathetically through his

or her own genotrophic mechanism of bioradiation of cell-salts ( Life Force), to restore Homeostasis

or Energy Balance. The new molecules and cells

are electromagnetically rebuilt with precise geometric orientation by electronic insertion at the specific disrupted links [ Tissue memory in Morphogenetic Field

( L - Field) ] generated by the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe].



Amidst the confusion and the controversy about the health effects of EMFs, clearly years away from resolution, a revolutionary new theory has emerged about how both high and low frequency radiation impacts the human biomagnetic field. Based on recent discoveries, the most profound effects of EMFs may lie beneath the level of wavelength and frequency, at the subatomic level, the world of the electron and the photon. Photons are packets of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. Electrons, surrounding the nucleus of the atom, are not really particles in the material sense. Electrons are actually energetic regions in space, called shells, which absorb and emit energy in the form of photons. The cell can be thought of as an information center, composed of molecules which in turn are composed of atoms constantly sending forth and receiving streams of photons. Photons create a signal potential of subatomic information. In order for cells to function together in the body, the signal potential the transfer of information in the form of photon streams from cell to cell must flow smoothly in an orderly fashion, a coherent signal potential.'

If something disrupts the natural order and coherence of this dynamic flow of photons, the photon stream becomes disrupted. As photon streams become more incoherent, the cellular information flow breaks down. It may be that optimal function of the human body depends upon the smoothness and coherence of the photonic signal potential at the subatomic level. Disease, is a direct manifestation of a breakdown in this subatomic energetic communication that is perhaps the fundamental coordinating mechanism for all physiologic activity.



         The most revolutionary and transcendental discovery Burr made during his research with L-fields, was that the Field is promordial. It cannot, therefore, be an emanation from the physical structure. Burr 's conclusion was, inevitably, that the L-field is the organizing principle behind the physical structure, or the program that organizes the atoms and molecules into cells and organs, and conditions them to certain forms and functions.
 This means that the only level of treatment that cannot be overruled is that of the L-field itself, which is a vibrating,  wave-producing, energy structure. Characteristic of such a structure is its ability to resonate, that is picking up certain vibratory characteristics from waves produced by other structures.
The world is made up of energy structures. Structures that are non-material and that resonate.  Prof. Harold Saxton Burr of Yale University , after 40 years of painstaking research showed that all living organisms do indeed have an energy field, which he learnt to measure and analyze with a special electronic instrument he built himself. He also showed that the energy fields of living oganisms ( L-fields - L for Life) show continuous, mostly cyclic variations. Some of these variations coincide with the diurnal cycle, The Circadian Rhythm, i.e. the 24-hour cycle), others coincide with the sunspot cycle, which - as has been clearly demonstrated by other researchers - is related to planetary configurations and the lunar cycle.  Burr also discovered that he could predict illness through the changes in the L-field, before any physical symptoms of illness could be registered.
                                                   The L-field can be influenced by many different agents and all have one thing in common: these produce radiations which effect the L-field by way of resonance or interference, thus
intensifying or disturbing its own natural wave-pattern. Among these agents we have cosmic influences, such as, the energies generated by the movements of the planets, electric charges of the air, such as, positively charged ions, musical notes (which are specific wavelengths of sound), colours (which are specific wavelengths of light), all kinds of radiation like X-rays  Radionics is founded on the holographic principle of the Universe, which means that each of the parts of a whole contains the complete picture of the whole, a principle that is also visible at the cell-level, where each cell carries the DNA molucule carrying the genetic program of the entire organism.
Homeopathy  works on the L-field level, and that would explain the effect of the extremely small doses of the active substances.
German biophysicist F. A. Popp at the Unversity of Marburg says that each living cell has a standing wave-field, principally consisting of one sound-wave and one heat-wave within the infrared part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. This wave-field functions as a kind of defense system that wards off disturbing electro-magnetic influences from outside. It also works as a carrier of biological information. Two observations are of the prime importance: first is that the gland reacts to electro-magnetic vibrations of a certain wavelength ( Bioradiation ).The second observation is that metal ions ( cell-salts ) participate in the production of the hormones that actually direct the physiological processes of the body and thus indirectly run the whole show including metabolism, growth, regeneration of cells  of the various organs." The Field Resonance Approaching Medicine by Dr.Jens Jerndal


Research proved that metal ions react to planetary vibrations, and not only that, but that each of them is sensitive only to the planet with which astrological tradition has always connected them. These experiments showed that lead ions react to Saturn, iron to Mars and silver to the Moon.  Endocrine or Ductless glands are sensitive to electro-magnetic vibrations such as electromagnetic waves from the Sun and Planets. These glands use metal ions in order to produce the hormones through which they govern chemically the functions of the organs. These metal ions have been proved to react to the vibrations of certain planets. In view of the knowledge thus gained it seems reasonable to hypothesize that the metals with their special magnetic and electric properties, act as translators of the vital cosmic energies into the chemical language of the body.

Dr. Erik Bergstrom discovered that his acupuncture treatment did not work as it should in patients with serious mineral deficiencies. Dr. Lars-Olof Berglof, in Stockholm, found that unsuccessful treatment turned out to be linked with certain mental attitudes rooted in the unconscious or in emotionally stressful situations which caused imbalances or faults in the energy field with malnutrition of trace minerals and tissue salts. It is worthwhile to note that thoughts and emotions are a powerful wave generators which can energize or disturb the L-field.

Chakras are centres in our energy fields, a kind of transformer stations for our vital energy, and they seem to be intimately linked with the  Endocrine Glands.

-       Impulses generated within these energy fields are translated into chemical language by the endocrine glands, notably the pineal and


Albert Szent-Gyorgyi , Nobel Laureate,  believes that certain vitamins, minerals and enzymes keep cell electrons from losing their energy. They interact, and their hydrogen and oxygen become water, but uncoupled electrons don't react with other spinning electrons, thus their energy isn't lost, but transferred to other living materials, to keep them vital.

Hydrogen, with a single circulating electron, is exceptionally able to pump up its energy level by filling

up with photons, and giving off energy as pi-electrons, which then determine protein building and DNA integrity. Through hydrogen, then, pi-electrons control the whole energy transfer process, and the body's surrounding magnetic field - the L - Field. Nobel Laureate Albert Szent Gyorgyi, M.D., wrote in 1985, "Whether an electron behaves as charge, or

as magnet, depends on its state of motion. When it moves, it's a charge. But if it stops, it becomes a

magnet. So an electron has this queer quality that it can change from electric charge to  magnetic which transfers its energy to drive cells. This

quality of elementary particles is one we can't understand, yet this transformation is a transformation  of life

and civiization."






1. The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler by Boericke & Dewey

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