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Dedication to a Pioneer in Digital Biology, Dr. Jacques Benveniste

"Molecular Memory 0f Water" in Digital Biology by Dr. Jacques Benveniste .
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Dedication to a Pioneer in Digital Biology This webpage is dedicated to the immortal "Molecular Memory 0f Water" in Digital Biology by Dr. Jacques Benveniste .

"The first particle that ever existed doesn't count. The magnificent achievement of creation came with the second and the third."

Dan Demyda,1973

" Can we not finally rid science of Galileo-style prosecution and replace it with genuine scientific debate?Only the future will tell, and that will depend in part on how many scientists are brave enough to follow his path into heresy.. " - Tony Edwards (Independent News) 11 October 2004

The Primordial Harmonic Template of the Universe ( Quantum
Spherical Standing Wave )

" Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the stars. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper." - Albert Einstein

Wave Structured Matter = NATURE and Logic

Briefly summarizing Wolff, the electron is comprised of two spherical scalar waves, one inward and one outward. These waves are superimposed at the origin with opposite amplitudes,....... to form a single resonant standing wave in space centered at the electron's location. A reversal of the inward wave occurs at the center where r = 0. Spin appears as a required rotation of the inward wave to become the outward wave. The outward wave induces a response of the universe when it encounters other matter in its universe and modulates their outward waves. The tiny Huygens components of those waves return to the center and become the inward wave. This simple structure, termed a space resonance (SR), produces all experimental properties of electrons. - Milo Wolff ( The Quantum Universe )

Universe began not with a bang- but a whistle

By David Derbyshire, Science Correspondent

When the first thunder bolts and lightnings struck the primordial land and water, the Template for specific resonating vibrations, was forged for all extant vibrant entities by the cosmic fire - The Keynotes of Life's Resonance

Every atom, molecule and organ of the Organism has a natural and optimum frequency referred to as the "resonant" frequency. Any disresonant object will become resonant when exposed to its keynote or resonant frequency. This is Bioresonant Detoxification.

The implication of the correct frequency is health . This Primordial Template is the Will of the Superconsciousness or God, with the provision of Intent and Desire for evolving cosmic material.The reflected sunlight into space by orbiting planets [ albedos ] is vibratory gesture of goodwill and Love. The Planet Venus is described as a planet of Love and Beauty for the simple reason that she reflects 80% of sunlight back into space . Light is life-giving Liquid. Where there is Water, there is Life. Light is liquified gas.

Matter, which is congealed radiation, is crystallized light, when dematerialized into subatomic particles, manifests pulsating energy fields, vibrating frequencies of energy or waves. Quantum physics recognizes these bursts of energy as "quanta". This energy surrounds every tissue, cell and organ of the body, ultimately creating the body's bio-energetic field - L Field ( Burr). This electromagnetic field surrounding the body holds all morphogenetic memories, environmental influences, and thought-Forms for the Information Interaction with the world.It interacts with the Huygens' wave fronts of the Spherical Standing Wave from the Universe . All imbalances occur first in this L or Vital Force Field ( Burr )The body responds euphorically to electrostatic forces at low frequencies of the Earth's daylight ELF background. This is the subtle language of biology's morphic resonance and structural stability .Quantum particles are wave structures, produced by the properties of the Quantum Wave Medium, carry light and subtle energy that can create Matter.In the laboratory, these wave structures have measured properties identical to what we call mass and charge. With higher extenuation as in homeopathic dilution,accordingly,Mass and Charge substances,' as such, do not exist.

" There is No There, THERE "


The human system has need of stored up food energy produced by the resonance of two different wave-lengths of light [ Red and Blue ] during photosynthesis. Hence, the energy in plant food is the photosynthetic equivalent of a musical chord. Whether in man or in a plant, physiologically and abstractedly, life is a melody. How could a part hear the Whole or a note, the Melody ? It is audible only in the Universal Mind. Our thoughts and emotions are
known by a pervading consciousness to which all cells,including plants, have access. There is no privacy in the universe. We cannot hide in a dark alley and think we are getting away with something. We
cannot harm the environment without dire consequences. We cannot commit a crime and think we can get away with it. We can have no secrets
with the living and the dead. Life is transitional and multi-dimensional. In fact the whole universe is a Giant Psychic Center in the Universal Mind.

The Universal Language, Mother Nature's primordial resonance of the DNA, is the first one known to all life on Earth. It is still understood by animals
and to some extent by plant life. It has a very wide vocabulary which includes images, symbols, feelings, sensations, scents, harmonics, colour, art, and music. Each thought is constructed in a mind and picked up by other life forms by means of telepathic transfer. We know that it is understood by the botanic world, as plants close to another being pruned or weeded, have been observed to show signs of stress [ Backster effect ]. It is also fairly well accepted that they respond to music. We still have much to learn about this method of communication from plants and animals in their alarm system. The Sumatra tsunami on 26 Dec,2004 was a strong case in point: Gaia's creatures,both wild and domesticated , have been forewarned before the tsunami onslaught. No major animal death was reported.
A German physicist called Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that humans emit highly coherent photons, the tiniest particles of light. An essential source of photons is DNA, which may mean that DNA uses the wave frequencies of this light to drive all the processes of the body. Other tests show that animals of the same species suck up the light emitted from each other. This activity could explain the silent communication that occurs between animals, and why flocks of birds or schools of fish, for instance, are able to achieve incredible, instantaneous feats of synchronized movement. One discovery is that every molecule emits its own unique frequency, which is used for communication. French scientists have shown that you can record the frequency of a molecule, play it to another molecule and the signal itself can take the place of chemicals in initiating biological processes.( Molecular Memories -Benveniste )
Each tissue has its specific catalytic facilitator for the tissue's specific functions. The cellular components respond only to specific resonances and are virtual realities in the multi-dimensional cell .
The rationale of all the brain's functions is in the interaction between the brain and the Zero Point Field. New evidence shows the brain's conversations with the body and enviroment might also occur on the quantum level, with waves and frequencies, rather with chemical or electrical impulses alone. Our memories don't sit inside our heads at all. Our brains are simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium The L- Field ( Burr ) or The Electronic Field.

Not only organisms have controlling electromagnetic energy fields, but all substances define their chemical and physical properties through electro-magnetic prerequisites. Every substance has a frequency spectrum of electromagnetic waves specific to it -- comparable to an electromagnetic fingerprint ( Cell Salts ). This frequency spectrum characteristic of a substance is used to identify substances. For most organic molecules or organic systems the highest intensity of these electromagnetic rays is in the infrared frequency area. Bioresonance uses the much more homeostatic extreme low-frequency range between 10 Hz and 150 kHz. Because the photon energy in this area is extremely weak, these signals are called "ultra weak" or "ultra fine." But there is not always a correlation between strength and effectiveness of signals -- and particularly not in living organisms, because these systems are non-linear. Also in this frequency range in Bioresonance, every cell has its own particular electromagnetic field. Cells identical in structure have identical fields. Cells differing in structure have different fields. Thus cell structures, organs, and body systems can show electromagnetic resonances. In healthy people the fields specific to cells vary very little -- if at all.

Control oscillations are the parts necessary for the control of physiological processes. Exogenous signals are needed to stimulate control oscillations because an organism is an open system. Apart from mechanical impulses (such as movement) and chemical impulses (such as food, water and oxygen), the body needs environmental stimuli in the form of light, sound, Schumann waves, gravitation, and so on. If these exogenous impulses are missing, this will lead to degenerative processes caused by the decreased intensity of the control oscillations.The control oscillations are the space resonances of the Primordial Harmonic Template of Spherical Standing Wave from the Universe mediated via the L-Field. It is generally known that magnetic fields, and their harmonic vibrations, interact with one another in varying degrees of attraction and repulsion, varying degrees of 'in-phaseness' or 'out-of-phaseness' with one another. The harmonic of a physical body is seen to be intermeshed not only with the body itself, but also extending beyond it... with each living organism, as a radiating, receiving and transmitting unit into or from outer space,with a frequency resonating with other aspects of its physiological and psychological existence . Given these conditions, it seems reasonable to expect that a human body, as an independently vibrating source, is capable of attaining a degree of resonance with other independently vibrating sources. Not only establishing resonance with other human bodies, but also with other frequencies of sounds , Schumann Resonances, colours, fragrances, intra/extraplanetarily.


Biophyscists propose that magnetic resonance of pi - electrons is the " anti - entrophy " principle of life. Without it,we would rapidly waste energy, falling apart and die. By supplying energy to cells, the resonance of pi - electrons stabilizes to hold things together.
Magnetism is a circular field of flowing force which encloses space and defines form . Magnetism supplies a standing waveform vessel to entrain and to retain stable patterns of energy. Magnetism imparts shape to order the so-called empty space of particle physics, and thus provide form to particles of matter and pulses of energy. Dr. Royal Rife 's microscopy demonstrated 16 internested layers intracellularly, each layer with virtual organelles brought to focus by specific spectral frequencies
. All living organisms derive directional data from magnetic sensing of geomagnetism. Magnetisn is known to alter biochemical reactions by influencing electron spin states in reacting molecules, such as electrons in photosynthetic bacteria. Tiny chains of micro-crystals of magnetite convert the latter to bacterial compasses. In humans and primates, the new found magnetic organ is sited behind the ethmoid sinus in front of the pituitary gland. It can detect less than .001 gauss within a second - far more sensitive than the best compass. Hence, the directional advice of " to follow your nose". People disconnected to geomagnetism is completely desynchronized and synchronization of biorhythms is coupled to Extremely Low Frequencies {ELF] geomagnetic pulsations[ 7 - 10 Hz ].

From the strict probing and study
of our most learned Scientists, they are now finding that their calculations
only make sense if extra-universal factors are taken into account.

Molecular Co-resonance ( Benveniste )

Atoms are constantly vibrating and emitting infrared radiation in a highly complex manner. However, precisely because of the complexity of their infrared vibrations, molecules also produce much lower "beat" frequencies. It turns out that these beats are within the human audible range (20 to 20,000 Hertz) and are specific for every different molecule. Thus, as well as radiating in the infrared region, molecules also broadcast frequencies in the same range as the human voice. This is the molecular signal that Benveniste detects and records. If molecules can broadcast, then they should also be able to receive. The specific broadcast of one molecular species will be picked up by another, "tuned" by its molecular structure to receive it. Benveniste calls this matching of broadcast with reception "co-resonance", and says it works like a radio set.
The ' window frequencies ' known as Schuman Resonances are the vibrational frequencies of the earth's electromagnetic fields (emfs). This means that the brain waves of a person in the Alpha [ 8 - 13 Hz ] and Beta [ 14 - 30 Hz ] states will resonate in sympathy with the earth's emfs producing constructive interference which amplifies the vibration.The discovery of millions of crystals in the cells of the brain suggests that the brain might be able to tune in (similar to a radio receiver) to the surrounding earth's emfs, the crystals providing the vibratory link between the earth's natural frequencies [ from its surface to the boundry of its solid inner core ] and the Alpha - Beta brain waves, resulting in Schuman Resonances with a diurnal variation of Plus or Minus 0.5 Hz
The transmission of waves from the brain throughout the body - in possibly a similar way to transmission of radio waves from a radio tuned to a certain frequency - could help the body achieve its own particular resonant frequencies thought to achieve, or be conducive to, optimal health. Under normal healthy circumstances, the brain transmits correct frequencies to all cells of the body to keep them resonating at the optimal frequency by tuning into the electromagnetic atmospherics via Schumann Resonances - an essential role in all resonate effects, whether these are photonic, sonic, gravitational, electromagnetic or gravitonic.

The world is Sound!

What is more startling is that the visualised sounds are scalar frequencies inherent in Nature's Silence ( natural sounds of extremely low frequency [ ELF ] such as the splashing of a water-fall, the gurgling,meandering flow of a stream, the reverberating sound of thunder and lightning,the howling of the wind and the sferics of celestial orchestration ]

"Visual Music" speaks a language made of three-dimensional, sound-emitting images. In other words, its language, the inner harmonic tones, caused by Electron Spin Resonance of absorbed chemicals by smell or ingestion or Nature's Silence, which gains in energy the longer it is sustained, can actually become visible - as if the vibrational wave patterns were shifting into the visible spectrum or inducing a vibrational excitation of the air in such a way as to affect light diffraction .Thus, sounds can be seen and colours be heard, the phenons and photons of biological origin. Space becomes synaesthetic .

Acoustical holography employs sound waves to create a movement on a surface that is used as the basis for creation of an optical hologram. So we essentially convert a pattern of sound waves reflected off an object in space into a pattern of light waves that can reconstruct the shape of that object. We have a transformation between two levels of vibration, two media as it were, preserving a pattern in space. (Miller and Webb, 1973).

d,All things.... are aggregations of atoms that dance and by their movements produce sounds. When the rhythm of the dance changes, the sound it produces also changes. each atom perpetually sings its song, and the sound, at every moment, creates dense and subtle forms. -Alexandra David-Neel in Tibetan Journey

So what you see is a physical representation of vibration, or how sound manifests into form through the medium of matter.
"In the beginning was the word..." takes on a whole new meaning while looking at these cymatic images portraying the inherent responsiveness of matter to sound, but also because they inspire a deep recognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this same complex and intricate vibrational matrix.

Cymatics is the Study of Wave Phenomena - a futuristic science

The Intelligence of Structured Water

Water and magnetism have a curious, intimate relationship. Ancients viewed magnetism as "invisible cosmic fluid." Mesmer said animal magnetism is a liquid streaming between cosmic poles. Even today science describes EM most often by analogy to water. Swing a bucket of water at the end of rope and centrifugal forces pull it up and away. These forces result from the combined gravitational pull of all the distant stars and planets, Austrian physicist Ernst Mach wrote. Any change in the orientation of heavenly bodies would affect forces on matter everywhere, so powerful is their combined effect. The idea that G may change with respect to the way a body is positioned relative to the rest of the universe is simply an example of Mach's adage: matter out there affects forces right here. One significant problem for biologists is the universal presence of water in cells and tissue. Dismissed as mere oxygen and hydrogen, water is far from trite. It's 75 percent of our bodies, the most crucial liquid on Earth -- the universal solvent - Structured Water.

These clustered or structured water molecules are powerful and highly tuned electromagnetic antennae or receptors for receiving, amplifying and transmitting of electromagnetic information in the universe notably in plants and tree. And Light is liquified GAS.Water passes on the "impressions" it has received wherever it is absorbed by the Biologically Active Zones[ BAZ ]of the earth and the Biologically Active Points [BAP] on the surface macromembranes of bio-objects in plants, animals and man. In moving water, the earthly world thus allows the ever changing life in the universe of the stars to flow into its course by absorbing environmental electromagnetic fields through BAPs and BAZs during the Information-Energy interaction. Cosmic events and water are linked with the stream of time in the ebb and flow of the tides. Water is the primary intelligence of the body carrying within it the frequencies of our entire bio-chemical signatures as well as being a receiver of cosmic intelligence. All fluid systems whether circulating blood, the tides of cerebro-spinal fluid, the pounding of oceans, or
frozen pellets swirling in the cosmos, are fundamentally ONE resonating organ, exempt from conventional time-space differentials. The fluid system is a wealth of multi-planar communication, inhabiting structure but not bound by it.

There is something more in this clear, sparkling liquid [ potentised structured Water by homeopathic dynamization] -- an added energy that imparts a special, stronger charge: the electromagnetic entrainment of frequencies for subatomic memories , inter/intra cellular and interplanetory communication by co-resonance. This intangible quality is not only too delicate for our ordinary senses to detect, but beyond the boundaries of language and science to clearly, precisely describe this subtle processing phenomenon by the Primordial Harmonic Template, forged by cosmic fire , with all the extant vibratory signatures of cosmic dust, as the Spherical Standing Wave.

This , Benveniste,claims, is how millions of biological molecules manage to communicate at the speed of light with their own corresponding molecule and no other. It also explains why minute changes in the structure of a molecule can profoundly alter its biological effect ( aggravation induced by ingestion of a homeopathic ). It is not that these tiny structural changes make it a bad fit with its biological receptor (the classical lock-and-key approach). The structural modifications "detune" the molecule to its receptors, thus creating vibratory chaos in the molecular terrain at the cellular level( aggravating symptoms in homeopathy). What is more, and just like radio sets and receivers, the molecules do not have to be close together for communication to take place ( Distant Healing, Radisthesia). The natural rate of vibration of the electromagnetic field of the cell is kept in the DNA memory core. It represents a system with its own natural, vibrating value. For example, if we merge a cell with its own disturbed vibrating field, in a vibrating electromagnetic field having the same vibrating natural frequency of a neighboring healthy cell, resonance contact should restore its own electromagnetic field on its natural values. The functioning of cell membranes involves very great sensitivities both to vibrating electric fields and to molecular stimulation at extremely low energy levels. The cellular processes cooperate to bring about high amplification of these initial weak trigger frequencies. This is amelioration in Homeopaythy. In other words, the organism can self-heal, after It is possible only if we have the coded electromagnetic information of the natural electromagnetic field of the cell. Research has shown that water is a liquid crystal with a pliable lattice matrix that is capable of adopting many structural forms . The structure of water gives it an infinite capacity to store information within its matrix. A growing body of recent scientific evidence is now confirming traditional intuitive understanding of water's role as mediator between the energetic and material worlds and its function as an accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energy patterns and information. Much evidence points to water's ability to effectively memorize energy patterns with which it comes in contact and retain the energetic memory of vibrational frequencies for extended periods of time. Homeopathic medicine is based on water's capacity to store within its structural matrix the energetic imprint or vibrational signature of physical substances.

Schumann's Resonances

The Quantum Coherent Photon Field [ Fritz Popp ] or L - Field ( Burr ) of the organism is ultrasensitive to such subtle electronic aberrations. When not rectified, later, the subatomic changes reflected in cellular morphology can be observed microscopically. The human organism, a liquid crystalline continuum possesses all the qualities of a body consciousness that may indeed be sensitive to all forms of subtle energy medicine [ the Qi, Prana or Vital Force ] including acupuncture, [ Homeopathy , Flower Essences or Aromatherapeutics ].What the cell salt in the minimal dose does is to cause an orientation of the cell salt molecules so as to fill the gaps in the chains of molecules of the affected cell or tissue. Since the deficiency is molecular, the replacement must be molecular by resonance. Resonance is said to occur when the respective periods of free oscillation of two or more different systems coincide with or near one another,producing a sympathetic vibratory unison by co-resonance. Resonance involves an exchange between systems, a kind of mutual 'sensing' - the inward and outward waves of the cell and the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe. The body 's L-Field serves as a matrix or mould which preserves the shape or arrangement of any material poured into it. [ Body Consciousness (Mae-Wan Ho) in Morphic Resonance [Rupert Sheldrake ] .The vibrating energy emanating from an organism is observed on a macroscopic level when we notice them move, grow, repair and reproduce . The basic characteristics of any living organism is that it respires, grows, repairs itself, reproduces and eventually disintegrates. Living organisms do all their work in a molecular terrain, at the cellular level .

Energy Repair People that we are, in reality, are Mother Nature's universal energy transformers in tune with Schumann's Resonances in the environment, each vibrating sympathetically through his or her own genotrophic mechanism of bioradiation of cell-salts ( Life Force), to restore Homeostasis or Energy Balance.


The highly reactive metals ,rarely found as pure elements, become minerals first to be biological by reacting with Oxygen,Hydrogen,Nitrogen,Sulphur,Chlorine etc. The metallic atoms in minerals are the centres of charge in large molecules that form cells and living tissues. The metallic elements coordinate and direct the flow of electrons, atomic reactions,strength of membranes and enzymatic actions in biological life. Salt, a product of ionic chemicals,an acid and a base, is chemical fire. Its corrossive appetite is fed ,not by wood or coal but by metallic electrons which fuel chemical reactions. Concentration of metals in all bio-objects creates their specific electromagnetic characteristics. As electrically charged ions with extra or missing, unpaired electrons,many elements become paramagnetic. In Biology, the most important is Oxygen, and its triad ion, Ozone [ O3 ]. Ionised,Oxygen's extra electrons jump in and out of outer orbits and radiates visible electromagnetic energy.

The Life Cycle on Earth is initiated by the lack of paramagnetic Oxygen molecules. There is the absence of Oxygen in the early atmosphere. Any outgassed Oxygen would have reacted with the metals in the crust, causing oxidation. The absence of oxygen is critical for the formation of Organic Molecules. Reduction of Carbon is a key step in Chemical Evolution. For carbon to be reduced, the early atmosphere must have contained CH4, H2 and NH3- molecules that can give up electrons . Once organic molecules are formed , only heat is needed to drive formation of more complex organic molecules to complete chemical evolution. Small organic molecules could have formed in the atmosphere and hydrothermal vents of early Earth, according to the Oparin-Haldane Chemical Evolution Hypothesis. Amino-acids could have formed in the ancient oceans - The Prebiotic Soup or plashed in after meteorite impacts. Interstellar dust that constantly falls on earth contains Hydrogen Cyanide ( HCN) and Aldehydes ( H2CO ), which are key reactants in forming Amino Acids.The Murchison meteorite which landed on Earth in 1969, contained 18 different amino acids.

" The quantum vibrations, the original vibratory signatures that occur at the molecular level ,assemble the amino acids, thus joining protein chains. " [ Sternheimer ]

The heating of H2CO molecules in the prebiotic soup readily formed almost all the pentose and hexose monosaccharides. Macromolecules polymerize from monomers formed .Chemical Evolution predicts that the the first living entity was a self-replicating molecule. Proteins can be catalysts but cannot be templates for synthesising new proteins. A catalyst is a molecule that increaes the rate of chemical reaction by lowering the activation energy. The DNA molecule is chemically inert and is not an effective catalyst. It is a stable Information-containing Molecule that can act as a Template . Whereas, the RNA molecule can be a Template or a Catalyst. Biological Evolution commences when self-organising resonance of the self-replicating molecule occurs. Gaia's Bioresonance thus becomes the primary mechanism for creating the diversity of living organisms.

In the human system, Calcium Phosphate is of prime importance since bone tissue acts as a ground-earth wave conductor for Extremely Low Frequency [ ELF ] currents. The downstream of electrolytes from urethra to ground provides an antenna wave for electric dissipative-discharge as well as contact for terrestrial magnetic fields and periodic, rhythmic synchronizations, something now denied the `civilized' creature of homo sapiens. Manganese reacts with terrestrial magnetic fields. It brings forth life,the very essence of procreation in nature. Minerals provide strong electromagnetic charge to hold organic molecules in tight, stable association.Chronic excess of acids forces the body to use stored calcium in teeth and bones to neutralise acids. The depleted soils cannot supply minerals needed for systemic electrolytes while refining and processing further remove more minerals .Thus, optimum electromagnetic charge cannot be generated for cellular activities.With an unbalanced electromagnetic field force of bioradiation by the cell salts,calcium cannot adhere to bone-matrix for growth and healing. Nitrogen is a mitogenetic agent, a biomagnet for ionic attraction, an electrolyte that attracts [ Holds Life ] protein together. A notable feature of all biological objects, from the lowest to the highest evolutionary form, is their bio-information and energy interaction with the environment. Just what effects a lesser magnetic field and higher vibratory rate have on us ? "
The opportunity to more easily change the patterns that can determine how and why we love,fear,judge,feel,need and hurt". - Gregg Braden

Research proved that metal ions react to planetary vibrations, sensitive only to the planet with which astrological tradition has always connected them. lead ions react to Saturn, iron to Mars and silver to the Moon. Endocrine or Ductless glands are sensitive to electro-magnetic vibrations such as electromagnetic waves from the Sun and Planets. These glands use metal ions in order to produce the hormones through which they govern chemically the functions of the organs. These metal ions have been proved to react to the vibrations of certain planets. In view of the knowledge thus gained it seems reasonable to hypothesize that the metals with their special magnetic and electric properties, act as translators of the vital cosmic energies into the chemical language of the body. Dr. Erik Bergstrom discovered that his acupuncture treatment did not work as it should in patients with serious mineral deficiencies. Dr. Lars-Olof Berglof, in Stockholm, found that unsuccessful treatment turned out to be linked with certain mental attitudes rooted in the unconscious or in emotionally stressful situations which caused imbalances or faults in the energy field with malnutrition of trace minerals and tissue salts. It is worthwhile to note that thoughts and emotions are a powerful wave generators which can energize or disturb the L-field.

L - FIELD ( Burr )

An important feature of all biological objects, from the lowest to the highest evolutionary form is their bio-information and energy - interaction with the environment.

It must be remembered that at the time of biological emergence, millions of years ago, the electric and magnetic fields were already in place. Every living organism has had to adapt, if not evolve, with electric and magnetic fields. Failure to adapt leads to extinction. Thus, every living object has its own ElectroMagnetic Energy (EME) which can change with external conditions, including energy (paraphysical) spectrums not connected directly with EME.

The most revolutionary and transcendental discovery Burr made during his research with L-fields, was that the Field is promordial. It cannot, therefore, be an emanation from the physical structure. Burr's conclusion was, inevitably, that the L-field is the organizing principle behind the physical structure, or the program that organizes the atoms and molecules into cells and organs, and conditions them to certain forms and functions.
The L-field itself, which is a vibrating, wave-producing, energy structure. Characteristic of such a structure is its ability to resonate, that is picking up certain vibratory characteristics from waves produced by other structures.
The world is made up of energy structures. Structures that are non-material and that resonate.The energy fields of living oganisms ( L-fields - L for Life) show continuous, mostly cyclic variations which coincide with the diurnal cycle, The Circadian Rhythm, i.e. the 24-hour cycle, others coincide with the sunspot cycle, which - as has been clearly demonstrated by other researchers - is related to planetary configurations and the lunar cycle. Burr also discovered that he could predict illness through the changes in the L-field, before any physical symptoms of illness could be registered.
The L-field can be influenced by many different agents and all have one thing in common: these produce radiations which effect the L-field by way of resonance or interference, thus intensifying or disturbing its own natural wave-pattern. Among these agents we have cosmic influences, such as, the energies generated by the movements of the planets, electric charges of the air, such as, positively charged ions, musical notes (which are specific wavelengths of sound), colours (which are specific wavelengths of light), all kinds of radiation like X-rays. Radionics is founded on the holographic principle of the Universe, which means that each of the parts of a whole contains the complete picture of the whole, a principle that is also visible at the cell-level, where each cell carries the DNA molecule carrying the genetic program of the entire organism.

German biophysicist F. A. Popp at the Unversity of Marburg says that each living cell has a standing wave-field, principally consisting of one sound-wave and one heat-wave within the infrared part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. This wave-field functions as a kind of defense system that wards off disturbing electro-magnetic influences from outside. It also works as a carrier of biological information.


We are walking Energy Switching Devices, processing a range of electromagnetic field strengths from radio waves to gravitonic energies through the spectrum of Ultra-violet and Cosmic Radiations, including Qigong [ subaudible acoustic or scalar radiations ]. The new molecules and cells are electromagnetically rebuilt with precise geometric orientation by electronic insertion at the specific disrupted links [ Tissue memory in Morphogenetic Field ( L - Field) ] generated by the Spherical Standing Wave of the Universe].When in magnetic harmony of the Earth's grid, under a tree , by the ocean , or near a water-fall, we are entrained in Nature's Silence. We are in fact, reciprocally and actively telling Mother Nature with human love how to sustain her magnetic grid. An active intention to love the Earth, passed in the meditative moment means the healing of a magnetic field around us.The essential factor for magnetism is "free" electrons - those hypermobile matter pakages with negative electric charge. An electron is spinning charge -- a mini-dynamo. And spinning makes it act as a magnet. Local changes in the DC field can be measured half a second before sensory signals arrive in the brain, suggesting that the activities in the brain may be pre-conditioned by an ambient field ( L-Field - Burr of Yale University ). Furthermore, this liquid crystalline lattice possess all the properties essential for distribution , a body consciousness that can register and trigger " tissue memories " of previous experience, entrained in the coherent water molecules

Exotic matter and Energy

" In the beginning was the Void. Sound waves [the Word] originated in the first instant of the universe’s life, when the cosmos underwent an extraordinary expansion. No one really knows what drove it, but by stretching the very fabric of space, it magnified a weird subatomic phenomenon that is known today as the spontaneous materialization of particles from a complete vacuum. Vacuum fluctuation underlies both cosmology and quantum processes.

Vacuum-spawned particles are constantly flickering in and out of existence around us, arising from and sinking back into the void. During inflation, this process like everything else in the universe, was magnified tremendously. The rapidly expanding early universe imparted enough energy to these particle wannabes that instead of quickly subsiding into the vacuum, they remained in the real world. The sudden influx of countless particles from the vacuum was like a stone thrown into the dense particle pond of the early universe, sending out ripples--pressure waves. And pressure waves rippling through a gas are nothing more than sound waves. The entire universe rang like a bell.

Those reverberations were abruptly silenced 13 billion years ago, when the universe became transparent. Once photons were traveling freely through space, ["Let there be Light!"], there was no longer enough pressure to support the sound waves. But before fading forever, those echoes of creation had left their mark on the cosmic microwave background. When sound waves were still spreading through the universe, they compresssed the particle soup in some regions of the cosmos and rarefied it in others. Pressure changes cause temperature changes--increase the pressure in a gas and the temperature increases. Microwave photons coming from these various regions have slightly different temperatures. The temperature patterns show the universe just as it was when the particle fog--and the sound waves--vanished. " -Iona Miller ( 12/2000 )

The Living Void [ Physical Vacuum ]

Form is emptiness, and emptiness is indeed form. Emptiness is not different from Form,Form is not different from Emptiness. What is Form that is Emptiness, what is Emptiness that is Form ? The Physical Vacuum, as it is called in Field Theory, is not a state of mere nothingness but contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms,in turn, are not independent physical entities but merely transcient manifestations of the underlying Void. The Great Void cannot but consist of Chi, Prana or Vital Force; this Zero Point Energy, Chi or etheric nothingness cannot but condense to form all things; and these things cannot but become dispersed so as to form , once more ,the Great Void. At the time of its condensation, can one say otherwise than that this is but temporary? But at the time of its dispersing, can one hastily say that it is then non-existent ? Thus Chi, Prana or Vital Force, condenses and disperses rhythmically, bringing forth all forms which eventually dissolve into the Void. Solid objects with Form dissipate quanta
as Colour. Thus, No Form, No Colour.

Most of the time,every thing is not black, white, grey or yellow but is mostly invisible - The 2004 Nobel Prize Winning " Colour Force " of Quarks and Gluons,but only the Sound of Light ,in the vibrant DNA, the Living Wave in the Universal Mind.

In modern physics, sound is a wave with a certain frequency which changes when the sound does,and that particles, the modern equivalent of the old concept of atoms, are also waves with frequencies proportional to their energies. According to field theory, each particle does indeed ' perpetually sing its song ', producing rhythmic patterns of energy in ' dense and subtle forms'.

" And in the beginning there was Nothing. And God said " Let there be Light." And there was Nothing, but now you could SEE IT ! " -Anonymous

The Sound of Light audible in vibrant Cosmic Silence can only be visualized in the Universal Mind.

Curiously, mystics have always called the pervasive creative sacred Sound, Logos or Word, the Audible Life Stream (Blavatsky, 1987; Hines, 1996). They declare the Light and the Sound are one [ Sonoluminescence ], and holographic concept is another name for Unity.

Light is life-giving Liquid. Where there is Water, there is

Life. Light is liquified gas.

Let there be Light. The Word is God.


Light is liquified Gas.
And God said : Let There be L:ight.

A pioneering Scientist who has given the Holistic
World his research work on " The Molecular Memories of Water "-Dr.Jacques Benveniste

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