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Thought-Form Broadcast
The Electromagnetic Spiral Wave - The Living Wave.


     In Malaysia, we are celebrating Depavali - The Festival of Lights
on 4th November 2002. This is a Presentation of the Thought-Form of

    I invoke the auspices of the Cosmic Guardian of Ageless Wisdom to
bring forth holistic forces fortifying us earthly mortals in these stressful times where sickness,starvation and strife are prevalent. Release the  healing
forces of Nature so that all earthly creations will resonate to the vibratory
signatures of the Cosmic Template of the Universal Mind manifested in the
                      Flowing Water
                      Plants and Trees
                      Rocks and Stones
                      Aether and Light in the Universe
   Let the Holistic Forces of Sacred Geometry reveal its Healing Art in
Squaring the Circle, manifested as the Spiral Wave, the Universal Vibratory
Signature of Electromagnetism. We are this Living Wave from 
                      What we Eat
                      What we Drink
                      What we Breathe
                      What we Think
                      What we do
"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."  Gandhi
                               Let There Be Light
        Resonance, in Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, is Mother Nature's omnipotent Energy 
Transformer in the Universal Mind, where aetheric energy freely flows.