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The Mechanics of Consciouness

Resonant Field Imaging and Calibrated Antenna

                   The researched work which I am about to share with all of you is heavily drawn from the tutorial text on Energyinformatic Science. I do not anticipate exceptance of what we attempt to expound on our empirical investigations in the mechanics of consciousness. We have already been rewarded  by your kind gesture of pointing to the URL. and more, if it has stimulated you to further improve on our empirical research.

The investigation of the Mechanics of Consciouness
Especially calibrated Antenna for Bioenergy Recording

Thoughts and Energy-Information Exchange   


                             POLARITY: Thought-Forms

           Although the theorem : opposites attract, is true of simple electrical charges, the same theory does not hold for electrical fields of a mental nature. EEG type readings and other brain monitoring will reveal that the actual polarities of psychic energy fields are relatively balanced, since the processes of the brain which generates them involve a fairly equal interaction of positive and negative charges. Therefore, psychic energy fields cannot be characterized simply by a degree of positivity or negativity, but rather by the form, structure, and detail of the electrical field.

The detail of a psychic energy field may include color (frequency), texture, identifiable waveforms, or other distinct patterns of a vibrational nature. It seems logical, in this case, that the level of interaction between two Thought Forms will be determined by the compatibility of their form, structure, and detail. In other words, Thought Forms that are more similar in structure and composition, and therefore more compatible, will have a greater level of interaction, and thus a greater influence upon each other. It is precisely for this reason that THE ENERGY YOU PROJECT IS THE ENERGY YOU RECEIVE is a true statement, while opposites attract - in the case of psychic energy fields - is false.

Therefore, when we talk about psychic polarity, in the sense of polarizing ones thoughts be positive or negative, we do not mean actual plus or minus electrical polarity, but rather the constructve or destructive form and composition of the generated Thought Forms.


 Potential Mass Theory            


                Research and experimentation led to a significant discovery about the nature of matter, and its relation to electromagnetic fields. This discovery, which is called Potential Mass Theory, is essential to the understanding and accurate measurement of electromagnetic fields, and thus all paranormal phenomena. According to the Einstein equation, E = mC2 all manifested (physical) matter is composed of; and animated by, a large electrical field of energy, measured in units called Joules. Conversely, every measurable field of electromagnetic energy is capable of manifesting as a certain amount of mass, m, as determined by the Einstein equation. The reality of manifestation, however, is that some energies remain electromagnetic, and do not manifest as mass, and some energies that do manifest retain large amounts of uninanifested energy as mental or life force energy. Thus, inherent in electromagnetic field energy is a potential to manifest as physical matter, or mass. In other words, all that exists in the Universe must be either physical or metaphysical (manifest or non-manifest). Potential Mass Theory states that if an object or entity does not have actual mass, it must have the potential to manifest as mass, or to have effect upon mass through the quantum particles. Electromagnetic energy that is not manifest cannot have physical mass, and thus can only have Potential Mass, by definition. Experiments and research have shown that such electromagnetic fields can be measured by radio-field voltage, using a sensitive digital voltmeter connected to a sensitive multifrequency antenna. Placing the antenna in the location of a subtle energy field or metaphysical object will cause the voltmeter to record the precise voltage contained in theelectromagnetic field. This voltage reading is very important, because we may use it to calculate much useful information about the nature of the metaphysical body in question.




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