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Quantum Visualization of the Sumatra TSUNAMI - Solitonic Vortices.

                           Tsunami  " a warning from God "
BANDA ACEH :  Thousands of people in Indonesia's Aceh province joined in prayers yesterday to mark the 100th day since the tsunami, with a Muslim religious leader, saying the disaster had been a warning from God. The 100-day commemoration, a tradition in much of Indonesia after any death, was centred at the Baiturrahim mosque, one of the few structures left standing after the giant waves struck on Dec 26. Another 5,000 people crammed into the mosque and tents erected around it to recite prayers for the roughly 230,000 people killed by the force of the sea, which also levelled much of the province's coastal area. Muslim leader, Nur Hasbaillah told the gathering that the tsunami had been a result of a lack of faith and the destruction of the coastal mangrove forests,which he said God had planted to provide protection from tsunamis. " The disaster that befell  Aceh is the result
of our own doing ,because we have been cruel and had not been thankful, " he said. " We should not blame God for the Dec 26 disaster, but we should blame ourselves. Now we should apologise to God for our mistakes and vow not to repeat them. " Nur Hasballah
                  - The STAR - World- Wednesday, 6 April 2005, Malaysia


To ALL Gaia's Children world-wide who have resonated to Mother Nature's vibratory signature, the UNIVERSE has replied : The Octave Shift on 26, December 2004. The Earth is still "ringing like a bell" two weeks after the December 26 earthquake.

The conscious awareness of human arrogance amplifies Nature's Silence which is vibrant scalar waves, causing destruction and chaos to the architecture of Space because Consiousness alters Space.



The Physical Vacuum

Form is emptiness, and Emptiness is indeed form. Emptiness is not different from Form, Form is not different from Emptiness. What is Form that is Emptiness, what is Emptiness that is Form ? The Physical Vacuum, as it is called in Field Theory. Cyber friends call me Lew.


This website is dedicated to all fellow travellers,Teachers, Masters and Peers, I met at The Open International University for Complementary Medicines and Medicina Alternativa Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1992, who have left for me their footprints to follow as I trudge wearily along the lonely Way in search of Holistic Truth . The Octave Shift has been activated in the Universal Mind since 2001 under the Planetary Influence of Pluto. From the Macro to the Nano, Life is never the same again when Science is liberated from the constraints imposed by the orthodox by the Dimensional Shift on 26, December 2004. We are merely Gaia's passengers living on this  flotsam,  a mere quarter of remnant of the Gaia's Mantle, with  three quarters spun off into space. The Earth's tilt and spin have increased. Is Mother Nature abandoning us ? Do we share the same fate as the Dinosaurs ? What really killed the Dinosaurs ?

 - Dr.FHLew

The QuickBird satellite image of the south-western coast of Sri Lanka, South of Colombo in a resort area called Kalutara, was made shortly after the tsunami impact on Sunday, Dec 26, 2004 slightly less than four hours after the earthquake - Reuterspic


Thus I Have Heard: When Buddha developed a high
fever while meditating, hundreds of snails kept him cool,moisturizing him by sailing over his body

    This snail resided in the Malaysian  fruit called Buddha's Hand. Our little guest was caught in the video scanning for biofields against the background of Buddha's effulgence. A friend pointed this out to me while we were watching the replay.

       The Spirit of Place

              Different places on the face of the earth have different vital
effluence, different vibration, different chemical exhalation, different
polarity with different stars; call it what you like. But the spirit of a
place is a great reality.
                                       --D. H. Lawrence


Realness is determined in the Scientific Method Cosmology by the subject, us, observing the object, as separate and in a state of apartness. We then bring in our "knowing and willing agents" who verify "rock" as reality. The quantum things work much differently. The quantum entity, the measuring apparatus, and us exist in a wholeness or unseperateness; as in "we're all in this together". Within this wholeness, the data is recorded, but prior to that time we are required to think differently about what is to ensue. Hiesenberg's Uncertainty Principle, and Bohr's Complementary Principle, which were mathematically derived, require us to proscribe no "Is-ness" to the events about to unfold. All we can say is that a possibility, as in potentia, exists, and nothing else. John Wheeler describes this required state as similar to looking at a dragon, but all we can see is the head, and tail. What "is" in the middle of the dragon is forever beyond our view. It is within this "forever unknown" region that all of our modern technology has been derived.

             Sri Lankan Muslims say God signed name in tsunami

                God signed His name in the tsunami that battered Sri Lanka and other countries on 26, Dec, and sent it as punishment because humans have been ignoring His laws, Sri Lankan Muslims say.

               Proof, according to Mohamed Faizen, manager of the Centre for Islamic Studies in Colombo, is a satellite
picture taken seconds after the tsunami smashed into Sri Lanka's west coast near the town of Kalutara and as it was receding.
"This clearly spells out the name 'Allah' in Arabic," Faizeen said, pointing to the shape of the waves - a gigantic "E" complete with whorls and sidewaves that do indeed appear to combine to resemble the Arabic script for the name "Allah". The picture was taken by the DigitalGlobe Quickbird satellite on Dec 26 shortly after the moment of tsunami impact. .. Faizeen likened the tsunami to the Old Testament account of floods being sent by God in the time of Noah as punishment for those who had drifted from His ways. Like Noah, who according to the Bible, was saved when he built an ark and tried to warn people, a foreign tourist in Sri Lanka's east coast village of Ulva had dreams on three consecutive nights that huge waves were coming.
"He warned the villagers but they laughed at him. He left Ulva 15 minutes before the tsunami struck," Faizeen said, citing locals who have woefully recounted the story. - AFP

The Formation of Solitonic Vortices
By Naudin


Scott Russell, in 1834, while watching a boat being drawn in a canal by a pair of horses, recalled seeing a hump-shaped disturbance, ' rolled forward with great velocity assuming the form of a large solitary elevation, a rounded smooth and well-defined heap of water, which continued its course without change of form or diminution of speed'.The giant wave was about thirty feet long and a one-and-a-half feet high. Russell, who was on horseback, rode down the towpath following the wave until it eventually petered out a mile or so further along the canal. Russell called the hump-shaped disturbance, " A great wave of translation ", but it soon became known as a 'solitary wave' or Soliton. Solitons behave like waves in some ways and like particles in others. This is, of course, how quantum field theories describe elementary particles. What is more, solitons travel without change of structure. They are localised in time and space and carry energy. When two solitons collide, each may emerge from their interaction with the structure it had before the collision. In three dimensions, the velocity of a soliton may be changed by a collision. There are solitons and antisolitons. When a soliton meets an antisoliton, both may be annihilated in their interaction. Solitons are topics of research . They are turning up in an enormous variety of applications, ranging from sending signals along optical fibres to understanding the motion of the Earth's continental plates. But science often moves forward through a combination of chance observation and theoretical insight.

Tsunamis caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have demonstrated that the vibratory signatures of solitonic vortex-carvers, are unique natural sculptors. Nature's Silence : the splashing of water-falls, the roaring of the oceanic waves, the gurgling of a swiftly flowing stream,the howling of winds, the rhythmic dripping raindrops , the rustling of leaves ands sferics ,which includng the seismic waves, are Extremely Low Frequency ( ELF ) electromagnetic waves .These are SCALAR WAVES. The evidence is manifested very elegantly in the coastline rocks and stones. Mother Nature is a unique sculptor artist of the first waters.

The solitonic Spirals of Votices
By Naudin

Whirling Waters ( Solitonic Vortices )

The planetary movement also has a direct effect upon water - of all types provided it is moving. The formative boundary surfaces of water in flowing movement prove to be areas of sensitivity. They respond to the slightest changes in their surroundings by expanding, contracting or making rhythmical waves. Water creates an infinite variety of these surfaces and is therefore not merely an inert mass, as we usually think. It is interwoven with countless sensitive membranes, which are prepared to perceive everything taking place in the surroundings. Water is not enclosed within its inner surfaces but open to its surroundings and to all the stimuli and formative impulses from without. It is the impressionable medium par excellence. Water shaken in a vessel can be caused to move in such a way that the inner surfaces thus created all slide past each other in the moving liquid. As soon as the movement ceases, the formation of inner surfaces, and thus also the great impressionability, is arrested, and the "sense organ" closes itself. The same is true of the natural movement of water, in which also a great variety of movements combine. Not only the shaking of a container but also other kinds of movement can open up the water as a sense organ. Spitting a mouthful of water is like funnelling that produces a vortex of swirling water as it empties. In flowing streams, millions of vortexes form when water breaks past stones, sticks and other obstructions. These vortex patterns act as powerful resonant structures as well as energizers and electrifiers for water and colloids.

These vortex flows are one of the secrets of the great sensitivity of water to the forces of the universe. The speed of movement of water in a vortex has a rhythm of its own, it extends and contracts in a rhythmic pulsation. The vortex is really composed of a series of flowing surfaces (like the ropes) all bound together as if by an invisible hand.These flowing surfaces move at different speeds, slow on the outside and fast on the inside. The speed of movement of water in a vortex multiplied by the radius from the center is a constant. This means that the velocity at the center of the vortex is theoretically infinite and when it reaches the critical velocity  it serves as a natural carver. It actually cuts down through  bed rocks and stones. External to the center of the vortex , the water molecules are moving slower than the vortex. These do not erode as fast.. Tsunamis  ( Harbour Waves ) and the size of the vortex-carver are  probably set rolling by asteroid impact, earthquake or undersea avalanche. The scenically sculpured  coastline rocks and stones are the creative effects of Nature's vortex-chisels. The devastating outcome of  a tsunamic onslaught is due to the ONE-TWO carving action of the " Translating Wave " of solitonic vortices.

" Water passes on the "impressions" it has received wherever it is absorbed by the Biologically Active Zones [ BAZs ] of the Gaia's Mantle and the Biologically Active Points [BAPs] on the surface [ macromembranes ] of bio-objects in plants, animals and man. In moving water the earthly world thus allows the ever changing life in the universe of the stars to flow into its course by absorbing environmental electromagnetic fields through BAPs and BAZs during the Information-Energy interaction. Cosmic events and water are linked with the stream of time in the ebb and flow of the tides .Water is the primary intelligence of the body carrying within it the
frequencies of our entire bio-chemical signature as well as being a
receiver of cosmic intelligence.
All fluid systems whether circulating
blood, the tides of cerebro-spinal fluid, the pounding of oceans, or
frozen pellets swirling in the cosmos, are fundamentally ONE resonating
organ, exempt from conventional time-space differentials. The fluid
system is a wealth of multi-planar communication, inhabiting structure
but not bound by it.

Stefanatos ( 1997,228 ) tells us that the " electromagnetic fields (EMF)emanating from bacteria,viruses and toxic substances affect cells of the body and weaken its constitution." So the vital force is identified quite explicitly with electromagnetic fields and  geopathic zones said to be the cause of disease. But somehow the life energies of the body are balanced by bioenergetic therapies. " No antibiotic or drug, no matter how powerful, will save an animal or human if the vital force of healing is suppressed or lacking ." ( Stefanatos 1997, 229 ) So

GAIA's health or sickness is determined by who wins the battle between good and bad electromagnetic waves in the Organism .

" Einstein " is a name found frequently in the literature on bioenergetic fields. Stephantos (1997,228 ) says: " Based on Einstein's theories of quantum physics, these energetic concepts are being integrated into medicine for a comprehensive approach to disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment."

- The Healing Properties of  "chi " in structured water




If only we knew, Boss, what the stones and rain and flowers
say. Maybe they call us - and we don't hear them. When will people's ears
open, Boss? "
So asks Zorba in Nikos Kazantzakis' , Zorba the Greek "

Water is liquified Light


The Electromagnetic Line of Force
propagates spirally.

          " Listen to the Ocean
             The Echo of a million seashells "
   The Humming Earth

 The persistent noise - at between two and seven milliHertz, way below the threshold of human hearing - is clearly caused by large emissions of energy near or at the earth's surface. The hum is probably generated by interaction between atmosphere, ocean and sea floor, when the Forces of Gaia are in Session.

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The Primordial Harmonic Template of the Universe ( Quantum
Spherical Standing Wave )

" Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over
which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the
stars. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a
mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper."

- Albert Einstein

A Divine Sign

Galle ( Sri Lanka ) Saturday, January 1 2005:
            Legs folded, smiling serently, several Buddha statutes of cement and plaster sit unscathed amid collapsed brick walls and other debris in the centre of Galle, a southern town devasted by tsunami. To many residents, the survival of the statues is a divine sign. He said unseen powers had protected a nearby statue of Buddha, which sat near a bridge at the edge of the bus terminal , where massive tidal waves swallowed up bystanders and shoppers, and swept away cars and buses into buildings... " The Lord Buddha is a blessed person, so the statues were protected ," said U.M. Hussain, a muslim municipal worker who survived the floods.  " There is no difference between Buddhism and Islam. We respect all religions but we don't worship in the places of other
faiths," he said.  " The message for us is that all the people in the country have to be united, forgetting about their differences. " - AP

The Living Void [ Physical Vacuum ]

Form is emptiness, and emptiness is indeed form. Emptiness is not different from Form,Form is not different from Emptiness. What is Form that is Emptiness, what is Emptiness that is Form ? The Physical Vacuum, as it is called in Field Theory, is not a state of mere nothingness but contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms,in turn, are not independent physical entities but merely transcient manifestations of the underlying Void. The Great Void cannot but consist of Chi, Prana or Vital Force; this Zero Point Energy, Chi or etheric nothingness cannot but condense to form all things; and these things cannot but become dispersed so as to form , once more ,the Great Void. At the time of its condensation, can one say otherwise than that this is but temporary? But at the time of its dispersing, can one hastily say that it is then non-existent ? Thus Chi condenses and disperses rhythmically, bringing forth all forms which eventually dissolve into the Void. Solid objects with Form dissipate quanta as Colour. Thus, No Form, No Colour.

Most of the time, every thing is not black, white, grey, red or yellow but is mostly invisible - The 2004 Nobel Prize Winning " Colour Force " of Quarks and Gluons,

Only the Sound of Light in the vibrant DNA, the Living Wave in the Universal Mind.

Light is liquified Gas.


                                     Lest We Forget
The Universe Replied

                  Resonate communication on a spiritual level is called communion - a resonate "returning to sound" in the Universal Mind of the World's cry for Peace, activates photonic kindling [ T Bearden ] by morphic resonance [ Sheldrake ] resulting in the morphogenetic manifestation of a Keeper of Peace, the leafy robed buddhist monk caught in video,Champion of the Sick, the Poor, the Down-trodden and the Oppressed. It is a rare morphogenetic visitation of the Universal Mind. I have invoked Buddha's gesture of peace for the defendless and innocent. This morphogenetic materialization is a tribute to all peace resonators the world over.

 We have prayed and meditated for the innocent, both Young and Old be spared the horrors of war.  -  Archives of Svpvril and Athena Forum ( )2003

These war victims ,Iraqi kids ,lined up for water
and food.

The leafy morphogenetic monk in coastline vigil
The ThoughtForm of all resonators to spare the innocent

Most human beings do not hear colours or see sounds ; they  merely hear but do not listen. They sympathise but not empathise. Thus, Man creates, sustains then, eventually destroys.

This humble Malaysian Fruit is locally called
Buddha's Hand

The Book of Life - The Akashic Records

Upon Time and Space, is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an enetity - as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed - or judgement frwn by or according to what the enetity's ideal is. Hence, as it has been oft called, the record is God's book of Remembrance; and each entity, each soul - as the activities of a single day of an enity in the material world - either makes same good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity's application of seld towards that which is the ideal manner for the use of time, opportuninity and the expression of that for which each soul enters a material manifestation. The interpretration then as drawn here is with the desire and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hopefulness. - Edgar Cayce reading 1650-1




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