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       This presentation is based on the extracted Biosonic tutorial postings. Though the main theme was on Voice Analysis and Nutritional Sound
 Therapy, other complementary disciplines in Holistic Healing, Homeopathy, Schuessler 12 cell salts, Nutrtition, Acupuncture
,Colourtherapy  along with the  scientific rationale  based on the research work of Jacques Benveneste in Digital Biology, Louis C Kervran in Biological Transmutation of Minerals/Metals and Schumann's Resonance and Rupert Sheldrake 's Morphic Resonance ,were also explored. The holistic constitution of mankind  is Spiritual [ Gravitonic],Emotional and Physical [Biophotonic] in nature.  The human body  is made of the same cosmic dust that pervades the whole of the Universe  and has been in primal existence since the creation of Earth, the third planet from the  Sun. . This consists of
chemical elements like carbon,Hydrogen,Oxygen,
and Nitrogen - 95.5 %. Only about .5 % is  Minerals.

An element is determined by its
atomic vibratory
frequencies and the forces exerting on other atoms. The human system is therefore a  cohesive materialization of vibrational
states of Light Sound and matter. The solar components in the body are electromagnetic. The human body interacts with the environment through concomitants which are
infoldings of electromagnetism in the body, manifested in Energy frequencies as forms of Light, Colour,Sound or Matter. When God said: Let
there be Light. It includes Mankind and the Universe. The Word is God.  Sound is enfolded Electromagnetism
which also manifests as Light  [ Sonoluminescence ].
 Through  morphic manifestation we see Patterns and Forms in Nature [Rupert Sheldrake]  and as vibrational signatures in the patterns and Forms  inherent in Sound [ Chladni and
Hans Jenny ]. Electromagnetism [EM],one of the four basic forces of the universe,is neither quite particle nor wave but displays properties  of both simultaneously. The linear unwinding of circular motion is the sine wave which is the universal signature of Electromagnetism. This explains the spiral motion of Energy. But nobody has witnessed the magnetic transference of motion to electrons. Neither has anyone seen the mysterious force that causes water to flow to its lowest point.  Photons can be visualised but not gravitons.
Gravity is the memory of Matter that was once Light. Has
anybody seen the wind? These subtle energies exist, though invisible.The
human body is more than 70 % fluid and more than 90 % of
cellular activities occur in the
watery environment of the body. Water molecules have the uncanny property  to " entrain" electromagnetic frequencies and to transmit such frequencies to other biological systems: namely, human, animal ,plant and even minerals. When the first thunder bolts  and lightnings struck the primodial land and water, the template for specific resonating vibrations, was  forged for all existing vibrant
entities by the cosmic fire. The highly reactive metals become biological when combined with other elemental  substances to become Minerals. The electromagnetic bioradiation
of transmutating minerals [Lithium/Beryllium] sparkled off the crossing over of the ethereal to the
physical causing the activation of " morphic
resonance " in the first carbon-containing blob of
basic elements.  It takes its first " morphic "breath of
Chi, Prana or Vital Force  which gives it form and pattern through  self-organizing  resonant vibrations and synchronises its  "Internal or Biological Clock "with the environment in rhythm with
the Schumann's Resonnace at 7.83 Hz and the Circadian Rhythm of 24 hour alternation of   Night /Day or Ying/Yang Cycle. When the chaotic reverberations of thunder and lightning finally subsided, there descend Symmetry and Grace when Forms and Patterns unfold
in the morphogenetic fields ,sustained by the bioenergetic radiation from minerals.  Through self-organizing resonant vibrations, basic amino acids are formed and with mineralization, these amino acid aggregates develop catalytic properties. It is with the synthesis of ernzymes that the DNA molecules are modelled  and formed with a double helix .For everything there is a purpose, under heaven. Earth becomes
biology when Mother Nature assumes her maternal role when life first begins in the oceanic slime. Life starts as a unicellular
organism. The sustenance
and the survival of Planet Earth still depend on the microbial world.The
remineralization of the earth's crust ,the botanical re-population  and the microbial symbiosis in our guts, depend largely on the biological transmutative   mechanisms of  Soil-Based Organisms [ SBO ]
.  The nutrient, Vitamin B12,which is found in high concentration in the Pineal Glandof the brain, is a symbiotic product of the Flora and Fauna in our gastro-intestinal tract. It is considered as a neuro-hormone and is involved in the regulation of  the Biological Clock  in us. The holography of our oceanic ancestry  shows itself in the  fluid/mineral compostion of our body  and in our urine.    
  The entrained
electromagnetic intelligence  in the water molecules is the specific signature of the entity, be it a bacterium,fungus,yeast,parasite virus,chemical or heavy metal. The dilutional potency increment by succussional knocking in Homeopathy is due to the absorption of the oscillatory
energy imparted by the mechanical knocking. This process is effected by Resonance between the Vibrational Signature of the hmeopathic sample and the mechanical vibrations induced by succussion.Absorption is only possible when there is sympathetic oscillation.The absorbed energy  increases the potency level of the homeopathic sample.This  retained information can not be eradicated. Diseases can be transmitted photonically by ultra-violet radiation, so can molecular memories of water digitally. In the aquous world,the chemical currency is electronic,without which ,we will experience no sensations or feelings.
The human brain  receives,transmits, entrains and broadcasts with its  structured water molecules.Water molecules are great amplifiers. Human being can communicate with Nature and all her creations with Thought-Forms.   These are recorded in the memories of the structured water,amplified
and then broadcast digitally or along atmospheric [ Extremely Low Frequency]
waves. The process is enhanced by the energy frequency of transmutative
minerals, Lithium/Beryllium. The
universal language is Resonance, of vibrational signatures.


The gist of this presentation is in the transforming frequencies of the Octave Shift under  Plutonian influence  [ 8th - 23 rd August 2001. Pluto was direct on 23rd August 2001]
Pluto is a stern teacher. Those who
emerged from Pluto's exacting lessons should be congratulated.