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Holistic management of injuries in Clinical Surgery

           This presentation is a day-to-day account of a lacerated finger injury.  Please take note that this illustrated clinical case is  my personal research on the applied aspect in Holistic Medicine : Homeopathy and it has no application whatsoever to other ethical  disciplines of medical practice.

    I would like to extend my  grateful thanks  to the Administrator/ Moderator of the HOMEOPATHYANDMORE forum and all the participants  of this thread - the administrator,in particular for his kind hospitality and interest in my humble  niche research in holistic medicine.
                                         Thank you

      " To those men in every science and art who are investigating the properties of the chemical elements,their structure and their application for the betterment of the physical temple of man's well-being. To know the dust of the earth in the form of vitamins,enzymes,protein,starches,fats, prostaglandins and mineral supplements in foods is to understand the source in nature from which health and well-being spring. "                                              

                                  - Bernard Jansen

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         " In your explorations of the realms of Science, for undiscovere truths,and unknown  and untried agents, seek not for potent poisons, but stop and examine the simple plant under your feet, for in it wonderful curative properties may be found. "

- L.Stanton, PD & D.E. Smith ,MD Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Eclectic Medical   Society, June 12 1887